Guide to Humankind - How to Get Food, Earn Fame Points, Go to the Antiquity, and Other Game Tips


Guide to Humankind - How to Get Food, Earn Fame Points, Go to the Antiquity, and Other Game Tips

Humankind is a turn-based strategy game that invites you to build your own civilization. You will start your journey with a nomadic tribe, after which you will develop, build cities and wage wars with aggressive neighbors. There are many ways to win in Humankind, however, due to the abundance of different mechanics, it will be difficult to understand the game, especially for beginners. If you have any difficulties - use our guide.

Tips for setting up a map in Hunamkind

The game begins by choosing a map where your party will take place. Pay attention to the following points:

  • The number of other civilizations should be proportional to the size of the world . In the game, the rest of the nations are called "Competitors". For example, if you want to play with 10 other countries, you should choose Huge World. Otherwise, you risk getting bogged down in endless wars. A large game world and a small number of other states will be useful for those who want to calmly master the mechanics of the game and not be distracted by conflicts with neighbors.
  • The parameters "Land", "Number of continents" and "New world" affect how often you will encounter other nations . If you want fewer conflicts, reduce the percentage of "Land" and increase the number of continents. "New World" implies that somewhere across the ocean there will be another large territory inhabited by people. Accordingly, some of the enemy nations will be located there.
  • The game speed is responsible for the number of moves that are allocated to your game session . At the end of the specified time limit, the game will end, and the nation with the most Fame Points wins. At an early stage, in order to understand all the intricacies, we recommend choosing the "Endless" mode. In this case, your game will be limited to 600 moves.
  • The difficulty level should be chosen depending on your experience in turn-based strategies, especially in the games of the series Civilization . If you have passed them - you can put "Country" or "Empire" from the very beginning. Later you can try yourself on "Humanity". If there is no such experience, choose "Village" or even "Village". But keep in mind that in this case, the potential of the game will not be fully revealed. Deal with all the intricacies, and then move on to higher difficulty.
  • If you want to completely avoid attacks from other nations, choose "Peaceful Mode" . In this situation, other civilizations will only be able to defend against your attacks. The effectiveness of hostile armies' combat operations depends on the chosen difficulty level.

How to get (where to find) food in Humankind early in the game

Food is one of the most important resources at Humankind. It affects the growth of armies and cities. At an early stage, you can get it in several ways:

  • Explore objects of interest . Some of them, such as fresh water sources or wild berries, will provide food. Its exact amount will vary depending on the type of object of interest.
  • Pillage the sanctuaries . For each of them, you will receive 20 food units.
  • Go hunting . The larger and more dangerous the beast, the more food you get for it. For example, to kill a mammoth, you need at least two infantry squads.
  • Some random events may bring you writing . You will be able to choose whether to take food or receive a bonus to the development of technologies.

Exploration, resource discovery and combat in Humankind

When scouting the territory, do not rush to move forward. The game has a difficult landscape, which can form blind spots. To avoid being caught by surprise, move 1-2 squares per turn and carefully study the surrounding area. For example, if you stand on the bank of a river, you will lose all movement points. To continue moving, you will have to wait for the next turn.

You will speed up exploration and search for resources if you divide the army into two squads. This opportunity will appear as soon as you have 15 units of food. In the early stages of the game, especially when choosing a site to build an outpost, exploring the territory is much more important than the combat ability of your army.

During the war, try to occupy the hills. Thanks to them, you will gain an advantage directly during the battle, and will also see further, which is extremely useful for reconnaissance. The hills are especially important during defensive actions.

In Humankind, the number of inhabitants is important for the development of your civilization. Therefore, during hostilities, it is recommended to do everything to maintain the size of the army. Starting from the era of the Ancient World, after the end of the war, the soldiers should be allowed to go home so that they again become civilians. To do this, select a squad and click on the "Disband" item. You should only do this on your own territory.

When you expand, try to capture not only areas with high yields, but also lands with minerals such as iron. Thanks to these resources, you will be able to build an empire that does not depend on trade with other countries.

How to earn (how to get) renown points in Humankind

Fame points are the main criteria for your victory in Humankind. It is much more important than a strong army or a developed culture. There are several ways to earn Fame Points:

  • Discover natural wonders or create cultural wonders.
  • Win wars, destroy other empires or capture independent cities.
  • Become a lord over other people or free yourself from vassalage.
  • Unlock new technologies.
  • Complete rivalry. For example, get a certain technology before other nations do.
  • Get stars of the era (about them below).

How to move from the Neolithic to the Ancient World in Humankind? How to find early era stars in Humankind?

In each new era, new technologies and weapons are discovered. The sooner you move from one era to another, the faster you will develop as a civilization. For this you need the stars of the era. At an early stage, you can get them in three ways:
  • Hunting for animals . They will meet you on the map. After a certain number of killed animals, you will receive a hunter star. This is the easiest way.
  • Interaction with objects of interest . We are talking about question marks that appear randomly on the map. Thanks to them, you will receive a star of knowledge.
  • Reaching a certain population or army . Growth will also occur through hunting and the discovery of curiosities. In this case, you will receive a growth star.
Each star of the era will earn you renown points. If you move to the next era immediately, you will receive a reward only for those stars that you managed to receive. Whether it is worth the wait depends on the situation. If there is very little time left for a new star, take your time. It is much easier to obtain them early on than in later eras. On the other hand, if you need a specific culture, we recommend moving forward as quickly as possible. Otherwise, another civilization can get it, and you won't get it.

How to found (build) a city in Humankind

For your civilization to pass the test of time, you need to build several cities. You need to start by building an outpost. To do this, select your army and select the "Occupy Territory" item. You will see the cells on which construction is available, and the cost is 5 points of influence. This can be done back in the Neolithic. When you enter the era of the Ancient World, the outpost can be turned into a city.

But the most important question when building a city is the choice of its location. In addition to being protected from enemy armies, for example, using a mountain range, it is necessary to take into account the distance from important resources, primarily food and industry. Their values ​​will be indicated when choosing the location for the construction of the outpost. The main indicators of your city:

  • Food . The more food you have, the faster the population growth.
  • Industry . It affects the expansion of the city's territory.
  • Money . A city that makes a profit will allow you to buy resources from other nations and, as a result, will be built faster.
  • Science . Due to the science points that you receive in your city, it will be possible to discover new technologies.

Which culture to choose in Humankind

As soon as you get into the era of the Ancient World, you will be asked to choose one of the cultures. Among them are Phoenicians, Babylonians, Egyptians and other ancient civilizations. Some of them will be unavailable from the very beginning - you will have to advance in the tech tree to learn it.

Each culture will give you a certain passive ability, such as an increase in combat strength. This effect will last until the very end of the game. But cultural affinity will be even more important. She will determine your further development strategy. There are several options to choose from:

  • Construction . Influences the development of cities and stability in society.
  • Agriculture . Responsible for the amount of food and, as a result, population growth.
  • Expansion . With the help of this culture, you will be able to seize the territory of other states with the help of the army, regardless of the diplomatic situation.
  • Militarism . This ability will allow you to attract more militias while recruiting an army.
  • Merchant . With this culture, you will be able to sell resources that are obtained from third parties.
  • Aestheticism . A high culture will make it easier for you to make friends with other peoples and gain influence with money.
  • Science . You will be able to sacrifice food, industry and money in order to obtain technologies that are not yet available in your era.

Keep in mind that you can preserve the achievements of your culture as you move into a new era. This effect is called transcendence. For example, the Assyrians receive a bonus to combat power, while the Celts and Mayans receive a 10% increase in glory each time you move into a new era.

Unique neighborhoods in Humankind cities

Each culture has its own unique neighborhoods that can be built in cities. Thanks to them, you will receive a significant bonus to farming, military affairs or production. In addition, such special areas bring additional influence to your civilization, so they should be built in any case.

Technology, Citizenship and Religion at Humankind

When you move into the second era and build your first city, it's worth looking into the tech tree. It is extremely important for the development of your civilization. For example, if you need more food and already have access to horses, you can tame animals.

Over time, you will need to decide on the attitude towards the citizens of your country. You can either promote freedom of speech or strengthen your own power through propaganda. Each approach has its own strengths and weaknesses. Also keep in mind that the choice of the form of government will affect relations with other countries.

In addition, you will have to decide on a religion. The choice will be available as soon as the city reaches a certain level of development. Religion will become a handy tool in your hands. Thanks to it, you can both incite the population to war and satisfy the needs of your citizens.

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