Tips for playing The Witcher Monster Slayer, and 8 things to avoid in this Pokémon GO from The Witcher

 Get into the shoes of a sorcerer and go out to hunt monsters in this new free mobile game.

Tips for playing The Witcher Monster Slayer, and 8 things to avoid in this Pokémon GO from The Witcher

The Witcher: Monster Slayer is now available on our mobile phones to hunt down the most terrifying monsters we can imagine. Following the bases that we already saw in Pokémon Go, this game is distinguished by fighting with sword and magic against the monsters that we are encountering.

As new bearers of the Lobo school medallion, it is time to start the Path, but before doing so it is advisable to know some guidelines about what is recommended, or not, on this journey.

Tips for The Witcher Monster Slayer

  • 1. Learn the timing of the enemies: each one will have a determined attack speed and it is advisable to know the movements of the monsters to be aware.
  • 2. Block: if we make a perfect block we will not suffer damage. On the other hand, if we do not manage to do it at the exact moment, even if we manage to repel the attack, we will continue to suffer damage.
  • 3. Daily tasks: as in Pokémon Go we have daily tasks that at the end of the week allow us to obtain great rewards.
  • 4. Chain attacks: we can make a strong attack or a fast one, but it is also possible to chain several before defending ourselves in order to be more optimal in combat.
  • 5. Make use of magic: although at the beginning we only have fire magic, it is advisable to attend to these resources, since each monster is vulnerable to a specific type of spell.
  • 6. A withdrawal in time is a victory: do not be dazed if you find an enemy that is too powerful. You can escape with the bombs if you see that it is too powerful.
  • 7. Attend to the level of the monsters: depending on the being in question it can be easy to approach or too powerful for the moment. Before entering combat, he indicates his level to us in order to give us a reference about his power.
  • 8. The indicators: knowing the indicators is vital to react quickly. For example, every time a monster attacks us, a red signal will appear above it.

What not to do in the Witcher Monsters Slayer

  • 1. Attacking without measure: if we only dedicate ourselves to attack, it is very likely that we will lose the combat, since it requires us to defend and make use of magic and objects.
  • 2. Ignore the recommendations: before entering a fight the game will point out the weaknesses of the monster, but also if we lack any useful equipment against that being. Heeding these indications, especially in the first moments of the game, can be very useful so as not to get frustrated.
  • 3. Automatic function: every time we enter combat we will have to select our team. To speed up the process, the game has an automatic function that does it for us. It is advisable to get used to configuring it ourselves from the beginning in order to customize the combat to our liking.
  • 4. Skip the story: this title has a story that unfolds through missions. We will be able to dialogue with characters, see scenes and learn more about the world that surrounds us from these. If we skip them, we are likely to lose some valuable information.
  • 5. Spend the hawks: this is an object that within the radar allows us to see more widely the disposition of the monsters in a large perimeter. It is very useful to know where to go in case a mission requires us to capture a very specific monster or we want to complete our bestiary. If we spend them as soon as we start, we can miss them later.
  • 6. Do not waste resources like crazy: in this game we are going to find different forms of payment such as money or skill points or improvement. In many cases it is better to save and obtain greater benefits than to start the taste by spending everything we have.
  • 7. Not paying attention to skills: this section is closely linked to the previous one, since we are going to have a skills improvement system with several paths to follow. We can improve combat, alchemy or signals. It is important to be clear about what type of hunter we want to be in order to prioritize the branches that best suit our way of playing.
  • 8. Do not waste objects: every time we enter combat we spend resources by equipping certain objects such as potions. It is easy to see that we have lost them all because we have become obfuscated in fighting a difficult monster. It is highly recommended to have a good inventory management and to know the different tools.

With these recommendations it will be easier for you to enter the world of The Witcher Monster Slayer and be all experts in the hunt for terrible beings that await us throughout the city.

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