Psychonauts 2 full walkthrough - game guide


Psychonauts 2 full walkthrough - game guide

Psychonauts 2 Complete Sequential Walkthrough

Lemnis Gate Gameplay Part II
Lemnis Gate Gameplay Part II

Psychonauts 2 is a continuation of the legendary game by Tim Schaefer. In this guide, we'll show you how to get through the new part.

Loboto Labyrinth

After watching the starting video, we take over the control of the Time. We follow along the corridor and follow the trail of Loboto. We break the boxes on the rack, which block the path in the corridor, and move on. We climb over the obstacles and run along a very long corridor.

The view will change, so the character will have to jump from one rack to another, and then from wall to wall to climb to the very top. Catching up with Loboto will not work and the hero, together with the coach, will fall to the bottom of the bucket. We dodge objects falling from the sky and use telekenez on the tooth. We insert the object into the only free hole and climb a little higher. We lower the lightning from the teeth down and watch a small cut-scene.

We face in the first battle with censors, the fight with which will not be very difficult. We use telekinesis to throw objects at them and finish off every enemy in close combat. Fast forward to the trainer and reopen the zipper. We run along the long tongue and use ranged weapons. We hit the tongue with an accurate hit and go further, where we meet with Sasha. We climb from the gold tooth to the platform in front using a double jump and get out of the oral cavity. You can destroy a flying enemy with a blaster. We defeat all opponents and jump into the open door.

We move forward all the time and talk to Lily. Apply pyrokinesis on posters and find a secret room. We move on and at the end of the room we open another passage. We burn the picture with Loboto and fight with the purple liquid. We defeat all the enemies and render them in another room.

We jump forward on the platforms and use the ball to get to each platform without falling into the water. In open space, we destroy the next group of enemies and fly to the sink. We talk with Milla and jump down. You cannot touch the water, so we hold down the corresponding key and roll on the ball along the tunnel. We jump on the platforms with teeth and climb onto a small tower. We watch the cut-scene in which Raz will be on the ship with all his friends. At the end of the video, the first mission will be completed.

Mental connections

We use the door with a strange symbol and rise to the small town. We follow directly to the nerve center (Nerve Center) and at the entrance we talk with Lily. We climb the nearest stairs up to the classroom (Classroom) and get acquainted with several characters, who will be closed by Raza in the closet.

How to get out of the storage room (storage room)

We burn the poster and run into the room to the left. We examine the combination lock at the door and use the influence on the rat's mind to get through a small hole into the next room. We find the password for the elevator "0726", activate the combination lock and get out along the rope. We move along it all the time to the right and are transferred to the ventilation. We go to the end of the corridor, we jump down and find ourselves in the scientific laboratory. We go outside and find Norma, who will apologize to the hero for her deed.

How to distribute parcels

We return to the classroom to Hollis and go out into the street. We follow to the post office (Mailroom), where we again intercept the control of the rat and direct Raza along the colored arrow to another part of the room. We go in the opposite direction and are engaged in sorting mail. We send all the packages correctly. To do this, using telekinesis, we throw the boxes with blue icons into the central camera, throw the green ones into the left section, and move the orange ones into the right hole. We find another parcel, which we take out into the street. Nick's body will fall out of it.

Implanted into Hollis' Mind

We return to class and talk to Hollis. We tell the girl that we are ready to start the lesson and are transported into her mind. We activate the ability of mental connections and connect Cilantro with Delight. We jump over the circles and alternately get to the next cloud with the word Risk. We switch to psi energy and use the blaster to break the glass.

We jump out of the car and find ourselves near the medical center, where Raz will have to fight with a large group of opponents. We pass through the open door and move on the X-rays to the right. We use a double jump to climb higher, follow further and find ourselves in the morgue. In this room we can collect two halves of the brain to increase health and connect Victory and Death with mental connections.

Follow the hallway to find Hollis, then combine Risk and Money to return to class. After watching all the videos, talk to Hollis again, go through the open door and climb into the ship. Raz's actions will change the girl's inner desires, so she will go to the casino to make money. Upon returning to the room, we go outside again. At the edge of the platform we find neon pipes, along which we go down. Trying not to get caught in the spotlight and getting back into Hollis's mind. We jump over the white dots from platform to platform and with the help of Risk we get to the girl's car. Having got out into the street, we fight with a detachment of enemies and go to the hospital.

How to get coins for a slot machine

We move to the right along the playing cards. Once in the morgue, we move along the cube to the left and climb into the door with a pink color. We talk with a couple of rich people and connect Money with Delight. Go up the platforms and activate Effective with Defiance to get the first coin for the machine. Returning to the cube, open the door with yellow lights. We follow straight to the bartender and play pinball. We communicate with three players near the slot machines to activate all available ideas. Connect Judgment to Quitting to access Moderation.

Activate Victory with Moderation and move to the next room. We break the glass, jump over the heart and move along the platforms further. Find Share and follow to Feelings to get a new connection. On the way, you will have to break another glass barrier. Re-play pinball in the bar and get another coin. We open the third door of the cube in the morgue. It will be highlighted with green tubes with pink squares. We get to another bartender and go through the open door. We talk with the heart and jump into Change. We connect a new word with Impossible, jump on platforms and climb up.

You cannot stand on red and blue platforms, otherwise the hero will receive some damage. At the top we break the glass barrier and behind it we connect Winning with Help. Return to the bartender to start a mini-game. With the help of the heart, we jump over the bright green sections of the path. We also use white lines to speed up and get to the end of the route faster than other participants in the race. We receive the third coin and open the central door of the cube. We talk with Hollis and fight with the boss.

How to defeat Luctopus

This opponent will throw light bulbs at the hero. Using telepathy, we insert one of them into the platform on the right to free two friends. The boss will fall asleep for a while, so we climb up the white dots to jump into the head of the enemy. We hit the green heart several times and return to the arena. In the same way, we free two more friends, but this time Luktopus, in addition to light bulbs, will launch waves of cards at the hero. We punch a hole on the platform on the left and insert the light bulb. We get to the head of the boss, beat the red heart and again find ourselves in the arena.

The enemy will start using cards with lightning. As soon as we notice such a picture, we immediately jump onto the mountains of chips, otherwise Raza will catch a strong current discharge. Do not forget to dodge the flow of cards and fire up two lights to free your friends. Hit the boss one last time in the head and find Hollis. We watch a lengthy video and go to the next task.

Meeting with Truman

We leave the corridor onto the balcony and jump onto the pink pipe. We slide forward, jumping from one line to another, and climb up the platforms to Norma. In the next room, we run further and dodge the light of the searchlights. We slide down and get with the help of friends to the penthouse. We set fire to the picture with the octopus and find a secret room. We return to the city and go to the nerve knot. After a short video we get to Milla. At the end of the conversation with the girl in the brain research center, we pass into Truman's office through the locked door. We communicate with Lily and Truman and follow to the dining room (Noodle Bowl). We take the necessary bacon from the cafeteria worker.

We are transferred to the forest camp. Find a piece of wood and fix the post. We set fire to all the bowls in turn and examine the Lucrecia Mux plate. We pass through the tree and use the boat to swim to the next location. To do this, move in a straight line between two lights. Returning to the city, we go to the post office again. With the help of telekinesis we get Nick out of the press. We leave outside and go to the Ford's hairdresser. We talk with the man, run to Astral Lanes bowling and return to Truman.

Injection into the mind of Ford from the barber shop

We follow to Ford's hairdresser and climb into his head. We make our way forward along the platforms and jump up to the rats. We shoot at the target opposite to start the device and we are transported by the air flow to the next room. We break the jar of water and go further with the help of another stream of air. We clean the territory from enemies and break through the vessel with liquid. We get to the lighthouse and climb to the very top. To do this, we dodge the clouds along the way. We take out the metal object from the brain and return to the hairdresser.

Implanted into Promton's Mind

We use the scanning device in the center of the city and jump down. We talk with Augustine, the father of Raz, and watch the cut-scene. We approach the cliff near the Psychoisolation Chaniber inscription and follow the platforms that appear. In the Psychoisolation room, we use the scanning device and move forward along the corridor to Compton. We get out and jump onto the metal beam. Slippery along it and jump along various stone ledges.

We use the repulsive platform and we pass into the mine. We move in a straight line to get out of the mine and find ourselves in the Questionable Area. We follow the green arrows and get to the camp of circus artists. After talking with the acrobats, we move to a closed part of the forest. We jump over the fence and fall into Lizzie's trap. We follow further to catch bees, and then we get out of the forest. We return to Compton to give the insects, and we climb into the man's head. We fight with the judge.

This enemy attacks the hero only in melee, however, he often uses very powerful techniques that inflict damage at a short distance from himself. We try not to come close to the enemy and use a blaster. We defeat the enemy and watch the next video. Now Raz must cook the vegetables correctly in ten minutes. We grab the potatoes and carry them along the left path up to the pan. While the egg is cooking, we go downstairs and take the onion. Move to the large knife and place the bow in the highlighted area. We activate the lever on the left and cut the vegetable.

In turn, we take the finished products to the center of the location and press the button. After the next cut-scene, we continue cooking. Immediately put the egg in the pan, cut the bread and fry it in the toaster. To do this, you will have to move the plate to the work zones. We take the strawberries to the blender and return all the products to the center of the location. Again we fight with various opponents and take the second cube. During the preparation of the dish, we grab the pig for the third time and carry it to the knife. Transfer the resulting bacon to the toaster and fry it. We also take the egg there, and then cut the watermelon and take the fruit to the blender. We heat the honey in a saucepan and return all received dishes to the center of the location.

How to beat judges in a cooking show

We dodge the shots and get food out of the purple slurry. With the help of telekinesis, we throw in the egg and strawberries. We defeat all assistants and use a plate of food to get rid of one of the judges. We repeat the same actions and throw in the food indicated on the plates, simultaneously dodging enemy attacks. This time we use bread, a pig and an egg. Again we destroy all enemies and activate the plate of food. For the third time, you will have to use honey, watermelon and strawberries. We use a plate of food and get out of the mind of Compton.

Injection into the mind of a bowling alley Ford

As a reward, we receive a certificate required to enter the bowling alley. We follow to this location and get into the mind of Ford. We jump on the ball and roll along the path. We break the pins and go down to the roof of the building. We roll the ball into the pocket and run over it to lower the bridge. We take the second ball and move along the opened path.

We climb further along the platforms and slide down another path. We put the ball in another pocket and open a new path. Use one more ball to get to the next platform and jump over the glowing letters. We rise along the beams in the building under construction and climb into the elevator. We find another hole and open a new path. We follow all the time straight and get a metal shard from the brain.

Reboot Nick

We return to the location with the circus camp and go to Otto's laboratory. (Otto's Laboratory). We meet the mechanic and examine his inventions. Create Harry's brain (Harry, Heptadome) and climb inside, and then follow to the post office and give the item to Nick. We get into his mind and fight the Panic Attack. Since he does not know how to defeat the boss, he will be transferred to another location. We follow forward and get acquainted with Vizhon. The hero will not be able to enter the stage, so again we talk with the green man. We jump on platforms and use psi-energy to slow down valves and other objects. We also use the ability on the fish and try to get to the violin.

We direct the spotlight to the multi-colored triangle and we pass along the appeared bridge. We use time dilation to go further and activate another bridge using the projector. We pass along the multi-colored path and engage in a fight with the Panic Attack.

The battle will be very simple, so we try to stay at a distance and use ranged attacks. We climb further along the platforms and again use the spotlight beam to activate the bridge. We roll down the blue tubes and climb onto the last tower, where we again direct the beam to the multi-colored triangle. We pass forward along the bridge and take away the violin.

We go by car to the southern part of the map and go to another location. We find two people, Taste and Smell, and move on. We use telekinesis to throw a colorful ball on the tongue. We pass forward and with the help of the spotlight we activate the multi-colored bridge.

We move along it further, apply another searchlight and fight the panic attack. At the very end of the location, we will find two guitars. We jump into the car and reach the location in the west. We jump on the platforms and climb up. You will also have to use time dilation here. We talk with Hearing and Touch and go in search of tools.

We use the spotlight and get to the blue arena. Defeat the squad of enemies, fight the Panic Attack and take the drums and piano. We enjoy the concert of the group and personally meet the villainess Maligula. We activate various ghosts in turn and watch a lengthy video. We attack the shadow and return to the post office.

To be continued...

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