Animal Crossing: New Horizons - How to get and build the shovel


Animal Crossing: New Horizons - How to get and build the shovel

Starting from scratch is never easy and this is precisely what we have to do in Animal Crossing: New Horizons . We start practically with what we are wearing and a tent, from there we have to progress until we have our own house. As if that were not enough, we also have to carry out all kinds of tasks to make the island more attractive and thus new inhabitants arrive.

To carry out the tasks that they ask us, we must create tools, otherwise it is impossible to do anything. As we move forward we are getting new projects that serve to learn to make tools of all kinds . With that said, we will see how to get and build a shovel. If you are new to the game you will see that this is one of the first tools you need.

How to get the shovel

To get the shovel you have to advance in the game until Tom Nook asks you to find a place to put Socrates' tent. This character, Socrates, is an owl who wants to study the fauna and flora of the place and also the fossils. But first, Tom Nook sends you a task, to get some fish and bugs, only then will Socrates come to the island .

Once you deliver the bugs and fish to Toom Nok and have set up his tent, you have to allow a day for Socrates to come to the island. Once you get to the island you have to talk to him and he will give you the project to get the shovel.

Another way to get the shovel is to buy the Flimsy Shovel Project for 280 berries from the MiniNook store . Now, Socrates gives you this project long before you have the store built.

Once you learn the flimsy shovel project you can get the shovel project, for this you just have to buy fixed tools at the Nook terminal. You need a flimsy shovel and eight iron nuggets to create a more durable shovel.

How to build the shovel

Building a flimsy shovel is very easy and requires few materials , you only need five rigid boards. To get these boards you need an ax of any kind to cut down a few trees. When cutting down a tree, several types of boards can come out: rigid, normal and flexible.

Like other tools, the shovel is built on the DIY bench, either your own or the one Tom Nook has. Finally, say that the flimsy shovel breaks after a few uses , so his thing is to learn the shovel project as soon as possible. The latter holds much longer.

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