New World without controller support? This is how you play the MMORPG with a gamepad


New World without controller support? This is how you play the MMORPG with a gamepad

Many players were able to gain their first experience with the game in the last beta for New World . It is currently known that there will be no console release, but what about controller support? We show you how you can play New World with the gamepad.

How about the support? New World has made contradicting statements about gamepad support in the past. At the moment it looks like there is no controller support on the PC for the new MMORPG.

And that, although New World confirmed the upcoming controller support in March (via Twitter ). Amazon is now rowing back and also published the rejection to a fan on Twitter and clearly says: "Sorry, but we are currently not planning any gamepad support".

Here is the link to the tweet:

This tweet is currently the most recent statement (as of 08/09/2021). However, we do not assume that anything will change until the release.

How you can play with the controller: There is, however, a way around the officially unsupported gamepad function and that works via Steam. Regardless of whether it's an Xbox or Steam controller, you can use any gamepad that your PC recognizes.

To play New World with the controller, follow these instructions:

  • Connect your controller to the PC
  • Then open Steam
  • At the top left you then click on the "Steam" button
  • Now select the "Settings" tab and click on the "Controller" button
  • Now go to "General controller settings" to select your controller
  • Now configure your controller the way you want it and then save the controller configuration
  • Now you have to put Steam into "Big Picture" mode. To do this, click in the main menu of your library on the small “Enlarge” button at the top right
  • If you start the game now, Steam simply forces the controller on the title and you can play 

Please note, however, that New World will not work perfectly like this. The game is not designed for controller and gamepad control. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to use the full functionality of New World in this way.

Alternatively, you can also use the following programs. However, we do not guarantee the functionality of the external tools:

All of these are certainly not ideal solutions for playing with the controller, but at least it offers a way to experience New World with the gamepad. At least until, maybe someday, the official support for it comes.

Controller support is more than convenience

What else is it about? For many, controller support is just a matter of convenience, because they prefer to be on the move with a gamepad. But it goes much further than that. There are many gamers with limitations who find it difficult or impossible to use the mouse and keyboard.

For this group of people, it is then crucial whether a game offers official controller support at all, because otherwise they simply cannot play it. The work-arounds are also of little use, as they can usually only offer suboptimal support.

Do you want to play New World with the controller, or maybe you can't do anything else? Do you think the controls with mouse and keyboard are well implemented? Let us know in the comments.

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