Animal Crossing: New Horizons - How to get and build the ladder


Animal Crossing: New Horizons - How to get and build the ladder

During the first hours of play in Animal Crossing: New Horizons they send us certain tasks that could well be a tutorial, so we gradually learn the mechanics. If we don't know what to do we just have to talk to Tom Nook or Tendo , they will guide us.

Right off the bat it is impossible to access the highest areas of the island, what's more, we can't even cross the river. For the second we must learn to build a pole, while for the first we need a ladder . But how do you get it? Next, we explain what you must do to get the ladder.

How to get the ladder

Your first goal is to get the ladder project . To get this project you have to do the tasks that Tom Nook sends you. One of these tasks is to choose the location of three houses for three new characters who will soon arrive on the island.

Once you decide the location of the three houses, you will receive a call from Tom Nook to say that he is sending the ladder project to the NookPhone . To continue the mission that has been entrusted to you, look for some flowers that are in the highest areas of the island, you have to build the ladder.

How to build the ladder

Time to cut down a few trees. To build the ladder, you need four normal boards , four rigid boards, and four flexible boards . At first you will not have any problem gathering the materials, there are many trees on the island, you just have to cut down until you gather all the boards.

Once you have the necessary boards in inventory it is time to go through the DIY bank . Once you build the ladder you can go and find the flowers that Tom Nook has asked you to make the viola crown. For this crown you need three yellow violas, three white and three red.

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