How to fly in third person in Microsoft Flight Simulator


How to fly in third person in Microsoft Flight Simulator

If when you have taken off and you are in flight you usually put the automatic pilot to admire the views, you can do it from inside the cabin or from outside. Microsoft Flight Simulator offers complete freedom in this regard , you just have to know how to change your view while you are inside the plane.

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The graphics of the game are so realistic that you can spend hours flying with the sole purpose of enjoying the scenery, especially if you play in high or ultra quality. Nonetheless, Microsoft Flight Simulator is a game that scales quite well regardless of hardware . Of course, there is quite a difference between playing in low and high quality. With that said, let's see how you can fly in the third person to see the plane from the outside.

How to fly in the third person

There are two ways to play in the third person, using a keyboard shortcut and accessing the menu while on the plane. I will start by explaining the latter. To switch to the third person or external view you have to move the mouse to the top of the screen to bring up the different options. Well, now you have to click on the camera icon and then click on External . If you want to return to the cockpit, the process is the same, just click on Cockpit .

Being every two by three accessing the menu to change the view can be somewhat annoying, but this has a solution. You can also change the view by pressing the End key on the keyboard, it is much faster. 

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