How to increase the limit of cities and outposts in Humankind


How to increase the limit of cities and outposts in Humankind

Your empire in Humankind can grow until it starts to run into your influence. How many cities you can manage before the penalty is imposed is determined by the City Capacity, which in the Ancient Era starts with a default of two. Fortunately, your options can be increased over time if you use your resources wisely. Here's how to increase your city limit in Humankind.

What is the city limit and how to increase it

The City Limit in Humankind is the maximum number of cities you can manage in your empire. Exceeding this amount will result in a fine. Luckily, you can increase your city limit by researching various technologies.

In the Ancient Era, your empire will start developing with two cities. Unfortunately, this number does not increase as you get to the next eras. Instead, you will need to increase your city limit through various studies.

Technologies that allow you to increase the city limit in Humankind:

  • Foreign Outposts;
  • Mercantilism;
  • Philosophy;
  • Supply Lines;
  • Theology (Theology);
  • Three-Masted Ships;
  • Urban planning (Urban Planning).

Each of these technologies gives +1 to the city limit. Of course, there is no need to quickly raise this limit. The punishment for having too many cities in your empire is growing influence costs. The cost of influence increases for each additional city, and this can quickly drain your resources.

All you need to do to increase the maximum number of cities in Humankind is to research new technologies. Otherwise, you risk receiving influence penalties for each city that exceeds your empire's city limit.

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