Animal Crossing: New Horizons - How to get and build the watering can


Animal Crossing: New Horizons - How to get and build the watering can

For our house to be the envy of the neighbors, it never hurts to decorate the outside with some flowers, and if they are of various colors much better. Now, once we sow the seeds, not only do we have to wait a while for them to germinate, we also have to water them.

A very important item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the watering can. It is one of the objects that we get at the beginning of the game. If you are somewhat lost and have been playing for a short time, we invite you to continue reading to find out how to get the shower. As a preview, we can tell you that getting the materials is very easy .

How to get the watering can

First of all, get the flimsy watering can project . To do this, you have to talk to Tom Nook and he will ask you to do certain tasks. By completing one of these tasks, he gives you five seeds and the project to learn how to build the watering can. Once you have the flimsy watering can project in your inventory, you just have to learn it.

There is another way to get the Flimsy Watering Can project is to buy it for 800 berries at the Mini Nook store . This will take you longer to play, so the best option is to talk to Tom Nook and do the tasks he asks you to do.

How to build the shower

Once you learn the flimsy watering can project, it remains to do the easiest of all, gather the materials. You only need to cut down a few trees, once you have five flexible boards you can build the watering can on the DIY bench. On how to get the ax to fell, don't worry, by now you will have learned the flimsy ax project.

Once you use the flimsy watering can a few times you will realize one thing, the durability leaves a lot to be desired . This can be solved by buying fixed tools in the Nook terminal. To build a longer lasting watering can you need a flimsy watering can and an iron nugget.

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