How to increase fps in Microsoft Flight Simulator


How to increase fps in Microsoft Flight Simulator

The first thing that enters the eye when playing Microsoft Flight Simulator are the graphics. The level of detail in Asobo Studio's game is impressive. It is not necessary to play with the graphic settings in high or ultra, in medium quality it looks scandalous. However, we could say that it is not very well optimized and playing at a stable 60 fps is not easy. Now we can always play low quality.

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If you prefer a higher graphic quality over a high frame rate per second, then with an NVIDIA GTX 1070 or AMD Radeon equivalent it is enough to enjoy the game at 1080p, high quality and about 45/50 fps. If your PC has a fair bit of hardware to move the game you can always change certain settings to gain a few fps . With that said, let's see how to increase frames per second.

How to increase fps

Once inside the game you just have to go to the General menu and click on Graphics . If you want to go the fast way you can change the overall rendering quality, this changes all the settings to low, medium, high and ultra quality . You can start by testing in low quality to see how many fps the game runs at. From there you can go up until the game moves more or less to your liking.

If you are more into playing in high quality and the game does not reach 60 fps, but stays closer, then you can try lowering the quality of antiliasing, buildings, trees and everything related to shadows. Normally the leftovers consume a lot of resources and if you lower them to medium quality you gain some fps.

Finally, if you have a computer with 8 GB of RAM, it is highly advisable to close all the programs that you have open to have more memory available. Microsoft Flight Simulator consumes a lot of RAM and if you have a resource-consuming program in the background, the game may close from time to time.

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