Skill Points in Bless Unleashed - Everything about farming and resetting


Skill Points in Bless Unleashed - Everything about farming and resetting

Learning the various blessings in Bless Unleashed requires a lot of patience and a lot of skill points. But don't worry: you can't really get lost in the new MMORPG at all.

How does the skill system work in Bless? In the new MMO you learn skills by learning various blessings in your skill tree. You unlock new skills the further you progress in the certain blessing. But you cannot use all blessings at the same time.

If you have learned all the skills within a blessing, this unlocks a passive bonus that you can even use if you are not currently actively using the blessing. So it can also be worth aiming for these passive bonuses.

Can you reset your skill points? Yes, there is a skill reset scroll in the game that you can use to reset your points. Some of them were distributed to play the beta, for example, or to make up for server downtime.

Apart from that, you can purchase the skill reset scrolls for real money in the in-game shop.

But there is good news: Strictly speaking, you don't need a skill reset at all, because it is basically possible to simply learn all skills and blessings in Bless.

You have to unlock some of the blessings beforehand

How “Skill Points Farming” works

How do you farm best? Bless Unleashed works with a system called SXP, or Skill Experience. Each SXP point brings you 5% closer to a new skill point. So you need 20 SXP to get one skill point.

The easiest way to collect these SXP is actually simply quests. Quest rewards almost always include SXP, and there are plenty of quests in the game so you shouldn't run out of them. Many of the tasks can appear generic, but simple questing is the most effective and fastest way to get new skill points.

Killing world bosses also gives you skill points, so you should also keep an eye on participating in such fights.

What you have to pay attention to: Although it is comparatively quick to farm new skill points, you should still be careful. You should make sure that you learn particularly important skills at the beginning and not just any. Since there is no skill reset, you will not get any points back under any circumstances.

When you are skilled, plan in advance which passive bonuses and skills you absolutely want to have. This saves you a lot of farming, which some players find annoying.

Have you already played Bless Unleashed? What do you think of the controversial reboot of the Bless brand? And do you have problems getting Skill Points? Have you ever seen great battles against world bosses? Tell us about it and feel free to leave us a comment.

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