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Walkthrough Eldest Souls - game guide

Walkthrough Eldest Souls - game guide


Detailed walkthrough of Eldest Souls, search for all plot items and boss battle tactics

Move across the pier, destroying boxes on the LMB. A little later, you will need to break the walls, and for this use powerful attacks while holding LMB. Then the storm starts. Use the Spacebar to jump over the rolling logs.

Abandoned battlefield

At the new location, pick up the harp string in the fenced area ahead. There is a wooden bridge on the left, on which a figurine from the abyss lies. Take all these items and head up. Activate the stone. It restores health and allows you to quickly move around the island (between the same stones). And then a battle with the first boss - the Sentinel - awaits you. Before that, you can also find two notes.

Sentinel Boss

The Watcher's set of attacks is small. He can strike in front of him with a shield, spreading a shock wave in a straight line, attack with a sword with normal swings and a dash forward, and also create a shock wave around him. In the latter case, you need to stay away from him, outside the affected area. In any case, wait for the enemy to attack, and then counterattack him. Use vampirism and bloodthirsty explosion. To do this, you need to fully charge a powerful attack (by holding LMB). Vampirism allows you to absorb the enemy's health, and a bloodthirsty explosion - to break his defense or break through the defense if the enemy glows blue.

What is a harp string for?

Break through the grate and go up. On the left hand behind the boxes is the sign of the wall guards. Move a little higher and you will see the gate of the Citadel. To the right of them sits a harper. Give him the harp string you found earlier to get the feather of dawn. This is a special item, a feather that was dropped by the king's hawk from the island of Essen. Gradually increases movement speed when exiting combat by up to 20%. The effect ends if you do not move for 2 seconds.

Go through the hole in the wall on the left, after activating the teleportation stone. Chat with Sergeant Russ, go up and left. Take the amethyst bottle from the shelf on the left. The door is locked, you need a key, so go right.

Boss Guardian

This will be the next boss, and he is much more dangerous than the previous one. However, once you learn his attacks, everything will be simple. The battle has two stages. At the first stage, the boss can create red circles around himself, which explode, starting from the farthest. Do not stand on the blinking circle, otherwise you will receive damage. He also attacks once with his large poleaxe with a regular swing, or three times in a row with a lunge. You will see red beams indicating in which direction the enemy will dash. The most dangerous attack is charged. If you see that the boss sparkles and crouches a little, run back and dodge in time from the trajectory of his movement (again, look at the red beam). A shock will occur in the stop zone, and it can deal 75 damage to you. As for your attacks, you should hit after his attacks. And I recommend getting used to the use of vampirism and bloodthirsty explosion. Start each attack with the LMB held down. Moreover, your character will fly up to the enemy himself in order to deliver a powerful blow, it is not necessary to stand close to him! Then, after such a blow, you can attack with LMB to absorb health (if you need to recover), or press RMB to make a bloodthirsty explosion that will inflict 60-70 units of damage on the enemy (for comparison, light blows at this stage will inflict 8-12 units damage), charged through LMB - about 20).

As soon as the health pool drops to just under half, the Guardian transforms. This time he will attack three times in a row with his curved sword. Attack him back immediately after the third hit using one of the combinations above. Also, if you see one of the tentacle parts start to flicker, dodge to the side to avoid damage from these black worms / tentacles. As for the shimmering pink circles, they will explode in a different order - starting from the central circle. I also forgot about the arrows, but they are easy to dodge just by running around the boss. After winning, be sure to open the skills menu (you should have already spent 1 skill point) and place the desecrated stone that fell from the boss in an empty slot. I would place a rock in the Dash slot to receive additional healing on a successful dodge.

When you go through the door, you will have to move the shard to the active cell and use the E key to pull up to the tree on the other side. Move the shard to the bloody explosion slot, attack the tree with the pressed LMB, and then right-click to chop it into pieces with the skill. Activate the teleportation stone at the Crossroads.

Walk left and down to find the ancient altar and the lord of the ravens. Talk to him. He asks to bring him the source of the purest light. Also, you will lose the figurine from the abyss. Or use it to open the temple of the god of light, the battle with which is described below.

Azikel, god of light

Return to the crossroads and go right to find the temple. Open the doors and go inside to face another boss. I recommend placing the shard in the Blood Blast slot to strengthen the RMB attack after a charged attack on the LMB. The battle is divided into two stages. At the first stage, Azikel acts more slowly, at the second, his attacks simply become more difficult. For example, instead of one pass of a red ray or two white rays, it performs two at once. Also, if you see him sticking two staffs into the ground, pay attention to which side of the ground is shining. There will be either red or white lightning. Stand on the side where the lightning is off, as the other half of the field will be electrified. At the second stage, it electrifies one, and then the other half, that is, you have to run across. Likewise, the rays - first shine white, then red, or vice versa. And at the second stage, they will also rotate. Finally, notice the red and white rays in the ground. When there are enough of them, Azikel uses another attack. The red rays will be motionless, but the white ones will have to be avoided, but so as not to collide with the red ones. For winning the battle, you will receive the "Lightbearer" shard.

Eos, god of harmony

This enemy consists of two spheres - fiery and ice. Initially, the boss is combined into one sphere and uses a mixture of attacks. Attack him through the clamped LMB and RMB to pierce the shield with a bloodthirsty explosion. Ultimately, the enemy must split in two. When this happens, he will continue to use the same attacks, only now the yellow ball is responsible for the fire, and the blue one for the ice. Otherwise, everything is identical. Before firing a fire or ice beam, a curved line appears near the sphere, indicating in which direction the shot will be fired. Also, try not to stand on hot areas of the floor, as they do damage. At the end of the fight, you will receive the Blessing of Unity shard.

Go through the central gate to find yourself at the Asylum of Concord. Move right and down to get to the library where Nahol the Wise sits. Talk to the character, you can ask for the feather of dawn. Do the same with other special items found in the game. This will expand your understanding of lore. Go to the lower left wing to enter the laboratory with High Alchemist Rug. You will have a talk with him, give him the amethyst bottle. Climb up in the room and pick up an extinguished fiery heart.

Exit through the door in the upper left to access the Ice Spire. Pick up a hunter's amulet from the frozen man's hands. Walk up and left to the steps with another statue holding a rusty key. Walk up and defeat Haema of the Frozen Wasteland... You will receive the Winter Fangs shard as a reward. Exit back and go through the passage to the left, which is now not blocked by ice floes. You will find yourself in a mysterious place. Activate the teleportation stone and move across the moving areas of the ground. The way up leads to the island with a note. Move to the right, break two mirrors to open the way up and to the right. If you go up, then on earth you can find a scientific work. Move to the right, move on another movable platform, break the mirrors and soon you will reach huge palms with a passage leading to the boss - Drakumur, the hypostasis of a nightmare . After winning, you will receive an Orb of the Singularity. Interact with the skeleton to return to the beginning of the area. There is nothing more interesting at this location.

Return to the Asylum of Consent. Give your scientific work to Rug. Go to the upper right passage to enter the Eternal Forest. Walk right. See the door in the wall? Apply an extinguished fiery heart to her and go into the dungeon. Here you will meet the Enlightened Inquisitor . He will offer to worship the Enlightened Church. You can do it or refuse. In the second case, take fire damage.

Leave the dungeon and go up to the tower with the Forest Sage. Show him the hunter's amulet. He will say that your task is to defeat the Ancient. Go up to the door in the upper left corner and pick up the object - the sun butterfly. Now go right across the two bridges to get to the Lunar Trail. Go through the area with huge crystals by destroying boxes. The path to the left leads to a corpse with an abyssal stone. Take the item. The path to the right leads to the corpses with a note, so there is no point in going there. Move up and defeat Ariana, the first from the moon . You will receive the Lunar Inspiration shard. Return to the Eternal Forest and from the teleportation stone, go down and right to find a prism of true ice. Take the item.

Return to the alchemist Rug at the shelter Agree, give the abyss stone and in return you will receive an empty vessel. The vessel can be used to harvest the energy of corrupted gods. Return to the beginning of the citadel where you found the amethyst flask. The path to the right still led to the boss, and at the bottom left there is a room with a wounded knight. There is a grate in the room where the bottle was. Open it with a rusty key, read the note on the table and take the bag of coins on the right.

Go to the hall where you fought with Azikel and collect his energy into an empty vessel. You will receive a vessel of light. Pass the lord ravens Durkin vessel of light. It is located to the lower left of the teleportation stone at the intersection. Interact with the altar to get the eye of the abyss. The Eye accumulates damage you take. Every 15 seconds, the eye pulses, dealing 150% of accumulated damage to enemies. You can show Nahol the Wise a figurine from the abyss.

Return to the Spire and use the True Ice Prism on the ice barrier on the left. Walk to the left on the ice and talk to the huge skull, the Father of Ice . He will offer to join forces. If you refuse, then by analogy with the Enlightened Inquisitor, you will receive ice damage. Go to the telescope and use the sun butterfly you found earlier on it. Talk to the Harper to receive the Blessed Feather of Dawn. The feather now provides more bonuses. Gradually increases movement speed upon exiting combat by up to 20%. The effect ends if you do not move for 2 seconds. Gradually increases movement speed and damage while moving, up to 20%. The effect ends if you do not move for 2 seconds.

Fight with the Deer God and the Keeper of Righteousness , the path to which is located at the top of the Eternal Forest. To do this, you need to cross one bridge to the right and go up along the river. After you win, you will receive the Wild Hunt shard. Before entering the location with the boss in the tentacles on the right, you can find a skeleton with a note.

Return to Asylum of Concord. If you have defeated all of the listed bosses, you can open the main door inside the shelter, behind the statue of the King of Mercia. Climb higher and go through the gate, reading a note along the way. Defeat Princeps Exill in three separate battles. This will be the final boss.