All about the Hot Spot game mode in Call of Duty: Mobile


All about the Hot Spot game mode in Call of Duty: Mobile

In Call of Duty Mobile there are various game modes, but without a doubt the Hot Spot mode will be part of the most complicated . In this game mode, users will have the mission of defending and maintaining certain specific areas that will rotate in place during the game time.

Actually, taking over the area is simple, but we can get the problem when we try to stay in that playing area in order to get the points. Every time a team tries to defend someone else they will be attacking them incessantly to be able to return to the area.

Tips for winning in Hot Spot game mode

  • Teamwork

One of the most important things is teamwork, as the players must be supporting each other in order to maintain the hot spot, since for a single player it is quite difficult to face an enemy team alone . For that reason, teamwork is important, always being with our teammates and being able to attack together.

  • Assault weapons

Choosing the weapons correctly is a vital point in any game mode we are in, so snipers do not become part of the main hot spot plane , since in this we need to move fast and be able to keep short areas clear distances, so the best option would be assault weapons

  • Enemies

Most players often confuse this game mode with others. You must bear in mind that this modality does not consist of the amounts of casualties that we have or that we have done in the opposing team, but rather that it consists of defending the hot spot that they have given you .

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