How to Earn Fame Points in Humankind by Earning Age Stars


How to Earn Fame Points in Humankind by Earning Age Stars

Humankind is a new turn-based strategy game in which you are invited to lead a single nation and lead it through the entire history of mankind. Fame points are one of the most important indicators in the game. In this guide, we'll explain why they are needed and how to get them.

To win Humankind, you need to have more Fame Points than any other civilization. You can get them in a variety of ways, from peaceful development to aggressive wars. Below, we'll take a look at the most effective ways to earn fame in the game.

The stars of the era in Humankind

In each era, special tasks await you, for which you will receive stars of the era. For example, in the Neolithic, the very first period, you can earn three of these stars - for hunting, valuable finds and population growth. To change the era, one of them is enough, but you will receive fame points for each star. Other historical periods are arranged in a similar way. 

However, it will not be possible to collect absolutely all the stars of the era in the later stages - in this case, you will move through the eras too slowly and risk falling behind other civilizations. Instead, focus on the stars that match your chosen culture and your tactics. Plus, they'll give you more glory. For example, aggressive invaders should choose rewards that relate to the army and the expansion of neighboring lands. Also keep in mind that if you keep your culture when moving into a new era, you will receive a 10% bonus to Fame Points. It will persist until you decide to change your culture to another.

Wonders of the World in Humankind

Another way to get glory points is to build wonders of the world. In each era, starting from the Ancient World, they have their own. Please note that in subsequent eras, their cost is much higher, and they will not be available to you until you build the previous ones. Therefore, start building them already from the Antiquity era. Each wonder of the world has its own bonuses, so it's worth choosing those that fit your culture and the needs of your empire. For example, the Lighthouse of Alexandria gives a bonus to naval affairs, increases the view range and combat power, and the Statue of Zeus increases faith, stability and the flow of money to the treasury.

For the right to build one of the wonders of the world, you will compete with other nations using influence points. It is recommended not to delay construction, because you may be outstripped. 

Natural wonders at Humankind

Natural wonders are randomly generated on the map, and the state that controls them receives not only glory points, but also other bonuses. Here we want to draw your attention to one trick. If you exchange cards with another faction, then all the wonders of nature that she discovered will be considered your discoveries too. Accordingly, you will receive fame points for them.

Rivalry in Humankind

The game has common tasks that are the same for everyone, but only the civilization that completes them first will receive a bonus for them. Many of them, and so you will perform in the course of the passage. Among them, the study of specific technologies, vassalization of other nations, and so on. As with the wonders of culture, choose the ones that match your playing tactics.

Fighting in Humankind

You will receive fame points for any successful military actions - winning a war, completely destroying another nation, subjugating a neighboring state or capturing an independent city. In addition, if you first lost and became a vassal, and then got rid of the power of the overlord, your empire will also receive glory points.

How to beat Humankind

The game will end when one of the following conditions is met:

  • Last turn completed. Their number depends on the "Game Speed", which is selected at the very beginning of the game. On Blitz you only have 75 moves, on Endless you have 600.
  • Earned all the stars of the modern era.
  • The tech tree is fully open.
  • All other empires were destroyed or turned into vassals.
  • A rocket with people was sent to Mars.
  • Life on Earth has become impossible.

After that, the glory points will be calculated and the nation with the most of them will be the winner.

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