A beginner's guide to Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt

 How to Play and Win in Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt

A beginner's guide to Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt - new royal battle in the universe of the "World of Darkness". Its distinguishing feature from other representatives of the genre is the absence of huge spaces and an abundance of places for ambushes, as well as characters with unique skills. In other words, you won't be able to sit out in the bushes for the whole game, waiting until the enemies kill each other, then finish off the rest. To win, you will have to use your character's skills, weapons and environment as thoughtfully as possible. If you are new to this game, then you will surely have difficulty mastering all the mechanics. Use this guide to get up to speed quickly.

Clans and characters

There are six characters in the game. Each of them belongs to a certain clan and has corresponding abilities.

  • Thug - this character is primarily intended to protect other players and take damage on themselves. The passive skill allows you to restore up to half of your health if the character does not take damage for a while. Active skill allows you to reflect bullets. It is useful both in team play and in single player. If you do not know for which character it is better to start your acquaintance with the game, then the Thug will be the ideal option. When playing as a team, stay on the front lines, diverting fire from your allies towards you.
  • Vandal - The gameplay for this class is based on dealing damage at close range. The passive skill reduces the damage taken if you are near enemies. An active skill allows you to make a small jump forward and toss all enemies up. The strengths of this character are mobility and great damage. You need to start the battle with an active skill, and then finish off with a firearm. If you didn't hit the enemy with a skill and you don't have a powerful weapon like a shotgun or machine gun, then it makes sense to retreat. If you are confident in your abilities or there are allies next to you, then you can try to finish off the enemy.
  • Saboteur is an archetype for stealth lovers. The passive skill greatly reduces the chances of enemies spotting you while crouching. An active skill allows you to throw a gas bomb, which is activated when enemies approach. With this skill set, it will be difficult to win fights by attacking enemies head-on. Instead, try to set up ambushes. Approach the enemy using a squat or clan skill and use an active skill. Then finish off opponents with a firearm. It will not be superfluous to have a Rogue in your team. With its help, you will be able to set up ambushes much more efficiently.
  • Rogue - the main task of this class is to hunt down enemies. It shows itself well in combination with the Saboteur. The passive skill marks the movement of seriously wounded enemies, and the active skill allows you to see opponents through walls for a while. In open battles, it often loses to other classes. Poor choice for a single player game.
  • The Tempter is the best class for controlling the battlefield. A passive skill for a time makes all NPCs fight by your side. An active skill allows you to blind and gradually damage all enemies nearby. Early in the game, it can be difficult to survive without skills that deal a lot of damage. However, if you manage to hold out until the end of the game, then it will be much easier for you than for the rest, since mobs will fight on your side, which will become noticeably larger with the narrowing of the zone. Thus, the ideal tactic would be to stay away from the center of the battles at the start of the match, and in the later stages of the game try to fight near clusters of neutrals.
  • Muse is a support class. A passive skill resets all cooldowns when you are dying. An active skill restores the health of your allies and yourself. If you are good at shooting and dodging, then you can use this class in single player. If not, then you should only use it when playing with allies, since apart from a small dash, you will not be able to oppose anything to your opponents.


All abilities can be divided into two types. The former are unique to your class. The latter depend on which clan you are playing

Clan Abilities:

  1. Brujah Clan - Members of this clan can make a very high jump.
  2. Clan Nosferatu - the ability of the clan allows you to become faster for a short time, as well as gain invisibility.
  3. Clan Toreador - the characters of this clan can create their own illusion, and then teleport to it. The ways to use this skill are limited only by your imagination. For example, you can use it as bait for enemies, or as a way to quickly escape or, on the contrary, rush into battle.


Other players will be your rivals. But besides them, you will also face computer-controlled opponents. They are ordinary soldiers. They do not have abilities or rare equipment, and in themselves they are not dangerous, but they can still finish you off. Use soldiers to get new equipment or knock other players off your trail.


In addition to soldiers and players, the game also has townspeople. They are needed in order to restore health and receive various types of bonuses, depending on the person's archetype. With each absorption, you will receive one charge of the bonus. The more charges, the greater the beneficial effect. There are 4 types of bonuses in total:

  1. Choleric - increases melee damage.
  2. Sanguine - restores some health every second.
  3. Melancholic - speeds up the recharge of clan skills.
  4. Phlegmatic — Speeds up the recharge of class skills.
If after absorption you did not receive a bonus, then you have come across a person without an archetype, or you have already taken all the slots for bonuses.

At the beginning of the match, you will have only 3 bonus slots. Later, you can increase their number by performing a special finishing move on the player. Because of this limitation, you only need to collect bonuses that your class needs. For example, if you play as a vampire from the Brujah clan, then Choleric will be useful to you. And if you play as a Saboteur or a rogue, then you should pay attention to Sanguine and Melancholic.

It is also important to kill townspeople only by drinking their blood. If you kill a person with a weapon, you will become visible to enemies for a full minute. The same will happen if mortals see you while eating a person.


As with other battle royale games, it features a variety of firearms. In addition to the differences in the types of weapons, there are also differences in quality. The higher the rarity of the weapon, the stronger it is. In total, there are 4 degrees of rarity of weapons. Green, blue, purple and yellow. The first three are often dropped from soldiers or found in antique and tailor shops. The rarest yellow can only be obtained from a chest guarded by a group of soldiers.

Weapon types:

  • Twin Pistols are dangerous at close range, but useless at medium to long range. Rarely have increased magazines, fast reload speed and slightly increased damage.
  • Submachine gun - copes well with enemies at close range and has a large supply of cartridges. If you aim well, you can even do decent damage.
  • Assault rifle - differs from a submachine gun only in increased effectiveness at long distances.
  • Missile and Sniper Rifles - boast high damage and high critical damage on headshots. The problem is that, due to the very fast movement speed of the players, it will be difficult for you to get in the head. If you fail to quickly eliminate the enemy and he gets close to you, then you will almost certainly lose the battle.
  • Revolver - the gameplay is very similar to Sniper Rifles. It differs from them in reduced recoil and increased efficiency at short distances.
  • Semi-automatic rifle - has good damage and high accuracy. You can switch between several modes of shooting - single and burst.
  • The LMG is very effective at close range. Accuracy increases as you shoot.
  • Minigun is very similar to a light machine gun, but instead of accuracy when firing, the rate of fire increases. Has a magazine for 300 rounds that cannot be reloaded.
  • Semi-automatic machine gun - has two modes of fire. In the long-range mode, the rate of fire is lower, but the accuracy is higher, and in the melee mode, the rate of fire is doubled. As with all machine guns, the only problems with this weapon are reloading and rarity.
  • Heavy Crossbows - Fires a single large arrow that explodes on impact and forms a cloud of toxic gas. Most of the damage is done by gas, which makes this weapon very specific. It is also difficult to use the fact that the arrows fly in an arc, which means that at long distances this weapon is useless. If you still want to use crossbows, then combine them with other weapons capable of finishing off a gas-wounded enemy.
  • Twin crossbows - have even less damage than a regular crossbow, but a higher rate of fire. They also do not create a gas cloud.
  • Shotguns - they have huge damage, but they are effective only when fighting face to face.
  • Bat and ax - like all melee weapons, replace fists. Use melee weapons only in critical situations, as they will always succumb to any firearms.
  • Katana - allows you to reflect bullets back at the enemy.
  • Blades - allow you to dash forward and deliver very fast blows.
In addition to weapons, the game also contains consumables. These are first aid kits, armor and cartridges scattered in the same places. Armor in this game works as an additional health bar, and also does not automatically wear. Having picked it up, you will need to go into the inventory and equip the armor. The same applies to first aid kits. These steps take time, so use consumables on the move or in secluded places.

After the player's health drops to zero, he must be finished off. If you do not have time to do this in the allotted time, then he will recover and will be able to attack you again. You can finish off the enemy with both conventional weapons and using a special finishing move. For him, you need to come close to the defeated enemy and press the appropriate button. For each finishing move, you will receive a slot for bonuses. Keep in mind that you are vulnerable by doing this last move. It is best not to use it in the late game, as other enemies may be nearby and take advantage of your position.


You can choose any point on the map as a starting point, except for those where high-level loot appears. As a rule, at the beginning of the match, all your attention will be concentrated on the battle, and rarely will the equipment be received by the one who came to this point later, bypassing protracted battles.

You should also be wary of points with the Office, since there are congestions of soldiers. If you are playing as an attacking class or with allies, then you, on the contrary, should start at this point. Thus, at the very beginning of the game, you can get weapons of at least blue rarity.

General tips for playing

  • Pay attention to details and sounds. in the game there are a huge number of ways to detect an enemy without a mark on the map. To do this, it is enough to pay attention to the sounds of shooting or the destroyed environment. It is also worth paying attention to the weapons scattered on the ground. Some rare specimens cannot just appear on the ground. The same applies to the regular pistol as it is the starting weapon. If you notice any of the things mentioned, then it is worth looking for an enemy nearby.
  • Think over your movement - the mechanics of movement in the game are as well thought out as the mechanics of shooting. In other words, effective movement is just as useful as being good at shooting. Jump while sliding will give you the ability to jump a greater distance than normal, and when sliding down a slope, you will be able to jump even further.
  • Don't let yourself be discovered - if your location is revealed, then experienced players are guaranteed to take advantage of this advantage to kill you. To stay unnoticed, move on rooftops and stay away from cars, as they have alarms.
At the moment, the game is in Early Access and some things may change in the future, but following these tips now, you are guaranteed to improve your stats.

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