The Amazon Resurrected in Diablo 2: Beginners Guide


The Amazon Resurrected in Diablo 2: Beginners Guide

At the beginning of Diablo 2: Resurrected, the Amazon doesn't have it as easy as some other classes, but with our tips you will still master the normal level of difficulty.

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General tips for the Amazon

The Amazon has a somewhat sluggish start to the game in close combat, as you only unlock your first useful skill at level 6. As a long-range fighter, the Amazon already has useful skills at its disposal, for which you are dependent on a constant supply of arrows and mana potions in your inventory.

The most important attributes

  • Strength / skill

Just as much as you need to carry your gear.

  • energy

No points needed.

  • vitality

All remaining points are put into vitality with every level up.

Beginner builds to get you started

The Amazon can handle both her spears and the bow well. To get started with the game, we recommend the Blitz-Amazone , also known as Javazon . This means you don't have to rely on arrows and you don't have to use a skill respec on your way to a strong endgame build .

At level 25, your build could look something like this:

capabilitySkill points
Energy shock20th
Poison skewer1
lightning strike1
Charged strike1+

First of all, you use the Energy Strike ability to reinforce your spears with lightning attacks. At level 18, Charged Strike becomes your primary skill. Due to the synergy of the two abilities, you can now continue to put points in Energy Strike to increase the damage of Charged Strike.

Note, however, that you have to equip spears as a weapon for this build . However, since the damage comes mainly from your skills and not from your weapon, the normal spears from the first few minutes of the game are sufficient.

Helpful rune words

Since you have to rely on spears as your primary weapon, there is only one useful rune word for the Amazon for the longest time in the normal level of difficulty. But you save yourself the time-consuming farming of the necessary runes.

RunewordRunes and equipmentEffects
Stealth (Level 17)
  • Valley + eth
  • Gray armor with 2 sockets
  • + 25% movement speed
  • + 25% faster cast rate
  • + 25% faster recovery after being hit
  • +6 to dexterity
  • Mana regenerate 15%
  • +15 to maximum stamina
  • Poison Resistance + 30%
  • Magic damage reduced by 3

The rune word stealth is and remains the best option for every character class in the normal level of difficulty and also serves the Amazon well.

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