What are the controls and how to play Minecraft


What are the controls and how to play Minecraft

If you have never played Minecraft , you should know that it is a game that offers absolute freedom. You have in front of you a huge world to explore or even modify at your mercy from a first-person camera. There are so many possibilities that, in fact, we invite you to take a look at our complete Minecraft guide to learn the first things to do in Minecraft or how to play on PC, PS4 or Xbox One . The player can use the keyboard or controller to move and interact with the environment, but what are the useful keys in Minecraft ? We tell you everything below.

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To start playing this title, you need to know its controls . However, before we get into that, let's explain exactly how to play Minecraft . What do you do? What is your purpose? There is a lot of fabric to cut, or a lot of blocks to collect, but we are going to do everything in an orderly way so that you know well.

How to play Minecraft

You are already in the main menu of the game, but you don't know where to start. The first thing you should know is that there are different game modes in Minecraft . In this section we are going to limit ourselves to explaining how to play in Survival Mode , since it is the main adventure that you can play alone or with friends; but there are also other very interesting modalities.

Within the game menu, you have to click on the option to create a game and choose Survival mode . Once that is done, your real odyssey as a gamer in this blocky world will begin.

Minecraft is a first-person game in which you move through a huge expanse of terrain with different biomes . You can travel through meadows, climb snowy peaks, enter jungles or lose yourself in deserts; But, above all, you can excavate, create mines or enter caves that go deep into this world.

All of that, while collecting resources, building and crafting, finding villages, trading with villagers, fighting enemies, and even controlling your hunger by eating every now and then. You should know that there is a basic rule: during the day the danger is minimal, but at night is when the monsters come out. You can meet zombies that chase you, explosive Creepers and even Endermans that attack you if you look them in the eye.

Enemies with which you can fight using both short and long distance weapons , or even spells once you have advanced enough in the game. If you defeat them, you gain experience, you level up and you can get more resources to make even more original and different creations. Still, you must be careful. ** If you are killed, you will respawn in the last shelter you were in and lose all the items **, you will only get them back if you go back to where you died and collect everything.

What a cocktail, right? Do not worry, when night comes you can sleep in a bed and rest , recovering life and returning to daytime to continue exploring with a little more tranquility. Everyone plays Minecraft as they prefer, and the best thing is that you can do it both alone and with friends, and that the experience never ends.

Minecraft has no end , although you can "spend" it by defeating the Ender Dragon; but it is an infinite game. The only limit is set by you and your imagination.

Minecraft controls

As we have already anticipated, you can play Minecraft on computers , but you also have access to it on any currently available console. Whether you have a Nintendo Switch, a PS4, an Xbox One or a smartphone , you have the opportunity to explore this world of blocks with your character with a very simple movement pattern. This is how Minecraft is handled on each platform:

Controls on PC

The control Minecraft PC combines the use of the keyboard and mouse, but you can also play with a gamepad if you connect and configure. It is fully modifiable through the game settings, although the standard configuration is the one below:

  • W / S / A / D Keys - Forward, backward, left and right movement.
  • Left Mouse Button - Attack / Destroy.
  • Right mouse button - Use object / Place block.
  • Middle Mouse Button - Pick up a block.
  • Space - Jump.
  • Control - Run (you can also press forward twice and hold the second time).
  • Shift - Crouch.
  • E - Open the inventory.
  • Q - Drop an object.
  • Z - Creature effect.
  • T - Open the chat.
  • F5 - Camera change.
  • [- Open left menu tab.
  • ] - Open right menu tab.
  • Numbers from 1 to 9 - Access to fast slots from 1 to 9.

Controls on consoles

To see the Minecraft controls on consoles , we are going to review the configuration on the main platforms, although we remember that it can be modified in the game settings, just like on PC.

Controls on PS4

  • Left Analog Stick - Move forward, back, left and right.
  • R2 - Attack / Destroy.
  • L2 - Use object / Place block.
  • Square - Fabricate.
  • X - Jump.
  • L3 - Run.
  • Circle - Crouch.
  • Triangle - Open the inventory.
  • D-Pad Down - Drop an object.
  • Left D-Pad - Creature effect.
  • D-Pad right - Open the chat.
  • D-Pad up - Camera change.
  • Touch panel - Open notification.
  • L1 - Shift to object on the left.
  • R1 - Shift to object on the right.

Controls on Nintendo Switch

  • Left Analog Stick - Move forward, back, left and right.
  • ZR - Attack / Destroy.
  • ZL - Use Object / Place Block.
  • Y - Fabricate.
  • A - Jump.
  • LS - Running.
  • B - Crouch down.
  • X - Open the inventory.
  • D-Pad Down - Drop an object.
  • Left D-Pad - Creature effect.
  • D-Pad right - Open the chat.
  • D-Pad up - Camera change.
  • Minus button - Open notification.
  • L - Shift to object on the left.
  • R - Shift to object on the right.

Controls on Xbox One

  • Left Analog Stick - Move forward, back, left and right.
  • RT - Attack / Destroy.
  • LT - Use Object / Place Block.
  • X - Manufacture.
  • A - Jump.
  • LS - Running.
  • B - Crouch down.
  • AND - Open the inventory.
  • D-Pad Down - Drop an object.
  • Left D-Pad - Creature effect.
  • D-Pad right - Open the chat.
  • D-Pad up - Camera change.
  • Menu button - Open notification.
  • LB - Shift to object on the left.
  • RB - Switch to object on the right.

Mobile Controls

The control on Minecraft mobile phones and tablets changes, since the game uses a touch interface. Even so, it is quite easy to handle and requires little time to prepare. If you are going to play through your smartphone, these are the controls that you will find:

  • Arrows - Move forward, backward, left and right.
  • Swipe the screen - Move the camera.
  • Square symbol - Jump (the character also jumps automatically when reaching a block).
  • Touch in an area - Places a block where you press (if Split is active, it will be placed where the * cross is pointing).
  • Press and hold a zone - Break the block on which you press once the bar is full (if Split is active, the block you are targeting will be broken).
  • Touch an enemy - Attack the enemy automatically (with Split you will attack the enemy you target).
  • Pressing an object / holding down an object - This is how you use the item, it depends on the type of object it is, you will have to do one thing or another.

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