All Ancient Ruins in New Pokémon Snap


All Ancient Ruins in New Pokémon Snap

Beyond trying to complete the entire Photodex of New Pokémon Snap , the game also consists of a series of collections, which can be classified into two different categories, these being the following:

Pisac ruins Inca terraces
Pisac ruins Inca terraces

  • Ancient ruins
  • Crystal flowers

With regard to the latter, it goes without saying that they are quite feasible to obtain, since it will be enough to find them at night (in case there are two hourly versions of a route) to be able to be photographed, in the same way that they are necessary if you want to advance in the game. However, the Ancient Ruins are another point.

The latter are a series of thresholds, which reveal some of the ancient history of the Lensis Region, in such a way that to complete this extra collection we will have to find the 12 existing Ruins. It may seem like a complicated task, but for this is our New Pokémon Snap Guide .

All Ancient Ruins

Once all the above has been clarified, it is time for you to find all these Ancient Ruins , being in the following areas:

  • Park : In the Lúmini area of ​​Meganium, near the end of the level on the right.
  • Jungle (Day) : Advancing through the Jungle, at both times, you will see it just below the trunk through which you are descending.
  • Forest : At the end of the Forest, when passing under the tree, you will see it on the left.
  • Forest (2) : In the Lúmini area, under the water just before reaching the Trevenant area on the right.
  • Volcano : Take a photo of the arch at the end of the level along the main path of the Volcano.
  • Volcano (2) : The same as the previous one, only for the detour of level 2 in the area of ​​the Typhlosion.
  • Volcano (3) : As soon as you start in the Lúmini Zone, turn around and take a photo of the arch.
  • Valley (Day) : Take the detour to the frozen lake. In the cave you will see it on the right.
  • Cavern : In the Cavern on levels 2 and 3, in the diamond cave, when you reach the jungle you will see her covering the Carbinks.
  • Cavern (2) : This is the alternative exit that you find in the Lúmini area of ​​the Cavern after taking a photo of Steelix.
  • Ruins : At the beginning of the Ruins, you will see it before entering through the hole in the ground.
  • Ruins (2) : You must go to the lumini zone of this route. After the water area, take a photo of the panel on the right with the Pokémon Lúmini and Xerneas.

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