The Barbarian Resurrected in Diablo 2: Beginners Guide


The Barbarian Resurrected in Diablo 2: Beginners Guide

The barbarian has the biggest starting difficulties in Diablo 2: Resurrected. We recommend a build with rune words with which you can still overcome the normal level of difficulty in the twinkling of an eye.

General tips on the barbarian

Melee fighters don't have it easy in Diablo 2 and the barbarian has drawn the weakest lot. However, that does not mean that the class is completely unusable. In the endgame you will need good equipment to get the most out of your character. In the normal level of difficulty, these hurdles are of course much lower.

The most important attributes

  • strength

In the first two acts, you should invest between 30 and 40 points in order to be able to wear the best equipment. As soon as you have reached the end of the normal level of difficulty, you are well served with 60-70 strength.

  • skill

30 points are enough for most items.

  • energy

No points needed.

  • vitality

With every level up you should invest almost all points in vitality.

Beginner builds to get you started

The barbarian can take a lot, but he lacks harm. We therefore recommend that you specialize in a build with two melee weapons.

At level 25, your build could look something like this:

capabilitySkill points
Double swing20th
Double throw1
As soon as you have unlocked Frenzy at level 25, you should still not do without double swing. It is most effective to increase your attack speed with Frenzy at the beginning of the fight and then switch to double swing .

Helpful rune words

Since you need two melee weapons, the barbarian is more dependent than any other class on good runic words at the beginning of the game.

RunewordRunes and equipmentEffects
Steel (level 13)
  • Tir + El
  • Gray mace, ax or sword with 2 bases
  • 20% increased damage
  • +3 to minimum damage
  • +3 to max damage
  • +50 to attack value
  • 50% chance of open wounds
  • + 25% increased attack speed
  • +2 mana after every kill
  • +1 to radius of light
Malice (Level 15)
  • Ith + El + Eth
  • Gray melee weapon with 3 sockets
  • 33% increased damage
  • +9 to max damage
  • 100% chance of open wounds
  • -25% target defense
  • -100 to monster defense per hit
  • Prevents monster healing
  • +50 to attack value
  • Loss of life -5
Stealth (Level 17)
  • Valley + eth
  • Gray armor with 2 sockets
  • + 25% movement speed
  • + 25% faster cast rate
  • + 25% faster recovery after being hit
  • +6 to dexterity
  • Mana regenerate 15%
  • +15 to maximum stamina
  • Poison Resistance + 30%
  • Magic damage reduced by 3

At best, you each carry a weapon with steel in one hand and a weapon with wickedness in the other. To do this, however, you need two El runes. You farm these from the countess who is on level 5 of the tower basement.

You can compensate for the loss of life from wickedness by hiring a mercenary with the prayer ability in Act 2. Carrying a weapon in both hands with malice is not recommended as you cannot easily compensate for the double loss of life.

If you're not lucky enough to find runes, there is still a budget option . So you can put up to three valley runes in a melee weapon to reinforce it with poison damage.

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