Guild Wars 2 Reveals New Elite Specializations - How To Participate In The Beta


Guild Wars 2 Reveals New Elite Specializations - How To Participate In The Beta

The MMORPG Guild Wars 2 showed the new elite specializations as part of the presentation of the new add-on "End of Dragons". So far, three of the nine specializations are known and you can even try them out for yourself. We show you how.

What do we know? The big third expansion for the MMORPG classic Guild Wars 2 is called End of Dragons and comes after a postponement in February 2022 . Like the previous expansions, End of Dragons adds nine new elite specializations to the game.

Developer ArenaNet is now introducing the first specializations in three videos and announcing a beta in which you can try out all three extensively.

When does the beta start? The beta, which will only include the first three elite specializations, starts on August 17, 2021 and runs until August 21, 2021. During this period, every Guild Wars 2 player, regardless of whether you have purchased the game or not, can to participate in it.

One of the new legendary weapons from End of Dragons

How do you participate in the beta? All you have to do is play at the specified time. The beta of the new specializations takes place on the live server, so no additional download or registration is required.

From August 17th you will have new character slots on your account, which are specially intended for the beta characters. There you can create the new elite specializations and try them out in full in the latest live content.

This is how the beta works

What is special about the beta? Your created characters are provided with equipment with different values, have learned all the necessary skills and are of course level 80. You also take your mastery level with you to the beta characters. It is still unclear whether you can use parts of your legendary armory on the characters.

But be careful: After the beta, the character slots will be taken away from you and your beta characters will be deleted. This also applies to all objects that are on this character. Any progress you made with the beta characters will also be reset. Farming things is not worthwhile here.

When are the other specializations available? ArenaNet has already announced further beta events for the remaining six elite specializations. These are to follow in September and October, but no exact dates are known yet or which specializations will be involved.

The new elite specializations at a glance

Which specializations are known so far? The new elite specializations will be announced gradually. So far we know of the following:

  • The mesmer becomes a "virtuoso" with the dagger
  • The necromancer becomes a "harbinger" thanks to a pistol
  • The guard becomes a "twister of will" with a second sword
  • The warrior is still unknown
  • The thief is still unknown
  • The engineer is still unknown
  • The elementalist is still unknown
  • The revenant is still unknown
  • The ranger is still unknown

These are the new elite specializations

The virtuoso can do that

What is the virtuoso? The new specialization of the Mesmer is a kind of dagger magician. So far, the mesmer has been able to create clones of itself. The virtuoso loses this ability and instead summons daggers made of magic to rain them down on his enemies. His skills were presented in more detail in the stream on Friday, August 13th.

As a new weapon he gets a dagger. In the meta it will probably be a Power-DPS class.

How does its mechanics work? Skills that previously created clones now make daggers for you, which you can then use in different ways, just as you are used to with the Mesmer. Instead of the crushing clones, you get so-called blade songs, which can trigger similarly strong abilities.

His skills let him block, among other things, or make a big one out of all small daggers in order to inflict a lot of damage. The virtuoso should give you more time than the illusionist or chronomancer, for example, because your daggers do not disappear when you come out of the fight. So you can start a fight more actively without long preparation times.

One of the virtuoso's blade songs

What can his support skills do? Most of his support skills are damage abilities. The virtuoso can buff himself and thus build up power and anger. He can also break out of a stupor. All other skills of the virtuoso are active skills that let you do more damage.

What can his active skills do? As you are used to from the Mesmer, his new dagger skills are ranged combat skills. Some of his skills can ricochet off surfaces and fly back towards you. If you play this off skillfully, you can deal damage twice, with many of its abilities. The automatic attack (1) does not have a traditional “auto-attack chain”, but rather projectiles, similar to the scepter of the guard.

What can his traits do? Its specializations also let you do more damage. Among other things, you get anger equal to 10% of your vitality. Other specializations give you simple attack bonuses like 15% more damage when you are closer to the enemy than you have to.

He also brings some traits for condition damage, which is less useful, as the character is probably designed for power damage. To endure a little more, you can also trust that you get Aegis every time you use a blade song.

The traitline of the virus dose

In the second line you get even more anger and can increase your critical hit chance by up to 30%. The other trait gives you expertise for a percentage of your anger. With the last trait of the second line, you get anger again and speed for three seconds.

In the third line you get a dagger back if you block an attack or evade one, while with the second trait of the line you automatically build new daggers if you have less than three daggers. With the last trait of the line, you will again receive more condition damage and more daggers when you trigger bleeding.

In this video you can see the virtuoso:

The harbinger can do that

What is the harbinger? The harbinger gives the necromancer a pistol and becomes a dark alchemist. He can brew and use elixirs, poison and curse his enemies and, according to Lore, will be able to "transmit his pain to others". He loses the classic necromancer veil and gets its own harbinger veil, which brings different mechanics with it.

As a new weapon he can use the pistol. In the meta it will probably be a state DPS class.

In the stream on Friday, August 13th, the developers emphasize that the harbinger is heading in a new direction for the necromancer. He uses the magic of jade in his elixirs to improve his reflexes and to be able to take full advantage of his pistol.

How does its mechanics work? You gradually use up the life force from the veil to heal yourself. In addition, you slowly get stacks in the veil that reduce your maximum life by 2% each. You can collect up to 25 of the stacks and lose up to 50% of your life. There are various skills that benefit from the negative stacks. Furthermore, the Herald's Veil will no longer protect you from harm like other Necromancer's Veils do.

The harbinger is said to be a typical “high-risk, high-reward” character and have more mobility than previous necromancer classes. The new attack skills within the veil are said to be particularly powerful.

The Harbinger's Class Mechanic

What are his active skills? The first skill inside the veil deals 2 damage and inflicts four seconds of torment to the opponents, while the second skill of the veil can inflict up to 6 stacks of torment while maintaining up to 900 range. Skills 3 and 4 are movement skills to give the new necromancer more agility as he is less able to withstand than his other specializations. Skill number 3 also inflicts pain on the opponent, while the fourth skill is a skill that gives you an extra “dodging” stack.

The last skill in the veil is an AoE-CC skill that lifts all your opponents into the air for 3 seconds and can replenish your life force. The Harbinger's Pistol also inflicts a lot of torment, making the Harbinger a potentially very powerful condition damage character. The 2nd skill of your pistol penetrates opponents, inflicts damage, makes your opponent vulnerable and also inflicts torment on them.

The third skill of your pistol can stun your opponent and inflict poison, and your opponent will suffer from weakness afterwards. The Harbinger's entire skill set does a lot of damage to compensate for his lower life force.

The Elixirs of the Harbinger

What can his support skills do? The elixirs are also an exciting new mechanic. Your elixirs give you strong bonuses but also always the negative buff that you also get in the veil. You stack up the new mechanic "negative life". The elite elixir gives you all the buffs that the game provides, but adds 20% of your maximum life as "negative life".

What can his traits do? When it comes to traits (or specializations), things can go further in the direction of “High Risk - High Reward”. Within the first traitline he can get up to 25% more condition damage or power damage out of his negative life. In the second trait line he gets sponsored defensive traits.

Among other things, he receives stability, lower cooldown on his pistol skills and expertise when he equips a pistol. In addition, he can use a trait to transfer his buffs to his entire group, i.e. to up to 5 people. That makes the harbinger a potential boon supporter.

The harbinger's traitlines

In the last trait line he can specialize in damage again. Among other things, you get an ability here that continuously deals damage around you while you are in the veil. This ability is also available in another version for condition damage. With the middle and last trait, he can give his entire group about 3 seconds of speed, which again goes in the direction of Boon supporters.

In this video you can see the harbinger:

The will-twister can do that

What is the Twist of Will? The new Guardian is a fast defender, true to the motto: attack is the best defense. He charges into battle with two swords, relying on agility and mobility. In the video he jumps across the battlefield and can really heat up his enemies with it.

In the stream on Friday, August 13th, the developers say that the twister of will is more likely to go in the direction of assassins and brings a lot of mobility for a class with heavy armor.

As a new weapon he gets a second sword. In the meta it will probably be a Power-DPS class.

How does its mechanics work? The twister of will receives three different mechanical skills. With the first (F1) you jump to your opponents and leave a burning field on the ground, which causes damage to the opponent several times. However, all three skills are agility skills, so you can jump with all of the mechanical skills.

You can also use them to cast a few extra blows on your opponents. The F3 skill "Courage" gives you aegis and stability, so it's a good way to go into battle, or escape from one. However, all of the mechanic abilities override each other. You can only maintain one skill bonus at a time.

The F1 skill of the will-waver

What are his active skills? With the two new sword skills you can again get more mobility out of your character. With the 5th skill of the kit, you can jump up to twice in a row before it goes into cooldown. If you hit an enemy with it, the enemy is slowed down and you take damage. The 4th skill also does damage twice and inflicts vulnerability on the opponent.

There are only two active skills, as he can only use the sword as a secondary weapon.

What can his support skills do? With his healing skill on the 6 he can of course heal himself, but he also receives a block for the next few seconds. If the twister of will blocks an attack with this skill, he gets a lot more life back. The mechanics work similarly to the spellbreaker's full counter, only that it heals and does not deal damage. It has two charges, so you can use it twice in a row without a cooldown.

The next skill is also similar to the warrior's bull thrust. The will-twister jumps on the opponent and inflicts him 5 times damage. If he activates the skill again, he jumps back to his starting situation. His other support skills also focus on doing more damage. These are area damage attacks that can burn the enemy. He can also stun his enemies for two seconds.

The healing skill of the will-twister

The Will Twist's elite ability lets a hand clap at the enemy from above. He hits an enemy and knocks them to the ground while hurling all enemies around him. It can be used to isolate your enemies and then better inflict damage on them.

What can his traits do? Its specializations give the will breaker more damage and lots of buffs. He also receives a class-specific buff called "Deadly Speed". This buff can be sustained permanently with a little practice and gives you 15% more damage. Its stacks are restored to their original time as soon as a new stack is added.

In the first traitline, you can be a real egoist. You get more buff time on yourself, but you reduce the time of the boons that you give to your allies. The second trait takes 240 toughness and gives you 240 strength, so you do a lot more damage and endure less. But it can be worthwhile, especially with the block from the healing skill. With the third skill you can also improve your self-healing, but reduce the healing on your allies.

In the second traitline you get more bonuses on your class-specific skills. With the first skill you can reduce the cooldown of your mechanic skills to give you even more agility. The second skill increases your mechanic damage and gives you a little more healing while the third skill of the traitline gives you more defense through passive boons when you use shadow steps.

The will-twisting traitline

In the third and final traitline, you will receive additional bonuses for one of the mechanic skills. The bonuses are boons that you get when you use your skills. This includes reduced cooldown and more damage. This gives the guardian access to the “thirst for action” ability for the first time. In addition, you can increase the skills "deadly speed" further, but also shorten it. The last skill can literally make you immortal as long as you have the "Courage" buff, but at the same time the time of the skill is shortened. Overall, you can make yourself immortal for a full 4 seconds, but you will no longer receive aegis for courage.

In this video you can see the will-twister:

Which of the new specializations do you like the most and which style of play do you like? Do you feel like going to End of Dragons or are you disappointed because of the postponement? Please write us in the comments.

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