Best browser games of 2021: have fun for free


Best browser games of 2021: have fun for free

Computer games need to be downloaded, installed, and have a powerful PC to run them. And sometimes it happens that there is neither time nor opportunity to do this.  And I want to chop into something exciting here and now. If you find yourself in a similar situation, then this is a great opportunity to evaluate the best browser games.

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Especially for this, we have compiled a top browser game, which includes only the most interesting projects. Meet and play them at any convenient time, even on a computer, even on an Android phone. 

# 15 - Rotopo

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Opens the rating of Rotopo browser games. It is an addicting 3D puzzle game that is challenging but fun to play. Rotopo's gameplay challenges not only your reflexes but also your spatial thinking skills. The rules of the game are simple - you control a character who needs to be moved along the tiles, slipping from under your feet, so as not to fall into the abyss and bypass the entire playing field. The catch is that each tile can be visited exactly once. Starting with simple levels, you will move on to more and more complex ones, where you will have to think through literally every action. 

# 14 -Bullet Force

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Bullet Force

Those who want dynamic skirmishes on the network can take a closer look at Bullet Force. This is a full-fledged first-person shooter with high-quality graphics, a couple of dozen types of weapons, various modifications to them and, of course, live opponents who do not forgive mistakes. 4 available game modes will help you to fully reveal your skill: Team Deathmatch, Conquest, Free-For-All and Gun Game. Well, in the free spectator mode, you can fly over the battlefield with a hidden menu and record the brightest moments of multiplayer battles.

# 13 -

Play for free is a simple yet incredibly addicting game. You control a point that moves continuously across a huge field, divided into hexes. Some of the hexes on the field are painted in your game color, and a colored line stretches behind the point itself. As soon as you close the contour of the line with your field, the entire area within the contour is taken over by you. If you cross your own line, the game is over. And if you cross the enemy line, it will knock him off the field. In the end, the winner is the one who managed to seize more territories for himself.

# 12 - Tanki Online

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Tanki Online

Tank battles have always been a popular genre, and one such was found among the browser games for Android. The Russian game "Tanki Online" is a kind of browser analogue of World of Tanks. Here you also acquire various tanks, upgrade them and equip them, and then try your hand at battles with other players in several modes at once. Of course, the gameplay here is much simpler and more arcade, and the game itself is not very realistic, but this even has its own charm. What's doubly pleasant is the presence of a full-fledged leaderboard, which allows you to measure your caliber and find out who is the coolest tanker on the server.

No. 11 -

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Another simple but very addictive game. Players control bacteria floating in a petri dish. Collecting colored circles scattered across the field, bacteria increase in size, but lose a little in speed. Moreover, large bacteria can absorb smaller ones, on which the whole dynamics of the game is tied. True, you won't be able to eat everyone in the standard mode - there is simply no such goal - but you can try to become the largest bacteria and get into the top ten. Despite the external unpretentiousness, you can spend a lot of pleasant and even meditative hours behind

# 10 - Happy Wheels

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Happy Wheels

It would seem that it could be easier than just getting to the finish line when the ticking timer does not bother you and the competitors are not running out of pressure. At Happy Wheels, you quickly discover that this is not the case. Several characters with their own, sometimes very strange, means of transportation, such as a small tractor, a gyro scooter and a wheelchair, will fall under your control. You will have to bring these crippled racers to the finish line in defiance of local physics and obstacles on the track. Get ready for the fact that in the process your wards will die a lot and quite funny.

# 9 - Wonderputt

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Well, what gentleman would give up playing golf? Moreover, without registration and downloading. And the browser game Wonderputt comes in handy here. The formula of classic fast golf is presented from a completely new side, thanks to unusual transitions and an extremely inventive level design. It is impossible to lose here, but the game will count the number of throws for which you have passed this or that stage. As with other titles, you will need to install a flash player to play Wonderputt.

# 8 -

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If you've ever played the classic snake, then the concept will already be familiar to you. Under your control will be a small snake, continuously crawling across the playing field, the direction of movement of which you can set. To win, you need to collect food scattered all over the place, constantly increasing in size. The game is multiplayer, so you will constantly encounter other snakes. If you touch them with your head, you will lose. But the same is true for your rivals. Test your strength and try to become the biggest snake in this swamp.

# 7 - DarkOrbit: Reloaded

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DarkOrbit: Reloaded

DarkOrbit: Reloaded is another free multiplayer game for those who have always wanted to feel like a captain of a spaceship. True, it will not be possible to be a free mercenary here in full - at the very beginning of the game you have to choose one of three factions VRU, EIC or MMO, fighting for resources and influence. But whoever you end up joining, rest assured that space adventures will be more than enough for you. Quests, gathering resources, battles with aliens and live players - in DarkOrbit: Reloaded you will definitely find something to do with yourself. 

No. 6 -

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When discussing the novelties of browser games in 2020, one cannot fail to mention Most of all, this browser game resembles a simple version of Fortnite. In standard mode, you find yourself on a small field face to face with another player. In your arsenal there is a pickaxe, a shotgun, an assault rifle, a sniper rifle and the ability to build translucent walls that can protect you from enemy shots. At least for a while, because cover is easily destroyed by intense gunfire. To win, you have to shoot accurately, build quickly and tactically breed your opponent.

# 5 -

Play for free is a fast-paced, browser-based first-person shooter with pixel art. Once on one of the cards, you have to, without wasting time, eliminate all your opponents. Procrastination here means death, because this shooter has a very fast pace. Shooting from local guns is pleasant and interesting, a pleasant color scheme pleases the eye. Having mastered the local shooting and memorizing the cards, you will stop dying all the time and will be able to compete for a prestigious place in the ranking of the best players, and quite a few people play in

# 4 - Plume and the Forgotten Letter

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Plume and the Forgotten Letter

Plume and the Forgotten Letter is a cute and funny walkthrough adventure game about a seven-year-old girl, Plume. She is very fond of Christmas and especially the gifts that Santa Claus gives for this holiday. But here's the bad luck, this time Plum did not manage to send a letter to the good old man with his wish on time, so now the news will have to be delivered by herself. And this means that together with her you will have to visit Santa's workshop and go through a series of arcade tests. 

#3 -

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A selection of the best free browser games could hardly do without the famous This is a full-fledged battle royale, although the graphics are presented in the form of primitives. There is also a large map, in different parts of which players appear, and mountains of weapons, armor and auxiliary materials scattered across it, and that very deadly zone, which narrows over time and forces players to be closer and closer to each other. After playing a little, you run the risk of getting stuck in it for a very long time. 

# 2 - Counter-Strike 1.6 Online

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Counter-Strike 1.6 Online

Counter-Strike 1.6 is an undying classic of team shooters and a living embodiment of the principle "why do I need a new game when there is a cool old one?" And today you can play your favorite CS directly from your browser. With the already familiar division into special forces and terrorist teams, memorized maps like de_dust2, buying weapons, tactical spread of grenades and, of course, sparkling firefights. Moreover, in a browser window 1.6 is quite comfortable to play even on weak machines. Try it with your friends.

#1 -

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Looking for new online shooters? Then offers you a simple but at the same time pleasant battle royale in pixel-cubic decorations that are fashionable today. He will definitely appeal to those who do not like long bowling between rounds - he landed on the map with 10 other players, ran to the nearest weapon and forward - stuffing his rivals with lead. Alternatively, there is a 5v5 team mode with the capture of the opponent's flag. will go for both phone and PC.

Those who were just planning to evaluate the best games in the browser have probably already looked after a few interesting projects. And veterans of browser battles shouldn't be left behind. Well, we can only wish you a pleasant game.

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