Microsoft Flight Simulator, guide and user manual: how to play, tricks and tutorials


Microsoft Flight Simulator, guide and user manual: how to play, tricks and tutorials

14 years have passed since the launch of Microsoft Flight Simulator X to be able to enjoy a new installment, Microsoft Flight Simulator (2021) . The leap at the graphic level has been abysmal, this new installment has very realistic graphics . In addition, at the gameplay level there are also changes . Let's say that the developers of the game, Asobo Studio, have done everything possible to bring the game closer to all types of players.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator (2021) is not just another flight simulator . Asobo Studio has done a great job in every way. To begin with, those players who have never touched a flight simulator have at their disposal a very complete tutorial where they will learn to fly an airplane. Like all games of the genre, his is to play with a joystick and a lever as an accelerator. However, it can be played perfectly with a controller , keyboard and mouse. Now, the experience is not the same.

If you are new to Microsoft Flight Simulator, you may not have a clear idea of ​​where to start. In case you are interested in the game, did you know that it is not exclusive to the Microsoft Store? Then there is the topic of system requirements. Microsoft's flight simulator is somewhat demanding. It is very important to take a look at the minimum requirements to see if your PC measures up or falls short. Finally, it should be mentioned that the game has a fairly high learning curve. With that said, whether you are a newbie or a seasoned gamer, this complete Microsoft Flight Simulator guide is made for you. You will find all kinds of guides with specific information about specific things in the game.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Guide: Index

  • Before you start playing
  • Essential tips
  • Airports and planes
  • Frequently asked questions and troubleshooting

Before you start playing

In the end you have decided to buy Microsoft Flight Simulator. Well, before you start playing you have to take into account several things that I have commented previously. If you are not in favor of buying from the Microsoft Store, you will have no problem purchasing the game on another platform. Then there is the topic of system requirements. In the guides that you will see below you will leave doubts. We explain how to download the game and much more.

You already have the game installed and you are ready to fly a plane, but you have a problem, it is the first time you have been at the controls of one. No problem! You just have to follow our getting started guide to the letter. In addition, some tips are always useful. The most important thing is to know how to take off and land. Flying a plane is not easy and it is necessary to accumulate many hours of flight to gain experience.

In Microsoft Flight Simulator there are a large number of airports, also many playable planes that you can fly. The list grows as developers add new content . There are currently quite a few airports available that are spread across the globe.

Frequently asked questions and troubleshooting

Although it is not the most common, from time to time an error message may appear, either starting the game or while playing. In many cases you just have to exit the game and run it again. However, sometimes it may be necessary to fix the fault manually . However, it is usually solved by developers by releasing an update if it is something general.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is such a great game in every way that it is normal that you have a lot of questions. In these guides you will find the answers to all your questions. Not sure how to put the autopilot? No problem! There is a guide with all the shortcuts and others that are very useful.

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