Starting to fly in Microsoft Flight Simulator: controls, tips and more


Starting to fly in Microsoft Flight Simulator: controls, tips and more

Playing Microsoft Flight Simulator is quite an experience. Once you know how to fly a plane, the hours fly by, and never better said. It is a game that will hook you if you like flight simulators. In addition, it is perfect to play quietly and enjoy the views. The graphics are very realistic and the gameplay level is amazing. Asobo Studio has done a great job in this regard.

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If you are playing a flight simulator for the first time, in this case Microsoft Flight Simulator, there are several things you can do to avoid getting frustrated if the complexity of the game overwhelms you . With that said, here are some tips to keep things going and enjoy the game from the first minute. If you are patient, you will learn the basics in no time.

Complete the tutorial

First and foremost, don't start the house from the roof . What I mean by this? Forget about choosing the biggest plane and going on an adventure, you may end up crashing the plane. The best thing you can do is go to flight training and complete all the tutorials. You will learn the basic controls, the basic fundamentals of flight control and much more.

If you complete all the tutorials you will have everything under control once you decide to fly on your own. What's more, in the last tutorial you navigate solo from one point to another for the first time. It is not easy, but if you have paid attention to the rest of the tutorials you should not have any problem.

Adjust the help level

Asobo Studio has not only thought of the most experienced players when developing the game, but also those who have never touched a flight simulator. In the Options -> Support menu you can customize certain aspects of the game to make it easier . By default it comes in medium level.

To start, you can try lowering the piloting level , the aircraft systems and everything related to failures and damage to an easy level. If during the flight you find that it is still difficult, you are always in time to lower other settings to have more help.

Remember the most used shortcuts

Playing Microsoft Flight Simulator with keyboard and mouse requires a period of adaptation and learning. I recommend that you see the guide that we published with all the keyboard shortcuts . It is quite long and memorizing each of the shortcuts from one day to the next is out of the question. Luckily, you can see the controls right from the game , even while you're in mid-flight.

Although it can be played with a controller, the keyboard is still indispensable. The ideal is to play with a joystick and a stick to simulate as much as possible the controls of an aircraft. The experience changes completely, being more immersive , it is also somewhat easier to fly the plane.

Performance above graphic quality

Depending on the hardware of your PC you will be able to play in high quality, ultra or you will have to lower some graphic settings. One piece of advice, don't be blinded by the realism of the landscapes . It prioritizes frames per second over graphic quality. If flying an airplane is difficult, imagine if you have to do it at a few fps. Stabilizing the aircraft and being very precise when moving the controls can be complicated, and a lot.

You don't need to lower the resolution. Leave the native resolution of the monitor and play with the graphics settings . You can change the quality of textures, shadows, choose another type of antiliasing and much more. The minimum, recommended and optimal requirements cover a wide variety of hardware, so initially, as long as you meet the minimum requirements, you would have to move the game even if it is all low.

Start with a small plane

I know, you are looking forward to flying a Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental or other similar aircraft, but trust me if I tell you that it is not a good idea. If you have completed the 8 parts of the tutorial, start with an aircraft that is small and very manageable . Accumulate flight hours and once you are able to take the leap, go ahead!

One of the recommended aircraft for beginners is the Flight Design CTSL model . It offers a good range and the cruising speed is not bad at all , 120 KTAS. If you are looking for something easier to fly, then you can always go for the Icon As aircraft.

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