What should I play in Lost Ark? These are the 5 best classes for beginners


What should I play in Lost Ark? These are the 5 best classes for beginners

Many of you are already very excited about the new MMORPG Lost Ark . But as always with a new MMORPG, the question arises as to which classes are best suited to start the game. We have summarized the 5 best classes for beginners. Your favorite class is even there!

How do the classes and groups work in Lost Ark? There are 15 different classes in the game when it is released in Europe. At the beginning you choose one of 5 basic classes and at level 10 you can then choose a sub-class.

With regard to the group dynamics and the endgame, we can currently only refer to the Korean and Russian versions, as the game is not yet available in our country. There it currently looks like that you fill the 4-player group with a support character, i.e. a paladin or a bard and three damage classes.

You play the raids in Lost Ark with 8 players, so with two groups. However, this does not change the dynamics. In the raid you play accordingly with 6 pure damage dealers and 2 players who provide additional support.

How do we rate the best classes for beginners? We evaluate the best classes for beginners and to immerse themselves in the game based on the following criteria:

  • How important is knowledge of the opponents you are fighting?
  • Can the class forgive a lot of mistakes?
  • Can the class also score points in the end game?
  • Are the basic mechanics of the class easy to pick up on?
  • Can you get out of dangerous situations lively with the class?

With these points of criticism we have looked at all the classes that will be available in the European version and summarized them for you.

The different classes in Lost Ark

Where does the information come from? We researched the opinions of the gaming community on reddit and YouTube for you, were able to play Lost Ark ourselves and talked to players who have already spent many hours in the MMORPG.

Why are the classes particularly good at the start? The classes that we have selected for you based on this pattern make it particularly easy for you to get started in Lost Ark. Even if you haven't played a game of this kind yet, you can still crack something with the classes mentioned and have a lot of fun.

These classes are more for professionals

Which classes should you avoid at the beginning? There are certainly classes that you find easy that we will not mention here. After all, every player is on a different level. However, if you are brand new to Lost Ark and the isometric ARPG genre, we would advise against the following classes:

  • The gunlancer
  • The paladin
  • The bard

While the Paladin and Bard are more of a support class in the later game, the Gunlancer is the closest thing to a tank. What all three classes have in common, however, is that you need to know the movement and attack patterns of your enemies in order to be able to play the classes effectively. So they are not well suited for beginners.

These classes are perfect to start with

Which classes are coming now? We have made a broad list of the best classes for beginners for you and thus cover many different play styles. So you should definitely find something for yourself.

The Berserker - The melee monster

The Berserker - The melee monster

The berserker can do that: The warrior class Berserker carries a huge greatsword with which he swings himself into battle. All of his skills deal enormous area damage. He can not only make the earth shake, but also hit deep craters, which pull the opponents into them. Fire and earth are its elements and once you get the hang of it, the berserker is incredibly strong.

How do the class mechanics work? The berserker gathers anger while fighting and fills a container with it. If this is filled, you can activate the berserk mode to increase many of your values, such as damage, speed and critical hit chance, for a short time. You also get access to a stronger skill while you are in berserk mode.

When the mode is over, your anger container is empty again and you have to kill enemies again to fill it up.

Resource of the berserk

What makes him strong The Berserker is a great all-rounder to start with in Lost Ark. It deals a lot of damage and can withstand a lot thanks to its heavy armor. It is even significantly more mobile than you might think at first glance.

With the Berserker's skill set you are prepared for almost all situations and even a few ranged attacks are part of his repertoire.

Why is it good for beginners? The Berserker is particularly suitable for beginners because it forgives its players for many mistakes. Due to its surprisingly high mobility, you can still escape from dangerous situations. In addition, his high armament and life energy values ​​often help him not to get into a dangerous situation in the first place.

You don't need any knowledge of your opponents for the berserker and you don't have to worry about combinations. Almost every skill of yours can be played in any order. You can do a lot of damage with the Berserker with little knowledge and practice, which makes it perfect for beginners.

What can he do in the endgame? In raids and generally in the later game, the berserker is currently one of the best damage classes. As a berserker, it is never really difficult to find a group and with the practice that you have built up with him by then, you will be able to shine in all the content of Lost Ark.

The wardancer - in and out quickly

The wardancer - in and out quickly

The wardancer can do that: As a subclass of the martial arts class, the wardancer relies on the concentrated strength of his fists. As a wardancer, you can rain a lot of attacks on your opponent in a very short time while jumping around him as if there was no tomorrow.

The Wardancer is extremely agile and relies entirely on hand-to-hand combat. So you can beat up all kinds of monsters and feel like a god of kung fu.

How do the class mechanics work? The wardancer can refill three elemental balls in combat. As soon as the first ball is filled, you can use it to use a special skill. The more balls are filled, the stronger the skill becomes. If you do it, however, all filled balls are always used up.

Wardancer's bullets

What makes him strong Above all, its speed and agility give the wardancer its strength. He can deal a lot of damage and hardly has to take any damage, as he can easily save himself from almost any situation. So if you're into fast-paced melee action, the Wardancer is definitely your choice.

Why is it good for beginners? Here, too, the wardancer can score with its agility. The class has few strong attacks but a lot of fast attacks with low cooldown times. So it's not so bad if you don't hit the opponent with a skill.

His animations are also fluid and fast, which is why you as a wardancer don't have to worry about animation lock. Who Wardancer is quick in the fight and in an emergency also quickly out again. If you miss a skill, you have the next chance to land it a short time later. This combination makes the Wardancer great for beginners.

What can he do in the endgame? Later in the game, the wardancer, like the berserker, is responsible for the damage to your group. He can still play out his advantages well here, even if he does not come close to the strength of the berserker. In PvP, however, it is still an excellent choice later due to its speed.

As far as the group meta is concerned, the Wardancer is in the good midfield of the damage classes, so it drops a little in the endgame. But that shouldn't keep you out of class if you're into fast-paced gameplay.

The Artilleryman - A lot of damage at a safe distance

The Artilleryman - A lot of damage at a safe distance

The artilleryman can do that : He is a subclass of the marksman and therefore has a special preference for things that shoot. He uses a huge gun in combat, which can also be used as a flamethrower if necessary. He can also build towers much like an engineer in Guild Wars 2.

He knows how to keep his opponents at a distance and even if that doesn't work, he has shields and not too few health points. The gunner is not the best choice everywhere, but it is always a solid one.

How do the class mechanics work? As an artilleryman, you accumulate heat. The more you have of it, the stronger your attacks will be. When the bar is fully charged, you get access to three exclusive abilities. A laser, an artillery and a Gatling cannon. All three do a lot of damage, but make you immobile.

The gunner's heat

What makes him strong The gunner can deal a lot of damage at long range. In addition to the long range, his skills also have a lot of area damage. So you can use him to take apart whole hordes of monsters before they're even with you.

If the opponents do get close to you, you can rely on your turrets and shields and use your large cannon as a flamethrower without further ado. The artilleryman is therefore not defenseless in any situation.

Why is it good for beginners? Even if the artilleryman is not very mobile himself, he has many ways and means to keep his opponents at a distance and still be able to act well if that doesn't work.

So it is not necessary that you know the behavior of your opponents in order to be good with the artilleryman. In addition, he can withstand a lot and with his towers and shields always has an opportunity to emerge victorious from a dangerous situation.

What can he do in the endgame? He also fulfills the task of the damage dealer. So you should support your group with additional damage. The artilleryman does this job relatively well, but there are many alternatives that would be more suitable in the endgame.

Nevertheless, the artilleryman is in the upper midfield and can still be used in the endgame. A great choice for anyone new to Lost Ark.

The Summoner - damage over time with that little bit extra

The Summoner - damage over time with that little bit extra

The Summoner can do that: The Summoner is a specialization of the Mage class . It summons creatures for a short time, which then deal damage to the opponents in front of you.

The summoner can also use various elements to charge her creatures and make them even stronger. So you can deal huge damage without lifting a finger yourself.

How do the class mechanics work? The summoner collects the resource in battle and charges one of 5 ancient spirits, all of which have different abilities. For example, you can throw your opponents far back, set fire to them or literally stomp them into the ground.

The Summoner's Resource

What makes him strong As a summoner, you do a lot of damage, but you can endure relatively little. However, as is often the case with summoners from other games, it is not a pet class in Lost Ark. She uses normal skills that recharge instead of large armies of incantations. But that's exactly what makes them strong.

You can distribute a lot of damage thanks to your incantations without actually having to be there yourself. So you have a kind of damage over time, without “DoTs” in the classic sense.

Why is it good for beginners? For the reasons mentioned, the Summoner is very suitable for beginners. You can cause damage from a great distance and therefore you can easily escape from many situations despite low mobility and low life points.

The summoner also almost always does a lot of damage. So you don't have to put a lot of emphasis on rotations or combinations and you can deal a lot of damage without really knowing what you are doing or how the encounter actually works. That makes them perfect for freshly baked magicians.

What can he do in the endgame? Like all other classes in our list, the Summoner is also responsible for the damage to the group, which as a magician he is good for. Unfortunately, he can fall back on little mobility and life points, which is why in the later course of the game you have to know very exactly what you are doing to survive.

Nevertheless, the strength for beginners remains in the later game - you can also concentrate on surviving, as you can deal a lot of damage without really having to pay attention to combinations. That makes the Summoner strong even later.

The scrapper - beatings without compromise

The scrapper - beatings without compromise

The scrapper can do that: The scrapper is also a subclass of martial arts fighters, but compared to the wardancer relies on slow and strong attacks and uses correspondingly larger fists for them. It plays a little slower than the other two martial arts classes, but also hits a lot harder in the earlier stages of the game.

How do the class mechanics work? You have a system between yellow and green skills, which replenish the other energy and use up their own. This creates an interesting flow and a lot of damage.

The scrapper's resource

What makes him strong The scrapper doesn't have to worry too much about his or her mana budget, as he is simply not using any mana. You have green skills that consume green energy and produce yellow energy in the process. Conversely, you also have yellow skills that use yellow energy to restore green.

So you don't have to worry about your mana for a second and you always have a skill ready to knock your next opponent in the face. When it comes to cooldowns, he has a few more seconds than the wardancer, but is still very generous.

Why is it good for beginners? What makes it strong also makes it especially good for beginners. You don't have to keep an eye on mana. At the same time, the scrapper is one of the best damage classes in the early game and so you definitely have no problems while you level and fight your way through the first dungeons.

The scrapper is slower than the wardancer but still very mobile and has enough options to get out of a fight. In addition, he can withstand a lot and forgives you for one or the other mistake.

What can he do in the endgame? One more time in this guide I can say it: The scrapper is a damage class and will remain so in the endgame. He still deals out a lot of damage late in the game and adds a decent damage class to each group.

As a scrapper, you should have few problems finding a group to face the endgame content and continue to have a lot of fun. 

Our version may differ!

What can change We would like to emphasize that so far we can only refer to information from the Korean and Russian versions of Lost Ark. It is possible that numbers, values ​​and even skills will still change in our version. Even while the game is running, updates can change these relationships between the classes again and again. We keep this list up to date if something changes.

Why the statements about the endgame are (currently) vague: In the other versions of Lost Ark there are already more classes than there are in ours. The gear scores and updates are also more advanced than in our version. So at the moment (as of 2.08.21) we can only make limited statements about the endgame of the European version, as we cannot yet know exactly what it will look like at release.

What do you think of the best classes for beginners? Can you recommend others or do you have a different opinion? Write us in the comments!

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