All about the Search and Destroy game mode in Call of Duty: Mobile


All about the Search and Destroy game mode in Call of Duty: Mobile

One of the classic modes in Call of Duty Mobile is Search and Destroy. This type of game can be considered as a competitive game mode , similar to bomb and deactivation. Normally, this mode can only be achieved in certain others such as:

  • Take off
  • Standoff
  • Crossfire
  • Firing range
  • RAID
  • Crash

Tips to win search and destroy mode

In this game mode it consists of 10 players who are divided into two groups , both groups of 5 players. These two teams will compete with each other in order to destroy the target , while the other party has to prevent that from happening. Some of the tips that we can give you are the following:

  • Protect the pump
One of the most important things in this game mode is being able to protect our bomb . This means that the most essential thing is to gather your team and be able to plan a strategy , since the pump can be your winning ticket. So if you manage to plant the explosive, the opposing team will be in trouble to be able to deactivate the bomb.

  • Unpredictable patterns:
Being still in one place will not help you win so you will have to be in constant movement to try to weaken your enemies, so it is important not to always stay in the same place, since that would give your enemies an advantage. to know what you plan.

  • Use the articles
Knowing how to use the articles in the best way can be important depending on the plan that we are implementing, because the use of objects like flash or frag can make a difference.

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