Animal Crossing: New Horizons - How To Upgrade Your Storage Room And How Much Is It Worth


Animal Crossing: New Horizons - How To Upgrade Your Storage Room And How Much Is It Worth

One of the first problems to be solved in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the amount of objects that we can carry in our pockets, it is very limited. This can be solved through the automatic bayero that is in the neighborhood management center. All you have to do is buy Organize your items for 5,000 Nook + miles , so you can carry 10 more items.

Being able to carry more objects in your pockets is very good, however, sooner or later you will miss having more space. Luckily, your house has a fairly large storage room where you can store up to 80 objects. Although it may seem like a lot in the end it will end up full of objects. Did you know that you can expand the storage room? It is very easy, although you will have to have quite a few berries . Next, I explain how to improve the storage room and how much it is worth.

How to improve the storage room

If you want the storage room to have more space, you just have to expand your house. To carry out the extension you must speak with Tom Nook and have no outstanding loan. The amount of the new loan depends on the improvement to be made . Something very important to keep in mind is the following. There are objects that are not allowed in the storage room, they are the following: berries, potted plants, turnips, DIY projects and unopened gifts.

Once you have made the extension, you just have to go home and press the right button on the crosshead to access the storage room. To save an object you must first select it from the pockets and then you will have the option to save it. Theirs is to leave those objects that you do not use in the storage room to have more space in your pockets.

How much is it worth to improve the storage room

The amount to pay to expand the storage room is directly related to the improvement of your house . Depending on the upgrade you have to pay a quantity of berries. We are talking about a lot of berries, so you may have to borrow Tom Nook.

Initial houseStorage room with capacity for 80 objects98,000 berries
Upgrade 1Storage room with capacity for 120 objects198,000 berries
Upgrade 2Storage room with capacity for 240 berries348,000 berries
Upgrade 3Storage room with capacity for 320 objects548,000 berries
Upgrade 4Storage room with capacity for 400 objects758,000 berries
Upgrade 5Storage room with capacity for 800 objects1,248,000 berries
Upgrade 6Storage room with capacity for 1,600 objects2,498,000 berries
It is worth mentioning that to expand your house you have to buy each of the improvements. For example, you cannot go from upgrade 1 to upgrade 5, you will first have to buy upgrade 2, 3 and 4. The total amount of all upgrades is 5,696,000 berries. Getting such a quantity of berries takes a long time. Luckily there is a trick to get a lot of berries that is to catch tarantulas. If you have the upgrade that allows you to store up to 30 objects in your pockets, you will have space for 30 tarantulas. For each tarantula they pay you 8,000 berries, so for 30 you will receive 240,000 berries.

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