How to find and view your home in Microsoft Flight Simulator


How to find and view your home in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Asobo Studio has done a good job of bringing Microsoft Flight Simulator to all types of gamers. Okay, flight sims are still a niche genre , but it is also true that they are often difficult to play and this puts many players back. Those who have never touched a game of this genre have a very complete tutorial where they can learn everything necessary to pilot an airplane.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator allows you to travel anywhere in the world without leaving home . For example, you can visit points of interest and fly over some emblematic monuments. As if that were not enough, you can also see your house from the plane if you know the coordinates. Would you like to see your house while you fly a plane? Next, I will explain how it is done.

How to find and view your home

The most important thing is to know the coordinates of your house. To do this, you have to open the web browser and go to Bing Maps or Google Maps . In my case I have used Bing Maps. Well, in the search bar you have to put the street where you live . Next you will see a mark on the map pointing to the street. You have to click the right mouse button and a floating window will open. At the bottom are the coordinates. Click copy .

It is time to open the game. On the main screen of Microsoft Flight Simulator you have to go to the world map –free flight–. In the left part, in search, you have to press the Ctrl + V keys to paste the coordinates . Then set the location as the arrival . Then you look for the nearest airport. Lastly, click on fly.

If taking off is not your thing, you can always activate the autopilot from the menu that appears at the top of the screen. Remember, you have to move the mouse pointer for the menu to be visible. In this menu you look for AI Control and activate Control Aircraft .

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