How to do stunts in Microsoft Flight Simulator


How to do stunts in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator is much more than flying a plane from one airport to another , you can also fly over points of interest such as the highest mountains, monuments and even see animals in their natural habitat. Now, nobody said that it was not possible to get carried away and do all kinds of pirouettes. However, the latter requires being a good pilot, otherwise you can end up crashing the plane.

We could say that doing pirouettes is easier than taking off and landing the plane. At first it may seem the opposite, but if you have never tried to carry out maneuvers that sometimes seem crazy, once you try you will see that it is not so bad . You just have to practice for a bit and you will have it mastered. In the worst case, if you find that you have lost control, you just have to activate the autopilot .

How to do pirouettes and not die trying

Before you start you can do two things. The first, to leave directly in the flight by selecting any point of interest and setting that point as the departure point . The second option would be to take off from any airport. By the way, if you want to know how to take off correctly, I invite you to take a look at our guide.

To do pirouettes, the first thing to do is maintain a constant speed and fly at a considerable height. The latter is very important in case you lose control of the plane, so you have time to try to regain control of the aircraft. If you do both, you just have to use the 8, 2, 4 and 6 keys on the numeric keypad to move the rudder .

If you want to control the main flight control surfaces it is worth memorizing certain keyboard shortcuts , they are the following:

  • Left Aileron (Left Roll) : Num 4
  • Right Aileron (Right Roll) : Num 6
  • Center Aileron Rudder : Num 5
  • Elevator Down (Pitch Down) : Num 8
  • Elevator Up (Pitch Up) : Num 2
  • Water rudder on / off : Ctrl + w
  • Left rudder (yaw left) : Num 0
  • Right rudder (yaw right) : Enter

When you are talking about a flight simulator, you may have to spend some time doing the stunts. Microsoft Flight Simulator is a game that has real-time weather conditions . Trying to do pirouettes on a sunny day without wind is not the same as a rainy day with strong gusts of wind.

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