7 Tips to Improve Your Competitive Video Game Skills

 With Challenging games are not just a way to have fun with live opponents, but also a great opportunity to show your skills. Now gamers have games in all genres suitable for this, from sports simulators and fighting games to shooters and PRGs. However, many players, even after playing many hours, cannot achieve impressive results. we will give general tips with which you can improve your skill in any competitive game.

7 Tips to Improve Your Competitive Video Game Skills

1. Play mindfully

If you want to make significant progress in competitive play, you first need to clear your mind and focus on the game. Watching the series in parallel, chatting with friends or hovering in the clouds, you put the game in second place. It is as if you are switching to autopilot mode, your attention is scattered, which is why you make a lot of mistakes.

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That is why you need to postpone everything and control everything that happens on the other side of the monitor. You know exactly what and how to do, where your teammates are, what style of play the opponent imposes and how to parry him.

2. Watch your opponents play 

This will allow you to find out their strengths and weaknesses, starting from which you can find the right approach. Each person has their own behavioral patterns that manifest themselves in gaming. Once you find this pattern of action, you can anticipate your opponent's moves and maintain a tactical advantage.

Moreover, an adversary, especially an experienced one, can become an unwitting teacher. See how he plays, what tricks and tactics he uses, what weapons and techniques he chooses, how he uses the game environment, and so on. By adopting the strengths of your opponents, you can constantly improve your skill.

3. Learn game micromanagement

Each game has its own mechanics, the knowledge of which will help you pump your skill. So, for example, in shooters, you must know the effective distance of using your favorite barrel, as well as the number of bullets required to kill an opponent when hitting one or another part of the body.

In an MMORPG, you have to understand how character stats work - what thresholds they have and what they affect. If the game has the ability to use special abilities, you need to know how often you can use them and when they are generally appropriate.

All this knowledge must also be able to mirror onto your opponent. Just knowing what kind of weapon is in the hands of the enemy already gives you an idea of ​​the safe distance from which he will not reach you. Similar parallels can be drawn with other aspects of the game.

4. Stock up on spiritual and physical strength

As in any kind of competition, you must maintain a clear mind and not succumb to uncontrollable excitement. If you get angry and use aggressive tactics, your behavior will be very predictable. Any of your moves can be easily parried. To prevent this, you should at least make small pauses between rounds, skating rinks, races, and so on. Your head will be able to cool down a little and will not allow the repetition of mistakes in the future.

Another important point is your physical condition. To play as efficiently as possible, you need to be cheerful, focused and quickly react to all actions in the game. Many gamers are desperately trying to achieve this by reveling in energy drinks, but classic sodas only make the big picture worse. This is primarily due to the unrealistic amount of sugar that has a sugar crush effect. This means that a couple of hours after such an elixir, the player will be overwhelmed by a sharp fatigue.

A more effective alternative could be energy drink for gamers . Which should not contain sugar at all, because there will be no crush effect, nervousness or muscle hypertonia from it. 

5. Don't forget about teammates

When it comes to team competitive games, then everything will come down to two things: the personal skill of each player and their ability to work together. The more harmoniously all teammates work, the higher the probability of becoming the winners. If you play with random teammates, be prepared for the fact that one idiot playing "by himself" will pull you to the bottom (the main thing is that this idiot is not you).

If the team has gathered at least a little adequate, you should establish contact via chat or audio conference. This will allow you to discuss strategy and interact during the game itself. This will give you an edge over rivals who don't communicate in any way. If it's a shooter - cover each other, RPG - cast defenses and heals, sports simulators - make passes more often.

6. Change strategies

If you are an adherent of a particular game, then most likely you have been playing with a certain script for a long time. So, for example, you can constantly take the same character class, which is more cute or more comfortable. Over time, this can develop into a stable pattern, and you will not even think about changing the class, although the style of play and tactics in general directly depend on this.

If you don't change your strategy in any way, you turn into a scripted target. This is fraught with consequences, especially when playing with the same opponents: “Yeah, he again chose a warrior. I'll take a mage and attack with ranged spells. " By changing the strategies of the game, you will be able to better understand the balance of classes, their weak and strong sides, as well as, in general, delve deeper into the gameplay features. After trying all possible variations, you can find the most effective strategy, consisting of hundreds of small details.

7. Redefine your gameplay

Don't be too lazy to install some screen capture software to record your game. The fact is that during the game, many processes occur subconsciously, which is why you cannot fully analyze your actions. Athletes, by the way, also often look at the recordings of their performances in order to work out all the mistakes they have made. When you are not at the helm, it is easier for you to assess what is happening. You can even pause or slow down the recording to understand your every action.

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