Humankind resource guide - where to find food, manufacturing, science, horses, copper, iron, oil, saltpeter and more


Humankind resource guide - where to find food, manufacturing, science, horses, copper, iron, oil, saltpeter and more

Resources in Humankind are used to develop their own civilization. There are several basic resources in the game, as well as strategic resources that can be obtained in various ways. In this guide, we'll show you how to make money quickly, get food, and increase science and industry points in the game.

At the beginning of the game, you can control a small party of nomads. To collect resources, navigate the global map and look for various objects of interest. Each subsequent turn, various objects of interest will appear on the global map, which you need to explore in order to get as many resources as possible in a short time. We advise you to send several detachments of scouts at once in several directions and each turn to explore the land in search of such objects. Below we have described all the objects of interest, as well as what resources can be obtained for their research.

How to distribute residents by city blocks for efficient resource extraction in Humankind

The correct placement of districts in any of your cities will allow you to earn a large amount of resources in a short time. Districts use resources from all neighboring cells. When locating a particular district, pay attention to the numbers that indicate the amount of resources that this district will bring. This will make it easy to calculate resource production.

Every block built needs residents, because without them, gathering food, growing industry and researching science can take a lot of time. To track the growth of resources in each of your cities, select a city and inspect the panel in the upper center of the screen.

Here you will see four sectors of the city's constantly mined resources. The population can be transferred from one sector to another to customize the production of resources. Depending on how many districts for the extraction of certain resources are built in your city, you can track the maximum number of population available to move to each section. Here you can select the priority of the population distribution in the city or manually distribute the population.

Available options for the distribution of the population in the city:

  • Balanced policy : equal distribution of the population by sections;
  • City growth : accelerating the growth of the city through population and industry (decrease in the production of money and the development of science, increase in the growth of industry and the production of food);
  • Economic export : acceleration of industrial and economic development (decrease in food production and development of science, increase in industrial growth and receipt of money);
  • Public control : accelerating the production of food by reducing the production of other resources;
  • Science subsidies : accelerating the development of science and money making by reducing food production and industrial development;
  • Expert policy : distribute the population into sections as you see fit.

How to get food in Humankind

Food in the game can be obtained by gathering (finding objects of interest), hunting wild animals or improving your settlement (city).

Objects of interest for obtaining food:

  • Nuts : +10 food units per hunting party;
  • Forest berries : +5 food units per hunting party;
  • Fresh water source : +15 food units per hunting party.

Hunting for wild animals

You can hunt different wild animals and get different amounts of food. This method is more dangerous than the usual gathering of resources, since during the hunt you can lose one or several members of the squad.

  • Wild Deer : Deer hunting will bring you (+5) food per hunting party;
  • Mammoths : Hunting mammoths will bring you (+20) food units for the hunting party;
  • Bears : Hunting bears will net you (+10) food for the hunting party.

Improvement of the settlement

Build an "Agricultural Quarter" . Each block built will add (+1) a unit of food to you, and for each neighborhood with such an object, you will receive another (+1) unit of such a resource. To build a quarter, you will need to spend 140 industry units and 20 turns.

After installing the harbor, you will be able to build the Fisheries infrastructure facility . Installed objects will bring you (+3) units of food each subsequent turn.

Building a barn will allow you to earn food for each Horse Farm you install . Such locations are scattered across the global map. To capture such a location, place an outpost and place it on the “Crafts Quarter” . Once installed, it will turn into a "Horse Farm" . Some horse farms will bring you food, industry points, or a scientific resource.

How to make money at Humankind

You can get money in the game both by collecting (searching for objects of interest) and by improving infrastructure in each city.

  • Animal corpses : can bring you 40 to 80 coins at a time;
  • Ancient treasure : can bring you 20 to 60 coins at a time;
  • Wildlife Hunting : Sometimes while hunting wild animals, you may find not only food, but some money as well.


While exploring the open world, you may stumble upon objects of interest such as the "Sanctuaries". To get some resources from such objects, including money, you need to loot them. Send a squad of scouts to the cage with a sanctuary, click on the squad and select "Looting".

It takes one turn to loot the sanctuary. If the looting of the sanctuary is successful, then you will receive the reward indicated in the cell with the looting source (at first it will be a small amount, from 10 to 40 coins).

You can plunder not only sanctuaries, but also outposts and quarters of craftsmen on the deposits of minerals of other peoples. It is worth noting that in this case, other peoples may react negatively to this and declare war on you. But if you are in a state of war with the people who own this quarter of craftsmen on mineral deposits, then this is a great reason to earn a lot of money at the same time. It will take 3 to 6 moves to plunder such neighborhoods.

Stony field

The Rocky Field deposit will allow you to extract several units of money each subsequent turn, as well as several units of industry (industrial resource). To develop deposits, you will first need to find a deposit, build an outpost nearby and place the "Quarter of craftsmen" directly on the cell with the deposit.

Great obelisk

Building the Great Obelisks will allow you to earn a certain amount of coins for one such building. Obelisks give district effects (10-12 coins per turn), as well as empire effects (+2 coins per turn). The more such obelisks you build, the more money you will receive for each subsequent turn.


The harbor allows you to receive (+3) coins for each neighborhood of the "Trade District" object . The more such facilities are built near the harbor, the more money you can earn. The harbor can be placed on any body of water.

How to increase science points (scientific resource) and industry points (industrial resource) in Humankind

Science points and industry points are the main indicators of your civilization that you need to constantly increase. At first, you can do this by exploring POIs on the global map. It is worth noting that such objects appear only on lands that have not yet been annexed.

  • Animal remains can earn you 8 to 10 Science Points;
  • The remains of an animal can bring you 8 to 10 influence points.

In addition to objects of interest, you will receive science and industry points for the erected districts and infrastructure. It should be borne in mind that each culture has its own districts and infrastructure, depending on what policy the chosen civilization pursues.

  • Crafting Quarter : For every Crafting Quarter built, you will receive (+1) Industry Points;
  • Scientific quarter : will allow you to receive each subsequent move 3 science points (for the neighborhood with each scientific quarter, the number of points received will increase by 2);
  • Craftsman's Quarter : Each placed object will grant you (+1) Industrial Resource.

Also pay attention to the available infrastructure . They will be updated as new technologies are learned. Do not neglect this advice, as some objects can bring you not only additional science or industry points, but also add money to your treasury.

How to find and mine strategic resources in Humankind

Strategic resources are scattered across the global map from the very start of the game. Their location is fixed. As you explore the global map, you will find rocky fields, copper deposits, horse farms, dry grass cages, and other locations with strategic resource deposits.

Such deposits will be discovered as civilization develops. At first you will be able to exploit some of them, while others will be marked with a question mark and labeled as "Unknown strategic resource" . When you learn a sufficient number of technologies during the transition from one era to another, you can develop new strategic resources (we talked about them below).

To develop strategic resources, you first need to set up an outpost near the cell with one of these resources.

After that, study the necessary technologies (if necessary) or use the ones already available. For example, from the very start of the game, you can set up Craftsmen's Quarters in places such as forests , rocky fields, and dry grass locations .

Later, with the transition to subsequent eras, you will be able to discover other deposits and establish the development of strategic resources (copper, iron, saltpeter, paint, oil, and others). They are obtained according to the same principle as those about which we described above. Just set up an outpost, rebuild it into a city (or attach it to one of the existing cities) by paying a certain amount of influence points, then build a development on the resources you need.

How to get copper and silver in Humankind

Copper is the most important metal of the Bronze Age. This metal is used to make weapons, coins, medicines, and jewelry. For the extraction of this metal, you first have to study the technology "Processing of bronze" , after the transition to the era of the "Age of the Ancient World" . Silver can be used to make jewelry or use this metal in medicine.

To extract copper and silver, you will need to study the Bronze Processing technology and build a Copper Mine at any of the outposts that are located next to large deposits of metals or minerals. After construction, the "Crafts Quarter" will turn into a "Copper Mine", which will bring you (+3) units of science and the extracted strategic resource.

How to take over a horse farm in Humankind

Without horse farms, you cannot create chariots, mounted scouts, and riders. To capture a horse farm, you first need to find it on the global map. Like other strategic resources, horse farms can be captured by building an outpost nearby and attaching it to a city (or by upgrading an outpost to city status). When this happens, select “Horse Farm” from the list of available counties and place it directly on the space containing this strategic resource.

How to get porcelain, salt, paint, mercury and other resources in Humankind
Strategic resources such as porcelain, mercury, salt or paint can be obtained by building the Craftsmen's Quarter, just as you can mine industry, food or money in forests, stony fields, or dry grass locations.

Simply capture the territory where the resource deposits are located, attach it to the city (or upgrade the outpost to the status of the city), then select the “Skilled Quarter” from the list of available districts and place it directly in the location with the strategic resource deposits.

How to get iron in Humankind

The development of iron deposits will be available from the "Antiquity" era. After researching certain technologies, the Iron Mine District will appear in the list of counties. You just have to find a source of iron, attach the land with this source to your civilization and establish a mine directly in the location with the deposit.

In addition to the strategic resource, each subsequent turn you will also receive 2 units of other resources (for example, food and science).

How to get saltpeter and oil in Humankind

With the transition to new eras, deposits of saltpeter and oil will begin to open on the map. They are needed in order to build ships, aircraft and modern weapons. The mechanics of extracting saltpeter and oil are the same as for all the previous resources we have described. Attach the lands where the minerals are located, then place a special district on the cage with deposits for the extraction of saltpeter or oil.

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