How to update Microsoft Flight Simulator


How to update Microsoft Flight Simulator

Installing Microsoft Flight Simulator on PC can be a real torture , and I'm not saying this because of the size of the download. The Asobo Studio game performs three steps during installation. It downloads a certain number of files, then unzips them and finally they are installed on the hard drive or SSD. This it does all the time until the game download is complete.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator is a game designed to be installed on an SSD , otherwise the loading times are endless. If we talk about updates, more of the same. They follow the same procedure: download, unzip and install. By the way, it is missing that the issue of updates is simpler, and now we will see why.

How to update

When you start the game if there is an update a warning appears and Microsoft Flight Simulator closes. Next, you have to go to Microsoft Store and look for the update . Then you just have to download the new version and open the game again. However, on many occasions when running the game, another update usually skips. This update is downloaded from the game itself, you do not have to go to the Microsoft Store. Usually the updates from the game are slower * due to the process that I have commented previously.

Finally, say that everything related to updates could be done from the game itself. We do not know why Microsoft Flight Simulator requires downloading updates from Microsoft Store and the game itself . Theirs would be that it was always from the same game or from the Windows 10 store.

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