Animal Crossing: New Horizons - How to see your Creator ID and share your designs


Animal Crossing: New Horizons - How to see your Creator ID and share your designs

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons community is very large, you just have to take a look at the amount of designs they have created since the game's launch, there are many and of all kinds. Although at first glance it does not seem so, the Nintendo title has a strong social component . The multiplayer mode that supports games with up to 8 players has a lot to do with it here.

If you like creating designs, you are sure already aware of the editor. Creating a design is not difficult, you also have the option of using an image , but this cannot be done from the game. You have to access the web and click on converter , then it will ask you to select an image that you have on your PC. Then you just have to follow the steps that you will see on the screen. Now, do you know how to share a design? If you want other Animal Crossing: New Horizons players to use your designs, we invite you to continue reading.

How to see your creator ID and share your designs

First of all and most important, you have to advance in the game until the Las Hermanas Handitas store opens. This is essential to have access to the custom designs portal as it is inside the store. By the way, from the portal you can see your creator ID , it is in the lower left. You just have to pass the ID to your friends and they can see and download all your designs. With that said, let's see how to share your own designs.

In the custom designs portal you have to select Publish to upload a design. Once this is done, any player will have access to your designs, as long as they know your Creator ID or the ID of the design . There are websites like Nook Island where you can share the designs. Once registered you just have to publish the ID of the design and your ID of creator. We could say that it is the fastest way to make your designs reach as many players as possible. Finally, say that you have to be subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online, otherwise you will not be able to publish your creations on the custom designs portal.

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