How To Earn A Lot Of Influence In Humankind


How To Earn A Lot Of Influence In Humankind

Influence is one of the most important resources in Humankind , without which you cannot expand your empire. In this guide, we will show you how to raise this indicator.

Why is influence needed?

  1. Upgrading outposts to cities.
  2. Assigning Wonders of the World, which is very important if you want to pick up the most useful building.
  3. Acceptance of social institutions with useful bonuses.
  4. Capturing resources on the territory of the outpost when city building is not available.
  5. Construction of outposts.

Next, we'll talk about ways to get influence.

Hunting animals and exploring points of interest

The main methods of obtaining influence in the Neolithic era. The more you kill the animal, the more influence you will get. Deer bring only 5 units. Bears - 10. And after killing a mammoth, you will get as much as 20. Hunt the latter first of all in order to accumulate a starting supply of influence. It should be noted that in the era of Antiquity, hunting brings only gold. But points of interest will still have an impact. Therefore, carefully explore the world with scouts.

Population increase in cities and construction of special buildings

In the era of Antiquity, it is cities that are the main source of influence. The growth is mainly due to buildings and the size of the city. There are two units of influence per population level. Therefore, first of all, it is worth thinking about the extraction of food.

You can also build structures that bring influence points. For example, by building a pottery workshop, you will receive an additional 4 units of influence each turn. Also, each faction can have unique buildings for influence. The same Egyptians can build pyramids that produce 1 unit of this resource.

Increasing influence through technology and science

Let's make a reservation right away that the influence comes primarily from the buildings and opportunities that science opens up. If you are aiming for a rapid increase in influence, we advise you to pay attention to the following technologies:

  • Letter and Encyclopedia reduce the cost of opening and canceling social institutions by 20%, which will save influence.
  • Rhetoric will allow you to build theaters (the main square brings +4 influence).
  • With the help of Theology, you will be able to hold festivals (+2 influences).
  • Patronage will open access to drama theaters (+4 influence from the main square).
  • National unity will make it possible to organize nature reserves (+2 influences).
  • Rocket building is needed to build the Space Station (+10 influence from the main square).
  • Communication satellites are needed to build a geostationary satellite (+10 influence from the main square).
  • Mass entertainment will allow building cinemas (+10 influence from the main square).
  • The internet will allow public areas to generate +2 influence.
  • The brain implant increases the gain in the influence of the main area by 50%.

Keep in mind that resources and metrics in Humankind are highly interconnected. Without a good increase in food, you will not be able to quickly increase the population and gain additional influence, and without investment in science, the necessary technologies will take longer to study. Therefore, do not strive for only one influence and develop the most effective strategy in order to ensure the growth of all other indicators.

Social institutions

Unlocking some institutions will also grant influence bonuses. For example, choosing the Natural Law option in the Founding Myths category will bring 5 units more influence to the city's main square. And by choosing the "Openness" option in "Religious Tolerance", your territories will bring +5 influence if they adhere to the state faith.

Since we have not yet fully studied the game, over time we will supplement the guide with new information about social institutions.

Religious dogmas

By adopting the necessary dogma, you can receive bonuses to influence. For example, by choosing "No theft", you will be able to receive 1 point more influence through the mountains.

These are all currently known ways of gaining influence in Humankind. After examining the game in more detail, we will update this guide with more information on the extraction of influence.

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