All about the Dominion game mode in Call of Duty: Mobile


All about the Dominion game mode in Call of Duty: Mobile

Another game mode that we can get in Call of Duty Mobile is Dominion, which consists of controlling the entire map for which we will need to get three flags (alpha, bravo and charlie), usually A and C are in the area where the team reappears, while B is always in the middle.

This game mode is the only one in which there is no time , so when a team takes a flag, a point is added every five seconds. The team to complete the 200 points will be the winning team .

Tips to win the mode

  • Zone and flags : do not stay near the area where you grabbed the flag, as we mentioned before there are three types of zones available throughout the field , so it is normal for the team to divide into 3 to cover more ground , but If you have obtained one, the best thing will always be to flee the area because you could end up dead.
  • Team : As in various Call of Duty game modes , teamwork is vital in order to win the game . One of the things you can do for your team is to stay in a high area and protect your teammates , so a high place will help you to take care of them.

  • Explosives : some players often forget how important grenades can be in this type of game and without a doubt this type of weapon can serve in some very desperate situation. For this game mode it is good to use grenades , these can be used when the opposing team is trying to control the area.

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