How to download and play Microsoft Flight Simulator


How to download and play Microsoft Flight Simulator

Fans of flight simulators are in luck, Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) is now available. This new installment has been developed by Asobo Studio. It has rained a lot since Flight Simulator X, a release that went on sale in 2006. The jump has been enormous at all levels . Now the game looks graphically spectacular, it is very realistic. In addition, it is the first time that a game in the franchise has been released on the console.

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If you have been bitten by the bug and you are planning to buy Microsoft Flight Simulator you just don't know how to download the game. What's more, you can buy it in several online stores. On this occasion, those from Redmond have decided that it is not an exclusive title for the Microsoft Store . With that said, let's see where you can buy the game and how to proceed with the download.

How to download and play

When buying the game, the fastest is Microsoft Store and Steam. The purchase and download process is practically identical on both platforms. How logical you have to have an account created, either in the Microsoft or Valve store. By the way, Flight Simulator is a very busy game, hence you need 150 GB of free space. Also, it is highly recommended to install the game on an SSD . From a hard disk the loading times become insufferable.

Microsoft Store

If you want to buy the game in the Microsoft Store, you just have to open the store app and search for the game by clicking on the magnifying glass. You then select to buy . Then it's time to choose a payment method. You just have to enter your credit or debit card number, as long as you haven't made a purchase before. Otherwise it will not be necessary . Once the payment has been made, you can proceed to the download by pressing the Install button .

If you are an Xbox Games Pass user, you do not need to buy the game. Microsoft Flight Simulator is available to subscribers of this service . Of course, only the standard edition. It is worth mentioning that the installation takes its own time, especially if you install the game on your hard drive.


To buy and download the game on Steam, the steps to perform are the same as in the Microsoft Store . You open the Steam client and search for Microsoft Flight Simulator in the store . Then you add the title to the cart and finalize the purchase. You can choose several payment methods. Once you have paid, you can download the game and it will become part of your Steam library.

If you buy Microsoft Flight Simulator in an online store like Instant Gaming , you will receive a code to redeem on Steam , although it can also be a code to activate in the Microsoft Store. To redeem a code on Steam you have to go to the top of the Valve client and click on Products , activate a product .

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