How to record your flight in Microsoft Flight Simulator


How to record your flight in Microsoft Flight Simulator

If you have a YouTube channel and you play Microsoft Flight Simulator, you still plan to upload some gameplay. It may also be that you simply want to record a gameplay and then edit it to add music and effects. Well, in Windows 10 you don't need to install any software to capture the screen.

Microsoft Flight Simulator requires Windows 10 to work, so you only have to activate a feature that is available in Windows Settings . Once activated, you can record gameplays by accessing the Xbox Game Bar or by using a keyboard shortcut. Let's see how you can record a Microsoft Flight Simulator gameplay or another game.

How to record your flight

To record while playing the game, the first thing to do is activate the Xbox Game Bar. Press the Win + I keys to open the Windows 10 settings panel. Then, click on Games . Okay, now you just have to enable Xbox Game Bar.

By default the videos are recorded at 30 fps and in medium quality. This you can easily change . You have to click on Captures . In Captures you can enable / disable audio recording during a game, change the audio quality –up to 192 KB / s–, choose the video quality and increase the frame rate to 60 fps during recording.

Now that you have everything related to video capture configured, it is time to record your flight. You just have to open Microsoft Flight Simulator. When you want to record a video you just have to press the Win + Alt + R keys . To stop recording you have to press the same keyboard shortcut. This can also be done by pressing the Win + G keys. By doing this you will see in the upper left part of the screen a floating window with a button to start recording.

Recording a video while playing consumes resources, this is something to keep in mind. If your PC is short of hardware to move Microsoft Flight Simulator, when recording a gameplay the frame rate will drop. This can make it unplayable . If this is your case, I recommend you capture video at 30 fps and lower the quality to medium.

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