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In order not to die in the world of Minecraft PE, you need to be aware of some points. In this guide, we have prepared 7 tips for you to help you survive among zombies, creepers and other bad creatures.

Stock up on food

Don't waste your food. If you are missing only half of the health icon, then you should not completely eat the remains of bread, meat and other food, which adds more than one icon.

Equipment and tools

When you need to go to the mining of ore, and this is 100% necessary for you, because this is Minecraft, then take care of the availability of equipment and tools. If you need to mine diamond ore, and you only have a stone pickaxe, then it is better to craft tools from iron. For in case your pickaxe breaks, you will then have to return back to the surface. In the worst case, you run the risk of running into creepers or other game, but you must admit that it will be hard without a weapon.

Young Bear Grylls Pack

Always carry 6 things with you: a sword, a pickaxe (or preferably 2 different ones), a bucket of water, a torch and a compass. As you can imagine, a sword is for all sorts of skirmishes, a pickaxe for mining everything and everyone, a torch to illuminate the path in the dark, and a bucket of water helps you get down from high places without taking damage, or if you decide to go deep into the ground for the sake of diamond ore, then by all means run into lava, and in this case, a bucket of water will be salvation.

Don't waste valuable tools

Minecraft is where they really matter. And you shouldn't treat them at random. Therefore, if you need to dig the deepest mine, then forget about the diamond pickaxe. You'd better get a stone pickaxe, because it is much easier to craft, as diamonds are a very valuable resource.

Hide your good

Chests and barrels are great places to store valuable items. Whenever you go into a dungeon or other hot places, always throw the most valuable things into chests, so that in case of something you do not lose it all.

Don't fill your inventory with ready-made tools

Go camping wisely and don't put all your tools in your backpack. For example, if you need to take a lot of picks with you, then there is no need to take ready-made tools with you. In this case, it is better to take items from which you can constantly craft a new pickaxe. This will significantly save space in your inventory.

Leave signs for yourself in the caves

Sometimes the cave may turn out to be too big, and, accordingly, it will be easy to get lost in it. And to prevent this from happening, you can make signs for yourself from blocks.