10 tips about New World that I would have liked to have known earlier


10 tips about New World that I would have liked to have known earlier

The MMO New World is currently running an open beta and many players are already busy testing it. We have put together 10 tips for you that can be very helpful for getting started with the game.

Tips for First Time Travelers
Tips for First Time Travelers

What is this about? In this article, we've collected New World tips and tricks from the 2020 summer event. The article originally appeared on August 29, 2020 and was slightly adjusted for the open beta on September 9, 2021. Among other things, we have removed the tip for faster movement with the life stick and set new links.

1. Try out all weapons early

There are no classes in New World . Instead, your weapons determine what skills you have, and your equipment gives you appropriate (or inappropriate) stats. You can also distribute attribute points with each level-up .

Up to level 20 you can reset your distributed points for free. That is why it makes sense to test all weapons and various skills early on, after all, you will not have any losses.

For leveling, it is advisable to attack opponents with a ranged weapon in order to have an initial advantage. Many enemies attack you in close combat, so a close combat weapon is useful.

In New World you level your weapons and learn new skills.

2. Use campfires for respawn

Any player can place their campfire almost anywhere in the world. This is cheap and offers you the opportunity to craft at your current location. But the campfire has a much more important function.

It can be used as a respawn location.

So if you know that you will be collecting and questing in the area for a longer period of time, or if you are facing a major challenge in which you can die, you should set up your campfire early.

3. Decide on a faction and join a company

Between level 10 and 13 you will get to know the three factions in the game and you should join one of them:

  • Marauder - A faction reminiscent of pirates. A lot here revolves around freedom instead of power.
  • Covenant - These are crusaders who focus on fighting the evil and the corrupted.
  • Syndicate - A faction of alchemists who focus on potions and magic.

Only after you have joined a faction can you found your own company or join one. But you should definitely do that, after all, New World is an MMO and that's just more fun with many players.

You can also use them to conquer or defend a fortress. Participation in a PvP war in New World is already possible by joining the faction.

New World PvP is all about fortresses that you can capture or defend.

4. Collect everything and disassemble it

New World uses a weight system for its inventory. If you carry too much with you, you will slow down. The found equipment that you carry around with you also pollutes the inventory. But you can get around that very easily.

Just use the right mouse button + the “S” key and the found equipment will be dismantled. This will give you materials that you can use to repair your current equipment.

As a rule of thumb: If the equipment is weaker than yours and it is not worth selling in the AH, then dismantle it immediately.

Basically, however, you should collect everything on the way that you can find, as you can use it to create your first new equipment.

5. Use the camps in the cities

Another tip to avoid unnecessary weight in the inventory is to store the raw materials in cities. These items are then only located in this special settlement, but the cool thing is that you can automatically access the stored items there for crafting.

So you don't even have to get them out of the camp unless you want to change location.

The settlements in New World are an important place for trade, housing and crafting.

6. Always put on ammunition and food

In the course of your adventures you will keep filling your inventory with arrows, ammunition for rifles and various kinds of food. However, if you equip these items, they actually won't take up any more space in your inventory, even if you don't want to use the arrows at all.

A useful tip to save a little space.

7. There are more bags at a higher level

One final tip about inventory is about more pocket spaces. You will unlock these automatically when you reach levels 30 and 45. So if you are close to these milestones, pull them through to be able to carry a little more on the way.

8. This is how fast travel works

In New World you can quickly travel to a settlement if you want to save yourself long walking distances. To do this, simply open the map, select the respective settlement and click on fast travel.

However, every trip costs Azoth, a currency in New World, with the exception of a settlement that you set as home, such as with the Hearthstone in WoW. However, that has an hour CD. Azoth, in turn, can be earned by defeating difficult opponents or by participating in the world events against the Corrupted .

Another useful tip: you cannot travel quickly when fully loaded. However, you can die and then respawn in town. 

9. More XP through PvP

If you want to be a little more risky on the road in New World, you can activate the optional PvP. This allows other players to attack you, but you get 10% more experience points for all of your activities.

But make sure that you can only activate and deactivate PvP in settlements.

10. You need area levels for housing

To increase your storage space in cities or simply to build your own home, New World offers an interesting housing system . In order to own your own house, you have to reach level 15 in the respective area.

You can then buy 1 house per area and 3 houses in total in the game. However, every house costs upkeep every week, which can be expensive.

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