All about the game against all mode in Call of Duty: Mobile


All about the game against all mode in Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty for its Mobile version brings us a sensational game mode, which attracts the attention of all the players who love this type of video game, and now with this game mode you will be able to show what you are made of .

What is the game against all mode?

The against all mode is a version that can be played on all maps, and it is one of the most popular multiplayer modes in the Call of Duty franchise, where eight players enter the game and simply face each other, and The user who reaches 40 points first will win.

The player then transforms into a lone hunter, setting aside team building to fully engage in a fight to the death against the other contenders. Where to win is to the death.

Special surprises that the against all mode gives us in Call of Duty: Mobile

To access the surprises that this game mode gives us, obviously we must win or at least have a good record of positive games with a good score, and to achieve this you will have to trust your skill, precision and the previous knowledge that you may have. on the maps.

If we manage to win, that is, to be in first place in the leaderboard, we will opt for special rewards, as well as for positions two and three within the table.

It will also provide special surprises for all those who meet the objectives required by the game mode. Among the awards are:

  • Play 1 game: 100 Credits.
  • Play 4 games: 1 Battle Box.
  • Win 3 games: 100 Credits.
  • Kill 20 enemies: 1 Battle Box.
  • Kill 50 enemies: 150 Credits.

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