Timberborn launches this Wednesday, September 15 in early access and to start your adventure in the best possible way, we give you some tips and tricks.

Mechanistry's construction and management game Timberborn releases this Wednesday, September 15 on PC via Steam, GOG and Epic Games.

5 Gardening Tips for Beginners
5 Gardening Tips for Beginners

In order to better approach your first hours of play, we offer you some tips and tricks given by Kyeudo on the game forum.

Our tips and tricks for getting started on Timberborn

Timberborn is a management and building game and it will be easy to get into trouble quickly because you are running out of resources, manpower, etc. To avoid falling into early game traps , we are going to give you some tips.

Quickly build a warehouse

As soon as you start a game, you end up with a simple hut. The first thing to do will be to build a warehouse (Log pile) in order to store the logs of the trees that you are going to cut down. These logs will be needed to construct most of the buildings in the game.

Ensure the basic needs of your colony

After building your warehouse and chopping down a number of trees, you will be able to focus on your colony's primary needs, namely water and food . When it comes to water, make a Water Pump, and when it comes to food, berry trees can be a good source , but they grow relatively slowly. If you therefore want to meet the need for food, we recommend that you make one or more fields and plant carrots .

Mark everything you want to collect

A common mistake early in the game is to not mark the areas where you want your beavers to work . So remember to mark the trees you want to be cut down, the food you want to be harvested, etc. with a Gatherer Flag.

Optimize space

In the game, you will be able to place buildings on top of other buildings in order to save space . Remember to check that what you build can receive another construction on it as is the case with houses.

Prepare for drought

Drought is a big part of the game. It will normally happen around the 20th day . To deal with it, you can make water pumps and place reserves that can store water, but the most effective will still be to place a dam at a specific location in order to block part of the current and have a water reserve. Note, however, that this method will require a lot of logs and especially the water will evaporate little by little.

Do some research

After you have started to meet the basic needs of your colony, you will have to start building an inventor's hut to have beavers who research to unlock new buildings useful for the rest of your adventure.

Preserve the forest

No matter which faction you choose, it will be important to preserve the forest in order to have a sufficient supply of wood . To do this, we recommend that you quickly place a forest hut so that it can replant trees on a regular basis . Ideally, replant trees in empty areas to harvest them later.

Don't have idle workers

It will be important in the game that all adults work for your colony. To do this, remember to place houses near the places where you want your inhabitants to work , because they will only want to work in places close to their homes and if this is not the case, you risk to end up with unoccupied workers.

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