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Walkthrough 12 Minutes - game guide

Walkthrough 12 Minutes - game guide

 Complete walkthrough of 12 (Twelve) Minutes with the correct sequence of actions to exit the time loop

In this guide, we'll show you how to complete 12 Minutes .

First stage

At this stage, it is recommended to inspect all items and explore possible options for what is happening. To do this, we move straight along the corridor and examine the paintings and the plant. We take away the stone and examine it in the inventory.

The hero will find a key inside him. We use the object on the central door to get into our apartment. We meet the spouse, we take two plates and a kitchen knife from the table from the refrigerator. We examine the bedside table in the room and find a gift.

We open it and give the thing to our wife. We put the plates on the table and sit down to eat dessert without our wife, as the hero's behavior will ruin her appetite. We open the pantry and find the phone in the bag.

Every day, at the fifth minute, a policeman will come to the apartment. In the first meeting, we try to attack him with a knife, but the man will successfully repel the hero's blow and knock him out. This will restart the day, so we move back to the beginning of the evening. We sit down at the table and try to prove to our wife that the day is repeating itself.

We follow to the bedroom and click on the gift, and then open the door to the policeman and restart the day, since there is not enough evidence to confirm the idea at the moment.

We can cut the ties with a knife, but the policeman will immediately knock out the hero. If we ask the girl about the death of her father, she will simply leave the apartment. Let's follow her and the day will begin anew. If you show resistance or just get tied up, the policeman will hit the man hard and the day will also restart.

We suggest that the spouse go to dessert and receive a gift from her. We show the girl the baby clothes received from her from the gift and find out that she is pregnant.

If we tell the murderer that the man is not guilty, then the policeman will strangle him. Thus, the main character learns that a cold-blooded killer is hiding behind the guardian of law and order. After examining all the items in the apartment and several failed attempts, we are trying to figure out what is happening. Now we are waiting for the policeman and do not resist his actions. We study the situation and move on to the next attempt.

All actions that can be completed in the first attempt:

  1. Examine the phone in the closet and call the police using the "911" number.
  2. Take glasses, fill them with water and place them on the dining table.
  3. Remove the photograph from the refrigerator, remove the plates from it and put it on the table.
  4. Use a switch.
  5. Open the ventilation grilles in the bathroom under the medicine cabinet and in the room with a knife.
  6. Find the sleeping pills in the bathroom drawer.
  7. Find out what your spouse is reading. To do this, you need to click on the book as soon as the girl gets it.
  8. Invite your wife to enjoy dessert. This action will help to find out about the wife's pregnancy, and also allow you to ask her about the decision to choose the name of the hero's mother.
  9. See a full evening. To do this, you should not press any buttons after the arrival of the killer. Information about the watch will be revealed to the hero, but the woman will not have time to tell about its location.

Actions leading to death or restart of the level at the initial stage:

  1. Reactivation of the switch.
  2. Resistance to the assassin.
  3. Exit to the corridor.
To rewind time to the arrival of the killer, you must use the bed. We observe what is happening, do not press any buttons and do not interfere with the conversation until our death.

First try

The hero does not know anything about a pocket watch, so let's try to follow the events taking place. As soon as the man appears in the apartment after restarting, we climb into the pantry and do nothing else until the killer leaves. The spouse will not find out about the return of her husband, so she will not call anyone for help.

We observe the brutal scene of the murder of his wife and learn about the location of the pocket watch. The girl hid them in the ventilation under the first aid kit in the bathroom. This time you can shoot yourself with a revolver.

Also, to get more information in one of the attempts, you can ask your spouse and bring her to tears. When we meet, we immediately talk about a time loop, since the information received will not be enough for the hero. As proof, first we use thunder, so first of all we click on the window in the kitchen and wait for the storm. Immediately follow into the bedroom and point to the gift.

The girl will believe the hero, so he will be able to ask her and get a lot of new useful information. We mention the clock, the death of her father, the meeting with the policeman and bring the spouse to tears. The girl will want to ventilate herself and lock herself in the bathroom.

Second try

This time the hero will be able to get the watch. You cannot hesitate, otherwise the spouse will not have time to tell him all the information about her past. As a last resort, you can complete this attempt and find out all the previous events the next time.

To do this, it is enough to sit with her on the sofa and prove the existence of a time loop. We talk with the girl. Be sure to ask her about the hours and the past, after which the spouse confesses to the murder of her father. We get some more important leads for investigation, as well as learn about the real origin of the photograph on the refrigerator.

Third attempt

We proceed to active actions and immediately after appearing in the apartment we take both mugs and a photo from the refrigerator. After the wife leaves, we immediately run into the bathroom. We close the door so that the girl does not see what the hero is doing. Pour water into a mug, take out the sleeping pills from the first aid kit and mix the two ingredients. We return back to the kitchen and give the wife a drink with sleeping pills.

We follow to the bedroom and immediately turn on and off the light. When the girl goes to bed, we hide in the closet and await the arrival of the killer. We do not press any buttons. After a while, the villain himself will go into the room to his wife and pass out after turning on the light.

We take all the items from his pockets and apply the tie. We shoot the man in the arm or leg so that he does not free himself, and we begin the interrogation.

We select all the options in turn and do not forget that the time of one race is limited to twelve minutes. In one interrogation, we may not have time to get all the information. In this case, you will have to re-run the race.

We show the photo to the man and try to convince him that the spouse is not guilty. We also examine the killer's phone and try to call the Bee. The prisoner's daughter will answer the call, but after a couple of short sentences she will simply hang up.

We leave the apartment to restart the evening and devote the next race to conversations with my wife.

Fourth attempt

Now, to reduce the time for convincing his wife, the hero will be able to mention Christmas. We select one by one all the previously unused options. Be sure to go through the thread of questions about the nanny and find out about the birth of the wife's stepbrother. We are trying to guess the whereabouts of the brother and guess about the killer.

This race may seem useless, but a new conversation with his wife will help the hero get more useful information. When there are no more options available, a policeman will appear. We will try to tell him the truth to the murderer, but he will absolutely not want to listen to the young couple.

Fifth attempt

This time everything will end positively, but these events will not be able to interrupt the time loop. First of all, we take out the wife's phone from the closet and dial Pchelka. We tell the girl that her father wants to arrest his wife, and also point out the innocence of his beloved.

Again, mentioning the time loop and talking to the girl about the police officer. Now the hero can rewind to the moment the policeman arrives at the apartment, which can be used immediately after the phrase about the time loop.

Do not open the door while the man is talking to his daughter. We wait for the first call, meet the guest and watch the conversation between the wife and the policeman. The hero learns a lot of useful information about the murder of the girl's father.

She will also give away the family heirloom to the guest. After his departure, the spouses will remain alone in the apartment, but the current evening will restart again.

In the conversation, the policeman will also recall the unknown monster that the wife's father spoke about before his death.

Sixth attempt

We communicate with my wife after the restart. We mention the time loop and discuss the monster. We dial the policeman's daughter using the phone and again ask her to stop her father. We do not use the phone before talking to my wife, otherwise she will leave the apartment and have to repeat it all day.

We ask the spouse about the murderer brother, tell her about the purpose of the policeman's visit and wait for his arrival. We repeat the previous procedure for receiving a visitor, so as not to bring the situation to a bloody conflict. The spouse's conversation with the police officer will be repeated, but this time they will concentrate on the murderer brother. Otherwise, the dialogue will be completely identical to the previous one.

Seventh attempt

To begin with, we take out the children's clothes from the gift in the bedroom, and then we repeat absolutely all the actions, only this time, after mentioning the nanny's name, we show the children's clothes to the policeman.

The end of the story

The hero will get out of the time loop and face the wife's father. We choose any answer option, since this action will not affect anything.

The father will attack the man, and the main character will accidentally shoot the offender in a fierce battle. Returning to the apartment, we grab the knife and go into the bathroom as soon as it opens. We close the door and take out the clock from the ventilation.

We return to the wife's father and use any option in the conversation, but in this case the hero will return to the apartment again.

In this case, we repeat all the actions and instead of the opened dialogue options, we use the book on the shelf, which the wife had previously read.

We do not respond to the man's remarks and do not press anything else.

We listen to his monologue and enjoy the final credits.