All side quests, assignments, and companion quests in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous


All side quests, assignments, and companion quests in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

In this separate guide, we'll cover all of the side activities you can take part in as you play Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous .

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Companion Quests


This is Siila's assignment. When you are in the market square, look for the Dwarf Curl on the bridge. Talk to him. Then wait for the opportunity to return to the Heart of the Protector and celebrate the reunion with Siila's friends.


During the quest above, agree to help Siila's friends. The next stop is the Houndheart Knights Camp. 

As soon as you deal with the demons in the Gray Garrison and complete the quest "The beginning of a long journey", go to the global map and move to the nearest location - the parking lot of the Houndheart knights. After arriving at the place, get to the former camp of the knights, talk to Elan and Aldori, and then search the various boxes. When you search one of the chests (approximately in the center), the demon Quazir will appear. Chase him along the same location (just run in the direction he flew away) until a Curl appears, which will steal the ring and hide. Talk to Elan, return to the camp and chat with Siila. The task will be completed, and you will receive 600 experience points.


The quest will start automatically as soon as you accept Nanyo into your squad. And you will meet the girl herself as a result of a random event on the map. It will not keep itself waiting long. When you return to the "Heart of the Protector", chat with Nenio. She will offer to visit the Unnamed Ruins.

As soon as you can get to the Nameless Ruins, go to the location with Nenio and go downstairs, destroying monsters along the way. On the way, there will be a cave on the right. Inside it there is a column with a picture, in which a large circle is highlighted in blue. Below you can find a passage with the same pattern and a blue small circle. And even lower - the same pattern and two of the four sides of the square in blue. This is the answer to the riddle that you discover on the way down. A large symbol is depicted on the ground, consisting of two circles and a square. You need to activate both circles in blue, as well as the left and bottom sides of the square, if you look at it so that the image is rotated in the correct way.

At the very bottom, you will find four statues and a mysterious voice from the void. To meet a stranger, you need to solve the riddles of the four statues and place certain objects at their feet. On the first visit, you will not be able to solve the riddles, so feel free to leave the location.


This quest starts after you have examined the Crusade camp and talk to Queen Goldfrey. Go outside to the crusader camp, go left and find Inquisitor Letra. Talk to him about Deiran. He will talk about his ancestral home, the Threshold of Heaven, where demons committed mass murder ten years ago. Letra wants to investigate what really happened that dark night. We need to get an invitation from Deiran. It's simple - find him in the camp, just below Letra, and talk. Ask for the Threshold of Heaven and Deiran himself will invite you to visit. Eventually, you will be able to reach the Threshold of Heaven. Talk to Letr, and then distract Deiran by any means. It's easy to do - everything is in the dialogues. At the end, ask the inquisitor to continue to find out the terrible secret of Deiran.


This quest will begin during Chapter 4, in Dresen. Go to the inn in the lower right corner, go up to the second floor and find a room with Nanio. Agree to bring alcohol. The inn only sells wine, but it doesn't fit. Wait to find a glass bottle of ale.


Another task from Coal. Once upon your return to Dresen, you will see that she preaches to people. Support the girl to start this quest.


This quest is activated after you return to Dresen during the course of this chapter. Zosiel will drop into the main hall of the citadel and tell you about everything.


This quest is activated after you return to Dresen during the course of this chapter. Lann will drop into the main hall of the citadel and tell about everything.


At some point, Arushalai will come to the main hall of the Dresen citadel. This will begin her personal quest. Go to Dresen's inn and talk to Arushalai. Visit your dream, after which you will need to find out about the dreams of other people. Look for Hilor on the second floor of the inn. The Storyteller, One-Eyed Devil and Arsinoe are located in the city itself and are marked on the map with purple markers. And Anevia and Irabet are located inside the citadel. Then return to Arushalai, walk through her sleep and find the insatiable Supreme Shadow below. Listen, talk to Arushalai and the task will be completed.


At some point, Anevia will stop you on Dresen Street and tell you about the missing crusader. Agree to help. Move along the lower part of the citadel to the right, into an abandoned house. Go inside, go down to the basement and find Camellia. Talk to her and decide what to do. You can spare, let you drink blood or kill. You decide. And then you will have a talk at the exit with Anevia and convince that everything is in order. Or set it on Camellia.



Anevia will talk to you at the bar in the "Heart of the Defender" inn and tell you that you can overcome the rift in the market square. Exit to the global map and follow the market square. Go left between the houses, kill the enemies and talk to the crusaders who surrounded the girl named Coal. She will become your companion. In the corner you can find wooden parts, doors and so on, from which you will build a bridge. By doing this, you will complete the assignment.


Go down to the basement under the "Heart of the Defender" inn and talk to the captive tiefling Wolzhif. He will ask you to help him get out of the dungeon.


The quest is taken in the market square at the beginning of the game. As soon as you enter the square where the party was at the beginning of the game, look for a passage on the right. There you will meet a servant who will tell you about Darnia Arenday and issue an assignment "Not the best time for a feast." Exit the location and move to the Arenda mansion. On the way there, you will meet Nenio - a new companion . Get to Arenda's house, kill the monsters in the hall and talk to Deiran himself. You can take him to the squad. And the order will be completed.


You need to find 5 bottles of magic essence. You must have found the yarn itself in the marketplace.


He will ask you to find his notes. They are all hidden in the Gray Garrison. Notes in Aelf are to be found in the Gray Garrison during the attack on it in the "City on Fire" quest. Look for the notes you want in the book room. There are notes on the table in the next room. This is also where you fight an incarnation cultist. Pass them over as soon as you meet him after the quest.


Once you go to the Gray Garrison, search the first floor. In one of the rooms you will find Irabet's scabbard.


Young priest Zosiel awaits your audience in the field camp, not far from the commander's tent. We take the guy into our squad and go to the “Martyr Zacarius Cemetery” location.

During the farewell ceremony for the dead, zombies will appear in the cemetery. We kill them, examine one of the crypts and communicate with a dead woman. We can rest her soul and get a "gold chain with diamonds."

We open the gates to the cemetery, pass the athletics test and climb onto the roof of the church. Here we see Zosiel and several zombies. We kill everyone, then we get rid of the necromancer. The order has been fulfilled.


This quest will become available when you first meet the Knights of the Underworld. During the quest "Strike from Heaven" you can ask Regill about the Knight with Trever's Shield. This completes the task.


After the events during the quest "Strike from Heaven", Volzhif will escape. You will need to wait for the development of events. The quest itself will begin at the end of "Strike from Heaven", as soon as you talk to Irabet. During the fourth chapter, "The Fifth Crusade", a random event will occur, and you will see Wolzhif, whom the cultists mistake for an oracle. Play along with him. He will say that he is ready to kill Voethil, who is chasing him, in order to take away the Moon of the Abyss. Take him back to the squad, and then together go to the north of the map. Look for the location "Wasteland at the bend of the river" at the top. Make your way to the center of the location and defeat the demon, which will disappear later. Decide if you will keep Woljif in the squad. If so, you will have to return to Dresen and talk to him in private.


After the quest "The beginning of a long journey", return to the camp. A Messenger will run up to you, who will inform you that the queen disguised as an ordinary soldier has arrived at the camp and is ready to participate in the Fifth Crusade. Walk to the left of the commander's tent, if you are facing it, and find Queen Goldfrey. Chat with her on various topics. The assignment will end, and you will receive 600 experience points.


Go to the upper left quarter of the "Winter Sun" location. Here you will find the entrance to an insane forest covered in fog. A huge distorted bear will appear at the entrance. This will begin the mission. Make your way through the forest, killing enemies, and find the entrance to the cave. In the depths of the cave will be the old dwarf woman Soana. Talk to her. Don't kill yet. Go outside and fight Orso the bear. Spare the beast, return to Soana and choose what to do with her. We killed Soana and the quest ended immediately.


Need 4 Vials of Magic Essence and 2 Cold Iron Ingots. Just search different locations.


You need 4 cold iron ingots and 2 vials of demon blood. Just search different locations.


At the entrance to the cave of the Winter Sun location, where you will find Kiara's apprentice named Morweg (quest "Retribution of Sarkoris), there is a plate with a skeleton. Take the whip from the skeleton, as a result a ghost will appear. All you have to do is talk to him.

Mythical quests


Travel to Dresen's Citadel after liberating it in Chapter 3. Go to your private apartment and examine the mirror. Swear to serve the eon to take this quest. Perhaps, in the previous times, during the memories, it is necessary to leave the powers of the aeon in oneself. Deal with the quest "Private Averis vs. Private Ramley" by choosing the correct culprit (see below). Then, on the middle half-ring of the citadel, go left to the house marker. On the way to the market, you will see how two soldiers are blackmailing the merchant Yale Eritelle (he is marked on the map with a purple marker). Condemn them and make a decision. After that, the task will be updated. Return to the room and look in the mirror.


This quest is activated after you return to Dresen during the course of this chapter. A guest will drop into the main hall of the citadel and tell about everything. Go to the casemates (prison) of Dresen and look for actors around the corner. Averis and Ramley will stand next to them. Interrogate both, but don't blame anyone. The target will be updated soon. Exit the city and head towards the village on the left. Search the ruins, go downstairs and open the door behind the roots. You will find loot. You can pick up some things or leave everything in place. Go back and talk to Ramley. Say you have proof. Select the third phrase (Ramley does not know about paladins), and then send him to court. Decide the fate of Ramley, but Averis will kill him anyway. We'll have to leave her, execute or send her to prison. The task will end.

To be continued...

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