15 best open world games for Android phones


15 best open world games for Android phones

The best open-world games on Android are very different from the typical mobile projects that many are used to. Here, the player is not put on hard plot lines and is not led by the handle from the beginning to the end of the mission. You gain complete freedom of action, the ability to go in any direction and do not remain at a loss if you score on the main quest in favor of additional activities.

It is much more interesting to play this game , so in the next rating we have collected the most worthy sandboxes of 2021 - let's take a look at them.

#15 – Zombie Offroad Safari

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Zombie Offroad Safari

Top open world games for Android are opened by Zombie Offroad Safari. The protagonist finds himself at the wheel of a monster truck, on which he has to travel around one of six locations. Each region is a large territory, just teeming with the living dead. All that is required is to shoot zombies, collect bonuses, destroy bosses, look for treasures and complete quests scattered around the map. Where to start and in which direction to go, as in any good sandbox, the player himself chooses. With each new mission, new cars and sets of deadly weapons are unlocked, with which they can be equipped. 

#14 – Big City Life: Simulator

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Big City Life: Simulator

Big City Life: Simulator will let you feel what it is like to be in the shoes of a simple guy rising from the bottom. Here everything is as in reality, in order not to die of hunger, you will have to grab onto any, even the dirtiest job. Pick up trash, deliver pizza, work at a construction site. As soon as some money appears in your pockets, you can try to jump higher. Who knows, maybe one day you will be lucky to join the list of a small elite buying up expensive mansions and driving around in cars at the price of a fortune. Although the honest path is far from the only way of passing, and the criminal branch is no less interesting here.

#13 – Taxi Sim 2020

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Taxi Sim 2020

If you've always dreamed of working as a bomb, then it's time to download Taxi Sim 2020. This is a full-fledged taxi simulator with all that it implies. It would seem that what could be easier than taking a passenger from point A to point B? But don't jump to conclusions. Driving in this game is extremely realistic, and no one has canceled the traffic rules. Although it is not always necessary to comply with them, because for some passengers speed is much more important. You will have to adapt to the needs of everyone in order to earn money, not burn out. By the way, you will have to drive along the streets of real cities like New York, Rome or Los Angeles, which only adds color to the game.

#12 – Dragon Raja

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Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja is one of the best MMORPGs on mobile. It has everything for which, in fact, the games of the genre are loved: a huge open world, an advanced character editor, a large selection of classes with unique gameplay features, a balanced combination of PVP and PVE content. There is always something to do in the game, whether it is pumping professions, cleaning raid dungeons, arranging your own house or fiddling with pets. Separately, it is worth noting the cool graphics that would look decent even on a PC. If you are going to play, get ready to spend a whole lot of time on Dragon Raja - addictive. 

#11 – LifeAfter: Night falls

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LifeAfter: Night falls

Post-apocalypse is perhaps the perfect setting for a survival sandbox. LifeAfter: Night falls has a classic plot: the world has been struck by a deadly virus that turns people into zombies, civilization has come to an end, and the remnants of humanity are fighting for resources on its ruins. In this difficult, but interesting business, you will also have to participate in the shoes of one of the survivors. Collect loot, shoot zombies, build your own base and go through a very interesting storyline full of unexpected twists. 

#10 – X Survive

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X Survive

Not everyone likes multiplayer games on Android; a considerable number of gamers prefer single projects. Especially for them, you can recommend X Survive - a sandbox about building on distant planets. The game is ready to offer a breakthrough of tools for realizing the wildest fantasies: blocks, walls, surfaces, furniture, technological equipment - only a small part of what can be used to furnish a space. Interestingly, this has to be done in accordance with the laws of physics, because in X Survive there is gravity, and it is ruthless to those who like to fence buildings in the air. 

#9 – Gangstar Vegas

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Gangstar Vegas

Online open world games on Android let you be whoever you want. For example, a badass gangster like in Gangstar Vegas. This project is in many ways reminiscent of the good old GTA, only on stimulants. You have a whole city at your disposal to do obscenities in it, raise your gangster rating and the number of dollars in your pockets. This can be done through the implementation of a wide variety of missions, from robberies to races. Like the icing on the cake - the ability to organize your own crime family. Still less advertising, and it would be very good.

#8 – SAKURA School Simulator

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SAKURA School Simulator

t's time to add another masterpiece simulator to the list - SAKURA School Simulator. Its graphics can easily scare off, and, let's be honest, the game is not a simulator of the life of a schoolchild. At least realistic. But here there is simply an indescribably stubborn atmosphere, where every second there is some kind of game. Shoot gigantic classmates with a bazooka? Holding hands with a cat? Crawling like a snake and carrying a cow in your arms? Play someone's virtual waifu? In SAKURA School Simulator, all this really can and should be done. Join the uniform madness and understand what we are about.

#7 – ARK: Survival Evolved

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ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved is an excellent representative of mobile survival games. With good graphics and gameplay elements familiar to every connoisseur of the genre, such as gathering resources, crafting, building your own houses and raiding enemy ones. But ARK has something that others do not have - this is the ability to tame dinosaurs and other mythical creatures that fill the game world. Tamed beasts can be used as mounts or as devastating weapons in combat. Have you long wanted to see what the enraged Tyrannosaurus is doing to enemies? ARK is a great opportunity to arrange it. 

#6 – Off The Road

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Off The Road

Explore the open world on Android without the Internet with Off The Road - a game dedicated to off-road driving. The developers have found a great balance between the arcade and the full-fledged simulator, so get ready to fight the laws of physics using the handbrake, low gear and all the available tools of the iron monsters. There is so much to do during the missions: deliver cargo, get out of the mud yourself and get others out of it, win races, and, of course, discover new cars for yourself. By the way, everything is not limited to them. You can surf the vastness of the game world on airplanes, helicopters, boats and even trains.

# 5 - Space Rangers. Heritage

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Space Rangers. Heritage

What's a collection without space games? And if we talk about space, then how not to mention the "Space Rangers". The legendary project from domestic developers still remains unsurpassed, and is dearly loved by gamers from all over the world. There are enough battles, and the economy, and opportunities for wagering. Buy ships, carry cargo or try yourself as a space pirate. We'll have to brainwash, because a good part of the atmosphere of the "Space Rangers" is done by fascinating text quests - now this is no longer done. What's nice is that you can play offline and without registration.

#4 – Terraria

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Terraria - RPG for Android with an open world, similar at the same time to Diablo, Minecraft and some kind of 2D roguelike. The whole world here consists of cubes that can be used for construction and crafting as you please. There are also biomes - in each you can stumble upon unique enemies, bosses and treasures that can make you stronger. As you explore the world, you will progress, finding allies, acquiring skills and getting your hands on powerful weapons. The game will change with you, throwing up a variety of challenges and tempting with generous rewards. 

#3 – Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has arguably the best open world on Android. In terms of graphics and visuals, for sure. The developers were inspired by the latest "Zelda" and took the best from there: cartoon fantasy style, beautiful story, physics and the interaction of magical elements with each other. And on top they also screwed the "gacha" system, in which the characters drop out to the player randomly. To knock out the strongest five-star heroes and the same weapon for them, you will have to try very hard. Although Genshin Impact is comfortable to play with the starter kit, because there is no PVP here, and the enemies will be exclusively monsters.

#2 – Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Well, what open world games on the phone without mentioning Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas? Multiplayer has given the brainchild of Rockstar a second life, and hundreds of servers with great online and unique gameplay modifications operate on the Internet. They will especially appeal to those players who are in the mood for roleplay. You can play literally anyone: a simple hard worker, a fireman, a policeman, an office worker, a judge. All the possibilities for this are present. Well, if the multiplayer does not appeal to you, then you can always replay the plot, the missions in the classic GTA are all as interesting as they were 15 years ago. 

#1 – Minecraft

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Minecraft hardly needs an introduction. This game set the fashion for cubic worlds and spawned a whole galaxy of imitators, but Minecraft itself remains unique. By hitting the nearest tree and collecting some branches, you will receive your first pickaxe. Then use it at the rocks and get a stone one. Then the time of copper and iron, and then gold and diamonds are not far away. Extraction of resources, huge space for construction and crafting, thoughtful multiplayer - all this is Minecraft. If you are tired of vanilla, then you can always look towards mods and hacked versions, which bring new experience to the game beloved by millions.

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