What editions of Minecraft are there and what are their differences


What editions of Minecraft are there and what are their differences

Did you know that there is no single version of Minecraft ? Leaving aside all the updates that the game has received and continues to receive since it had its official launch in 2009, its evolution has led to three main branches that are still valid today . The platform that you are going to use to play will determine the edition of the game with which you will be able to enjoy. Although we already made it clear, no matter which one you choose, our Minecraft guide will always serve you in all, except one.

Minecraft - How To Change Your Skin...
Minecraft - How To Change Your Skin (Java Edition)

That our Minecraft tips, tricks and recommendations do not work in one of the editions makes all the sense in the world, and you are going to find out now because we are going to introduce you to the main editions of Minecraft . The trio that continues to bring this game to life today and that, in a way, has also separated the gaming community. Pay close attention now, because you will also have to choose which edition to play with depending on the device you use or the facilities you want to have.

All Editions of Minecraft

As of today, we can find three different Minecraft editions on the market . There is only one valid for PC, another available for all imaginable devices and a third of the most special, which works both on PC and on certain mobile phones. We are going to see them all and review their main characteristics so that you discover their differences and, incidentally, know which one to choose to play.

Minecraft: Java Edition

The Java Edition of Minecraft is the classic edition of the Mojang game, the original and available on Windows, Mac and Linux. Its first version came out in May 2009 and, since then, it has been constantly updated and in parallel to the console versions after the launch of these. It has its own launcher, regardless of Microsoft or any other platform, and requires a Mojang account to play. In addition, it usually offers the option of playing versions previous to the most recent one for those who prefer a more classic experience.

The most interesting thing about Minecraft: Java Edition, in addition to the fact that it is not found on consoles or mobile phones / tablets , is that it is the one that modifies the community the most. If you ever want to install mods, this is the edition for you. It makes it much easier than any other edition to create, apply and install mods , as well as to create custom servers with which to play with friends online. Likewise, it also has a separate Realms tool to install dedicated online gaming servers. Of course, at the playable level it is practically the same as the Bedrock Edition, with a couple of differences in the interface and little else.

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

The edition that we are going to see now is the most important currently for console and mobile players. Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is the edition that you will find if you play Minecraft on your smartphone, on PlayStation 4, on Nintendo Switch, on Xbox One, on Windows 10 and on many other systems or devices . All those versions have been unified after the Better together update that Microsoft announced and released in 2017, which would be updated in 2018 to also accommodate Nintendo Switch users . Thanks to that, Bedrock Edition players can share their game online regardless of the platform from which they play through cross-play.

On PC, this edition can only be played on Windows 10, being available with a starter or master pack that includes DLC and in-game coins. It can also be expanded with downloadable content available in its online store and is constantly updated with news for free. This is the version with the best graphics, which includes improvements to its interface and is also compatible with Minecraft RTX to achieve a spectacular audiovisual finish. However, it does not have mods; although it does gain compatibility with VR, only in Windows 10 and Gear VR.

There are also some important additional differences to clarify from the Java Edition :

  • The multiplayer can be by LAN, with 8 players in the same world, with Realms, with an external server created by the user or through the use of a Microsoft Account.
  • Some enemies show different behavior.
  • You can visit servers sponsored by Mojang Studios with minigames and other gaming experiences.

Minecraft: Education Edition

A most interesting experiment in the classroom. Minecraft: Education Edition is an edition that includes a series of special functions that make the game an educational tool . It is designed so that teachers can build interactive experiences for their students based on any subject, and it already has many additional modules that can be implemented to offer programming classes, a trip to the Maori islands or even a safari to meet the creatures that once inhabited our planet, among many other options.

Part of the structure of the Bedrock Edition , but with some add-ons aimed at the educational community. Teachers can create their own NPCs to guide them, use virtual whiteboards, set progression systems to see how much students have learned , set locks to control movement around the maps, and much more. A most interesting option, which is showing that video games can also be used to teach and to learn.

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