All about the Gunfight game mode in Call of Duty: Mobile


All about the Gunfight game mode in Call of Duty: Mobile

Due to the success that the mobile version of Call of Duty has obtained , also due to the new updates they make the game more interesting and get more users every day. One of these updates was the inclusion of gulag , one of the elements most loved by warzone users.

The latest season of call of duty for mobile phones has brought a lot of firsts for players, but without a doubt the most popular is gulag shooting , which is available for a limited time only.

Gulag shooting game

This consists of a tactical game of two against two , which has the Gulag as its central field, in this game mode, strategy and precision will be of vital importance in order to obtain a victory . Some things that we must take into account are the following:

  • Memorize the map : as most of us know, Gulag is a small symmetrical map which is represented by three differentiated vertical lines with a clear view of the other. That is why knowing how to cover the ground and knowing the obstacles will be an important part of being able to win.
  • Know your armory : all players have the same artillery, so your primary and secondary weapons become important, as the way you use your weapons can determine the game. One of the things to keep in mind is to change your weapon instead of reloading , in addition to taking advantage of all the extras you have.

  • Your mission : focusing on your mission and knowing it is also important to be able to win in a shootout.

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