Tormented Souls Walkthrough - Game Guide


Tormented Souls Walkthrough - Game Guide

After the introductory video, you will find yourself in the restroom. Examine the metal cabinet to find William Waldberger's Diary (03) . Then go to the door and open the left wing of the wall cabinet located above the sink. There you will find a pocket watch with the time indicated - 12:35 (to open it, you need to press the button at the top, in the ring). Interact with the combination lock on the right wing and enter the combination 1235. Take the rusty adjustable wrench , adjust the head so that it opens slightly (click once in the inventory), and then use it on the door instead of the handle. Opposite the washbasin there is also a tablet with instructions for operating the game. Very original!

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In the corridor, you can get the first achievement: go into the darkness and die for the first time. Walk around the corner to find a lighter in the doll's hands . Equip it (inventory is opened with the "Space" key), then move through the dark corridor. At the first exit, go left to the waiting room. Take the nails from the bench and go to the examination room. Here you can get the left half of the plastic heart , which is hidden in the container on the bench to the left. You can also get a bottle of morphine from the cabinet to the right of the door.

Tormented Souls Walkthrough

There is a tape on the table for recording (used for saving). To the left is a table with a tape recorder. If you wish, you can use it to save progress, but this way you will lose the tape.

Return to the east wing corridor and move through it until you find a notice board. There is a floor map for E-F1 (it is on the railing of the stairs). Also pick up Maria Wildberger's Diary ( A) . Go down the stairs and go left to find a hex key under the stairs . There are also nails on the chair. Then move to the east basement.

Here you will face the first enemy. After the cutscene, run down the hallway away from the monster in the wheelchair and go to the X-ray room. Here you will be given the first two weapons - the Priest's Nailgun and an old mount that lies in the corner. On the table with the computer there is a hint on how to control the weapon. Everything is simple enough. There are nails to the right of the priest.

Walk down the hallway to find the table with Maria's diary ( B) . Keep moving, take the morphine and use the crowbar on the door to get the nails . Then go to the generator compartment. Go forward. There is a shield on the right on the wall, but there is one valve missing. Go to the end of the compartment and climb the stairs with the right to find a basement map and a small valve... Examine the generator control panel. You need to set the value to 10 kg / cm, but, looking ahead, I will say that when turned on, 1 kg / cm is lost, which means you have to adjust the shield to 11. Go back down and open the shield on the wall near the fitters' diary. Apply the valve to the first pipe and then turn all valves so that kg / cm points to 11. From left to right and up, the valves should be turned as follows:

  • To the right
  • To the right
  • To the right
  • Up
  • To the right
  • To the right

Switch on the generator. Power has been restored. Go through the door by the stairs and fight the first enemy. 

Kill the enemy or run past and go upstairs. Return to the waiting room, where you will meet two new type of opponents - crawlers. To kill one crawler, you need to shoot 6 times from the Nailgun, wait for him to get up, and finish off with a crowbar or two more shots. Do not shoot the crawler while it is lying on the floor, it is pointless! The same is the case with the sliders in the stroller.

Deal with the enemies and go to the open dentist office on the left. There will be another slider, morphine and nails in the cupboards, as well as William's Journal 01 . Take the second half of the plastic heart (right) from the container and combine both halves in inventory. Return to the east wing corridor and enter the maternity ward with an electronic lock that is now open (thanks to the generator). Interact with the flickering red lamp on the wall (next to the turp) to discover a secret passage (a hatch will open) . Take the nails and go downstairs. Pick up the tape to save and use the lighter to light the candles on the mirror. Go through the mirror and go up the stairs again in the other world.

You will find a creeper, as well as morphine in the closet and nails on the bed. Use the plastic heart on the doll, then go back through the mirror and go up the stairs. Go to the body on the bed, use the switch (instead of red, it should be green) and pull the lever to energize the corpse with the heart. You will receive a METAL T-KNOB . Align it with the hex head you found earlier. Return to the waiting room with the two crawlers (if they haven't already been killed) and open the gate that leads to the main hall.

Main hall

Pick up the nails from the stroller and go through the door opposite to the chapel. Deal with the two sliders and pick up the W-F1 card from the bench. On one of the wooden benches to the left, near the altar with the broken statue, there is morphine. Go through the kitchen to the warehouse, where you will find an enemy in a wheelchair, nails and nitric acid . Open the door in the dark corner and go inside the chapel to find an iron door knocker in the shape of a hand with a ball on the pedestal to the right . In the wardrobe, by the way, you can find nails (in the closet) and a battery charger.

Open the gate and head up the small stairs to the studio, which has a tape for recording , shotgun ammo, and a save point. Then go through the other door to the service section, light the candles on the right and find Mary's diary a little further ( F) . There is also an enemy and nails (below). Go down there, light candles on the left or right and kill the enemy in the wheelchair. A little further there is a locked hatch, and in the doll's hands on the table is a pipe with an attached handle . It smells like sulfur and is probably used as part of a shotgun.But now it will not work.There is a double door at the very end. Open it on this side to create a shortcut to the main hall. Go to the public toilet (Restroom), light the candles, kill the crawler and pick up the child's (Anna's) diary 02 . There are no supplies here, so only come in if you need this diary. Now go back to the main hall.

Pick up the nails and go upstairs to the meeting room, where you will find some morphine (on the shelves). Take the lighter and follow the dark corridor of the second floor. Walk past the armor to turn on the light, and then kill the new enemy tied to the shelves. These opponents can be killed with a crowbar. Take the nails and go to the sewing room.

There are other nails , a tape recorder , tapes for recording , a stethoscope , Mary's diary ( C), and a save point . Return through the corridor where there is morphine , card E-F2 and another enemy. Use the iron door knocker on the door. Use the stethoscope to solve the puzzle. Use it on the statue in the main hall to find a solution. Here is the correct sequence:

  • Hit the door once with a hammer
  • Wait and hit fast three times
  • Wait and hit once
  • Wait and hit it again

Go through the library, take the tape , morphine and nails . In the hallway, you can get an achievement by directing the wheelchair into the sword trap. Just move closer to the swords to activate them when the stroller is next to you. Go to the dining room on the right to meet the priest again. It will give a half-threaded steel bolt . You can find Mary's Diary ( D) that lies at the entrance. Make your way through the dining room corridor to the main hall to get some nails and open the gate, thus creating a short path.


Go to the reception area through the door in the far right corner of the second floor of the main hall. Take the nails behind the rack on the left. Apply the half-thread bolt to the fuse box to open the door. Take the nails and the map , deal with the enemy in the wheelchair and go to room 2E on the right. There is a tape for recording , shotgun ammo (in the dark corner) , a first aid kit, and a save point . Take the elevator down to the first floor, then exit and slide the cart so the doors won't close. Walk back to the reception through the main lobby! Remove the half-thread bolt from the shield . Run to the elevator on foot, ride it up and use the bolt on the second fuse box.

Go through the door to find a crawler and a new enemy. Go down the left corridor to the observation room, where you will find the second part of the shotgun . Now combine both pieces to make the SHOTGUN . Note the enemy moving counterclockwise in the next room. You can chat with the priest

Follow to the operating room, where you can find shotgun cartridges and nails . Turn off the light, go around the operating table counterclockwise three times until you wake up the monster. Kill him 9 it is best to use a shotgun - 3-4 shots will be enough) to get an old scalpel (lying on the table where the monster was). Equip a lighter as it will be dark. Go through the anesthesia room, pick up the nails and enter the disinfection room (through the hallway, next door) for morphine, shotgun cartridges and William's diary (05) . Go to the last room (dressing room) in the middle of the corridor of the west wing to find another enemy, morphine, William's diary (04)... Open the door leading to the main hall. By the way, you don't have to make any noise in the locker room, and then the enemy won't notice you, but he stands near William's diary.

Boiler room

Return to the room with the generator and turn it off. Go through the main hall to the service part and use the scalpel on the hatch with the rope next to the place where you picked up the first part of the shotgun (in the hands of the doll). Below you will find candles, a slide, a first aid kit, and disc shotgun cartridges . The enemy must be lured into the light. There is another candlestick at the top, an enemy and William's diary (02) . Go through the door and find a candle and two sliders in the basement. Also pick up morphine and two sets of nails . Morphine and a metal switch can be found in the restroom part, where you will get right after they try to scare you with the monster in the closet.located in the urinal. Walk through the flooded area and lower the lever so that you can walk freely here even with the power on. Turn right to open the grate and create a shortcut to the west hall, then head left to the morgue. Go through it and open the door on the other side. Now you can go back and start the generator.

Go back to the morgue, pick up the nails and move the yellow metal cabinet on the left to enter the test room. Light the candles, kill the monster in the wheelchair and take William's diary (06) from the file cabinet and the morphine from the locker. Approach the skeleton and interact with it to open a secret passage. You need to press any button.

Go to the secret passage and take the videotape (test room) . Return to the morgue and head up the stairs at the back of the room. Apply the videotape to the player to travel back in time. It's time for another riddle. Go to the skeleton and interact with it. Click on its parts in the following order:

  • Head
  • Stomach
  • Hand
  • Throat
  • Heart
  • Throat

Go to the cells where you will meet Anna. Apply nitric acid to the camera circuit, take the tape from another camera, and return to the present with the camcorder. Go down the stairs to Anna's cell to find Anna's diary (04) and an unfinished key . You can combine this key with the metal disc you received earlier. You will receive a combination key .

We open all doors with a combined key

With the combination key in hand, you can now open the corresponding doors. You've probably already noticed a few of these earlier. Go to the east wing hallway to open the door to the pharmacy. You need to put the stars, triangle, hexagon from top to bottom . Behind it you will find William's diary (02, duplicate) , a first aid kit , a power-hungry battery and an old car battery .

Then move to the chapel to open the doors to the archive. Place from top to bottom: square, triangle, star . Here you will find Shotgun Ammo , Recording Tape , and another door. Go through it and open the cash register by entering the code 0414 . There you will find morphine and a coin . Return to the chapel and use the coin on the vending machine. Press the illuminated buttons. You need to memorize combinations (first one, then two, and so on until five) in order to end up with a package of blood .

Go upstairs to the dining room. The enemy will appear here. Kill and find another door for the combination key: square, hexagon, pentagon . Equip your lighter and head there to pick up the ammo and the Chapel videotape . To get to the last door for the key, go to the waiting room through the door on the second floor, follow the corridor of the west wing and open the door on the left, into the intensive care corridor: pentagon, triangle, circle .

Collecting the keys to the Mausoleum

Go inside the last room to see the enemy. Enter Room 2B and collect the tape for recording . Talk to the priest, go to the restroom 2A-2B, light the candles and go through the mirror. Exit into the hallway and look into Office 2D, where you will find some Shotgun Ammo and a Guillotine. Use the scalpel on the guillotine to get a scroll of parchment in a decorative sheath . Go to restroom 2C-2D, take morphine and hammer , then follow to office 2C. Light candles and kill the enemy. Open the chest and take the plastic mannequin hand . Pick up the ammo for the shotgun , go out into the corridor and open the grate in the foreground. Go to the mirror and go through it.

Go to office 2C. Kill two enemies and equip the lighter as it will be dark in the office. Head through the restroom to Study 2D to discover a new puzzle. At the beginning of the office there is a platform for the judge. Apply the scroll on it, and then rotate the monkeys to the following positions: hands on eyes, hands on ears, hands on mouth, without a head. Use the hammer on the empty space between the monkeys to get a stapler .

Return through the mirror and go to the mannequin in office 2B. Use the arm of the mannequin, then examine the stapler and adjust the power (turn the bolt). Apply it on your hand to secure it to the mannequin, and then follow through the mirror. Talk to the priest, and he will give you an electric torch that will allow you to fight enemies in the dark corridors. I have not found a way to turn off the flashlight on the keyboard. Go through the mirror again and go to the end of the intensive care corridor to kill the enemy. Go to office 2A, deal with the enemy in the chair, open the grate and go through the mirror for the last time. The grate is now open in office 2A, so go there to get a homemade piercing weapon, a first aid kit, and nails .

Return to the main hall. New enemies will now appear in many rooms, despite the fact that you cleared them earlier. Go through the main hall, kill three crawlers, go down to the service unit, where there will be other enemies. Walk down the long corridor, kill the enemy on the wall (you can now do this since there is a flashlight on your chest), look into the laundry room and take Maria's diary ( G) from the washing machine. There are nails on the chair . Turn off the washer in the corner and try to get out. A slider will appear. Deal with him and take the empty box . Combine it with the blood bag in your inventory. Enter the shower room to find a floppy disk in the bathroom at the entrance . Also pick up a battery and a first aid kitbehind the bathtubs on the right. Near the exit (green door) there are nails (left) and shotgun shells (right).

Return to the meeting room and use the Chapel videotape on the video player. Once in the past, enter the kitchen. Use the box of blood on the refrigerator. Go downstairs to the closet and use the battery on the charger. Then return to the present, go to the chapel and kill two enemies. Pick up the charged battery from the past in the closet (and nails), then return to the kitchen to collect the frozen blood medallion . Now move to the warehouse and go to the computer. Examine the floppy disk in inventory, click on the switch to remove the write protection. Apply the floppy disk to your computer and enter the word Martha . Take the floppy disk and return upstairs to the library (through the meeting room and the second floor corridor).

Go to the corner and use the battery on the lift. Go upstairs to find a tape for recording and a metal disc with a handle . Return to the second floor corridor through the meeting room, roll left and use the floppy disk on the reader to the left of the bedroom door. There will be a slider, vinyl record, Mary's diary ( E), and morphine . Go to the penthouse to find a monster - a very stubborn enemy that will chase you through all the rooms. You cannot kill a monster, but you can knock it down for a while. Move to the children's bedroom to collect Anna's diary (03) . Back out and go through the other door to the office, pick up the nails and WE-40 . The table also hasWilliam's diary (08) .

Then return to the maternity ward, where you visited almost at the very beginning of the game, go down the stairs and go through the mirror. Climb up to meet the enemy. Apply WE-40 to the rusty gears above and below the door. Use the hammer on the handle to open the door. The enemy will appear here. Go through the door to the delivery room to find the enemy in the chair and Shotgun Ammo. There is also another mirror here. Go through it and find a save point. Go to the east wing hallway and take Maria's diary ( H) on the bench, then go downstairs and kill the two crawlers. Interact with the clock and change the date to December 25 and the time to 8:15:25. You will receive a decorative jade eye... Before leaving, you will find a bottle of morphine.

Return to office 2E through the west wing hallway, preceded by the reception area on the second floor. Use the jade eye on the bust to face a new puzzle. Apply the vinyl record to the gramophone to hear the melody associated with the puzzle. Moving clockwise (button "1" is at "12" o'clock and so on clockwise), enter the solution: 1, 2, 6, 6, 1, 2. A secret passage will open - go down to the pumping room. Take the nails and Anna's diary (05) , walk past the enemy and pick up Bertram's diary (01) . Also on the torture chair on the left is the employee's badge .


You cannot kill him, only stun him. When you enter a room, if you hear creepy music, then the enemy will be in it. Just log out and log back in. The enemy will be gone.


Return to the main hall and go downstairs to the basement. There you will find a control panel with three cells and a slider. Insert a pass into the left slot, a medallion of blood into the middle slot, and a metal disc with a handle in the right slot. Before you can enter the combination, you need to properly adjust the discs to match the slots. This will open the gate.

Go through them and enter the old bathroom on the left to find a tape for recording and a savepoint. Go downstairs to pick up the nails . Turn right along the corridor and kill the crawler. Go through the door to the endless room. It is one large puzzle with four doors, four bowls, and four directions. There is a sign in the corner telling the story and giving a hint. If through the right door, then everything will be reset. With each correct step, the candle on the chandelier lights up. Below is the correct escape sequence:

  • Golden door
  • Empty bowl (door near empty bowl)
  • North (N)
  • Wooden door
  • Bowl of mud / earth
  • Bowl of coals
  • West (O)

When you go through the last door, you will find yourself in the gallery. There will be enemies ahead. Go to bunker 3B to find the battery, Bertram's diary (06) and the antidote . Return to the endless room and enter the mausoleum. There will be an enemy in the first room with chairs. There you will also find Bertram's diary (02) in the first row. There's morphine in the secret meeting room. Move on to meet two more opponents. Approach the statue and interact with its ring finger. This will open the way to the tomb. Before you descend, you can find some shotgun ammo and a shortcut. Go downstairs and you will fall into the sewer.


Pick up the batteries, Bertram's diary (03) and kill the enemy. Head down below to find the enemy and shotgun ammo. Continue until you find Anna's diary (07) and a valve that you can turn to drain the water. Go down to the vault door after draining the water to pick up the switch from the old TV . Return to the forked road, which you passed by before, go downstairs and take Anna's diary (06) next to the fence. Continue driving to enter the sewer storage. There will be morphine, tape, Anna's diary (08), a save point, a closed safe and a mirror. Light the candles and go through the mirror.

You will be taken to the bedroom of Carrolina, the main character of the game. Use the key on the TV to change channels. Five of them have a picture. You need to switch between the five images in the correct order, as if it were a combination lock.


  • Start at 05 by turning the switch counterclockwise (Yin Yang)
  • Turn the disc clockwise to the right to 01 (spider)
  • Turn the dial counterclockwise to the left at 08 (clover)
  • Turn the dial clockwise to the right to 03 (bike)
  • Turn the dial to the left counterclockwise 11 (dice)

If done correctly, you will receive a necklace with the image of the sun . Return to another world through the mirror, the safe will be opened. Take the moon necklace . Combine both items in inventory to get an eclipse necklace . Head back through the sewers to find a door that you can now open by creating a shortcut to the pump room. Climb the stairs to the office. Go to the children's bedroom and use the eclipse necklace on the wall to reveal a secret room. Go inside, take the fish hook and Anna's diary (01) .

Return to the office to see a button on the table. Click on it and take away the "Dentist's Office" videotape . Take the tape for recording, go to the meeting room, insert it into the player and enter the past. Go to the end of the east wing corridor to get William's diary (07) . Go to the public restroom and use the scalpel on the body to remove the eye. Combine it with a fish hook. Go back down the drain to the vault door and use the eye hook on one of the retina scanners. Use another scanner yourself to open the vault. After the cutscene, you will find Bertram's Diary (08) right in front of the door. Proceed to the final part of the game.

At the beginning of the bunker you will find nails and at the base of the stairs there is Bertram's diary (04). Interact with the car. You will need to line up the two handles. To start, start the center dial and stop at about 11 o'clock. It will slow down and stop near the second loop. Secure both with the lock obtained at the beginning of the game. Restart the device to open the door.

Go downstairs and pick up the batteries. Go through the door to bunker 1A. Kill two enemies and pick up the screw-on metal pipe plug that lies on the toilet at the end of one of the corridors, just behind the enemy. Go to the next room to find more nails. You will walk past the faucet and pipes on the wall, but 3 plugs are needed here. We have already found one.

Go through the next door to bunker 2A. Turn left and find a new enemy blocking the path to the door. You can stun using an electric spear or one shot from a shotgun. I was able to kill the enemy with one shotgun and two spear strikes. Behind the enemy there will be a room where there is a save point and a second pipe plug . Take another path and exit to the bunker stairs. You will find Bertram's diary (05) lying on the box, as well as morphine behind the spiked traps. Go down the stairs and enter bunker 3B.

There are two more new enemies here, Shotgun Ammo and the final plug. Look for her in an open room in the right corner, with beds (lies on the curbstone). Go through the only door to bunker 1C to find some nails. If you turn left at the spiked trap, you will find Bertram's diary 07. Continue along the path, go left and find the enemy. There will also be a door to the prison. At the entrance there is shotgun ammo, a huge enemy, some morphine in the last chamber and a can of gasoline (go up the stairs and turn left, look on the barrel).

Back out and take the opposite path to find bunker 3A. There is a first aid kit in the closet. There will also be two opponents and nails at the end of the corridor. Go through the door to the bunker ladder and open the grate. Return upstairs to Bunker 1-2B to solve the final puzzle.

First of all, examine the gasoline can in your inventory. Open the lid, interact with the tap and place the canister under it. Next, you need to correctly direct the gasoline through the pipes by installing plugs and turning the valves. If the valve is parallel to the pipe, then it is open, perpendicular or transversely - closed. The solution is shown in the screenshot below:

Tormented Souls Walkthrough

You need to close three pipes in the lower left corner of the screen. One at the bottom and two at the middle level. If red drops come out of the tap, then the canister is full. You can take a look at it in your inventory. The arrow should point to the top level.

Now that you have gasoline, be sure to save, as the following actions can lead to completely different endings. You can reload the last save and see all the endings at once. Go downstairs to the water pump, fill in gasoline and pull the trigger to drain the water and open a new path.

All endings of Tormented Souls


Go down to the preparation room. After the cutscene, you will face four enemies with hammers. We'll have to kill them to move on. Use a shotgun and an electric spear. If you have collected ammunition in the bunker, there should be plenty of them. You can finish off with a pistol. Although the pistol will come in handy after the fight. After the victory, you will be able to receive the key in the form of a cross . You can also pick up morphine, shotgun cartridges and batteries from where the hammers appeared. Use the key on the ladder to lower it down.

Here you need to make the first of two decisions that affect the ending of the game . interact with the monster and use the antidote to find the bolt cutter . Take the tool, then move down the elevator. This will be the point of no return! In the graveyard, you will find a videotape, a savepoint and a duplicate of Bertram's diary (02). Go through the door and go down the stairs to the last enemy.

To defeat the boss, you need to interact with the three remotes scattered across the location. They are protected by tentacles that cannot be attacked until you weaken the boss himself. Shoot six nails at him and he will be stunned. Then attack the opened bud (white dot) with one spear, shotgun, or two crowbar hits. Once you disarm the tentacle, quickly interact with the remote until it is protected again. Press the button when the disc is aligned with the gap. Do this three times to deal with the remote. Repeat the process with the other two panels, remembering that the boss must be stunned. As soon as you deal with the latter, the boss will die. If necessary, you can pick up nails, shotgun cartridges and a first aid kit from the room. Take the elevator.

Go back until you get to the meeting room. All other paths will be blocked. Here you need to make the last decision, which changes the ending. For a good ending, use the Experimental Room videotape on the turntable to return to Anna. Use the bolt cutter on her cell door and talk to the girl. After the cutscene, use the key on the front door to exit and end the game. You saved your sister.


You need to inject the antidote into the monster, as in the previous ending. However, after defeating the boss, don't save Anna in the past, just go to the main hall and exit through the front door. However, you will not receive any trophies associated with this ending.


Do not use antidote on a monster. After defeating the final boss, escape the hospital as in the previous ending. This ending should provide you with the achievement of the same name.

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