Best Free PC Games: 20 Coolest Free-to-Play Games 2021


Best Free PC Games: 20 Coolest Free-to-Play Games

Often, computer owners do not abandon torrents because they consider official games to be very expensive. This is not entirely true. You don't have to buy expensive AAA projects to have fun with friends or play something worthwhile. The top free PC games that provide this opportunity are at your service.

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We've prepared a list of projects of a wide variety of genres, from brain-teasing strategy games to fun races that you can get stuck in for the sake of relaxation. See what to play on PC for free - at least a couple of titles from this rating will definitely interest you!

# 20 - Dauntless

Download: Epic Games

# 20 - Dauntless

Opens a selection of Dauntless - an exciting hunter simulator in which you have to hunt huge monsters and collect loot from them, teaming up with other players. In fact, this is a simplified version of Monster Hunter. It contains a large number of different equipment (you can even create equipment yourself), a quest system, character leveling and a lot of skills that must be carefully selected before each hunt.

The monsters themselves, too, will not let you get bored. Not only is each of the mobs unique, but also the nature of their attacks changes right during the battle, forcing the player to quickly pick up new tactics. All this is complemented by pleasant graphics, as well as modest system requirements - the game will run even on a weak machine.

#19 - TrackMania

Download: Epic Games 


Older readers are probably familiar with the TrackMania series, which was a hit in the early 2000s. Recently a free remake of the very first part was released, in which the graphics were seriously improved, the physics of the car was improved, and several new modes were added.

This is a driving arcade game with crazy tracks that requires concentration of attention, lightning-fast reaction and nerves of steel. TrackMania offers a wide range of options for modifying anything and everything. The player can create a completely new car, his own track or edit the position of the camera during the race. And for this you do not need to download third-party software - the editor is built right into the game, and development can be made available to the entire community. We recommend you try it!

# 18 - Enlisted

Download: official site 

# 18 - Enlisted

The rating, which contains the best free computer games, continues a relatively recent project - Enlisted. This is an online shooter about World War II in which gamers will have to fight on huge maps of the Eastern and Western Fronts. In addition to firearms, the game has military equipment - you can crush enemies on a tank or shoot them from an airplane.

The gameplay is unusual - each player is assigned a squad of 4-9 bots, which adds scale to the game. To succeed in Enlisted, you need not only to shoot accurately, but also to command the soldiers correctly. If you are tired of the same type of shooters, then definitely appreciate this approach.

# 17 - Brawlhalla

Download: in Steam 

# 17 - Brawlhalla

Brawlhalla is a furious free to play fighting game in which all movement takes place in small arenas. The goal is simple - you need to push your opponent into the abyss. To do this, you will have to use strikes, jumps, as well as special skills that are unique to each character.

The game has many different modes, among the most popular: 1x1, 2x2, and every man for himself. In addition, the developers regularly add new characters, including famous ones such as ninja turtles or heroes of popular TV series, as part of crossovers with other companies.

Brawlhalla is cool in that it has simple gameplay that is fun from the very first minutes. This is a great option for those who do not want to waste time on fighting games with complex mechanics, but at the same time there is room for improvement - even esports competitions are held in Brawlhalla.

# 16 - FIFA Online 4

Download: official site

# 16 - FIFA Online 4

FIFA Online 4 is a free version of the famous football simulator. Here you can play against friends, hack to death with players online, or try on the coach of your favorite team in the Fantasy Team Manager mode, knocking star players out of packs. By the way, it is quite possible to collect a strong line-up without donation.

The gameplay of the game does not look as fresh as FIFA 21, since it was made on the engine of 2018, but this does not interfere with having fun. If you don't want to spend a few thousand rubles on the full version of FIFA, but occasionally want to play football, you should definitely try Online 4.

# 15 - Paladins

Download: Steam 

# 15 - Paladins

Paladins is considered free Overwatch for the people and, frankly, that characterizes a shooter well. There is exactly the same division of characters into roles: tank, healer, damage dealer, as well as an almost identical combat system tied to combinations of shooting and abilities. Each hero has 4 abilities: 3 normal and 1 ultimate.

The game modes are varied and interesting. Among the most popular are the team escorting the cart to the point and the classic deathmatch, in which the first team to score 40 frags wins. The gameplay is exciting, shooters will definitely like it.

#14 - World of Tanks

Download: official site

No.14 - World of Tanks

A cult project among domestic gamers from the Wargaming studio. As the name implies, here players howl against each other using tanks. The assortment of equipment is rich - over 500 different models of various classes, countries and historical eras. Each with its own characteristics, suitable for a particular style of fighting.

11 years after the release, WoT does not stop developing and is regularly updated with updates. It now has a huge community of players, deep gameplay that provides endless space to improve skills, and really cool graphics - the best free PC games should be like that!

# 13 - Crusader Kings II

Download: Steam 

# 13 - Crusader Kings II

Crusader Kings II is the first global strategy game in our collection. This genre frightens many with its complexity, and CKII is by no means friendly to beginners, but if you try it, there is a risk of being involved seriously and for a long time.

In short, the game can be described as the insane historical "Game of Thrones". You have to choose a dynasty in medieval Europe or Asia and try to bring it to global domination. Crusader Kings II features thousands of characters, including real historical figures, and the ability to create the wildest things is realized. For example, you can seduce the Pope in order to seize power over the Catholic world, commit genocide to an entire region, or die without leaving an heir and get a gamever after 30 minutes of playing. For fans of politics and role-playing games - a real find.

# 12 - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Download: Steam 

# 12 - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The list of the best free PC games continues the timeless classic - CS: GO. Its gameplay looks a bit rustic against the background of modern shooters - no technique and abilities, only shooting from a relatively small number of weapons. However, the simplicity of the mechanic gives CS: GO a cool competitive part: it's easy to get started, but it takes hundreds of hours of practice to get the hang of it.

Therefore, the brainchild of Valve is wildly popular among gamers of all ages. Many people enter CS: GO for the reason that the game is not demanding on hardware and works adequately even on weak computers. So if you need a simple shooter that you can have fun in with your friends, feel free to download the CSKA.

# 11 - Dota 2 / League Of Legends

Dota 2 / League Of Legends

What games free on PC need no introduction are Dota 2 and LoL - the kings of the MOBA genre. We were unable to determine which of them is better, so we included both projects in the selection. Many people mistakenly believe that they differ only in graphics, but in fact, there are much more differences between games. In LoL, characters are able to inflict a huge amount of damage in a short period of time, so mistakes in choosing a position are punished more often.

Dota 2, in turn, looks more spectacular - long fights using massive abilities give more space for strategic research and are more demanding on the player's skill. We advise beginners to choose LoL - it is easier to learn due to fewer complex mechanics, and the fact that the game punishes insults and toxic behavior will definitely make life easier for beginners.

# 10 - Call of Duty: Warzone

Download: Battle.Net

Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone is one of the most popular battle royals at the moment. It differs from competitors in the genre by the presence of in-game currency that can be used at special stations to buy weapons. The rest of the gameplay is typical - you need to remain the last survivor on a huge map with vehicles, helicopters and other equipment.

Players appreciate realism - there are many cool guns, each of which can be modified in every possible way, as well as very well-developed shooting. FPS fans are strongly encouraged to try Warzone. True, for this you will have to acquire not weak hardware - the game is very demanding on the characteristics of the PC.

# 9 - Rocket League

Download: Steam 

Rocket League

Probably the most unusual title in our collection. In Rocket League, you need to play football with cars, and they do not just ride on the ground, but also take off, giving out pirouettes steeper than in "Killing Football". Sounds fun? Believe me, in reality everything is going even more crazy. The drive is off the charts, especially if you play together with friends.

When you get tired of the kickball, you can try other modes - basketball or hockey. In short, there is plenty to do at RL. If you are tired of monotonous games and want to try something fundamentally new, Rocket League can go with a bang.

# 8 - Apex Legends

Download: Steam 

# 8 - Apex Legends

Apex Legends is another quality battle royale. Unlike other representatives of the genre, where everything depends on the skill of the player, the gameplay in Apex is tied to team actions. 20 detachments of 3 characters each are parachuted onto the map. Each with its own unique abilities: some are dragged in the attack, others absorb damage or are indispensable in support. By combining them correctly into one team, you will greatly increase your chances of success.

Apex Legends captivates with a chic optimization, due to which the game flies on weak hardware, a full-fledged translation into Russian, rather short battles (15-20 minutes), lack of imbalanced donation and friendliness to players. If you get shot, you don't have to start the game over - team members can resurrect a fallen comrade.

# 7 - Starcraft 2


Starcraft 2

Legendary real-time strategy and one of the most challenging games in the genre - to play Starcraft 2 well, you need to be able to make decisions on the go, as well as quickly press buttons. Esports began with Starcraft, but even if you are indifferent to the competitive part, we recommend that you go through the plot - this is an excellent sci-fi story about the holding of three races - terrans, protoss and zerg.

Races are fundamentally different from each other in terms of development, defense and attack. This provides a wide variety of strategies and tactics for the game, which differs from map to map. Balance in Starcraft 2 is still considered the benchmark - anyone and anyone can win, the main thing is to have straight arms.

# 6 - Hearthstone

Download: official site 


Hearthstone is an easy-to-understand and accessible card game that will make it easy for you to figure out how everything works. It has fairly simple rules and a training mode, and also allows you to get cards of new heroes without investing real money. Part of the legendary Warcraft universe, Illidan, the Lich King and other iconic characters can be found here.

In Hearthstone, you never know which cards you will draw at the start and which ones during the fight, so each game feels unique. Sessions last 10-15 minutes, the gameplay is calm and measured - the very thing to relax in the evening after work with a mug of hot tea. In addition, Hearthstone has minimum system requirements, it will work even on old 32-bit machines. Recommended for those who want free games for weak PCs.

# 5 - Team Fortress 2

Download: Steam 

Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is a great game. She will soon turn 14, but despite her immense age, she still looks and plays great. It was the brainchild of Valve that became the progenitor of Overwatch, Apex and other imitators, which will soon be forgotten, and TF2 will continue to stay afloat.

Freeness, availability, minimum entry threshold, coupled with striking character designs and stylish graphics have made Team Fortress 2 a game of all time. There are nine classes, but there is no tension with team interaction - you can perfectly drag yourself, enjoying a variety of gameplay styles. The amount of money spent in the game does not give the old-timers any advantages, so feel free to try to roll into TF2: chances are good that you will be sucked in.

# 4 - Genshin Impact

Download: official site

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a popular open world RPG created by the Chinese studio miHoYo. These guys did not hesitate to get inspired: they copied the iconic Legend of Zelda down to the individual mechanics, but wrapped it in a stylish anime wrapper. Genshin has a lot of textured characters, beautiful visuals and a large open world that is really fun to explore.

The player will have to collect characters, learn to combine them in battles (combat is built on the interaction of the elements), go through quests, craft and learn the plot, which the developers expand with regular updates. Content in Genshin Impac in bulk and without donation, the main thing is not to chase collecting the most powerful characters on which wealthy players drain tons of real money.

# 3 - Destiny 2

Download: Steam 

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is one of the interesting free games on PC. It is a fantastic shooter with MMORPG elements and an exciting storyline about the fall of the last city on Earth. You can go through it both alone and in co-op with friends. You will clear dungeons, kill bosses and participate in various events, pumping your character.

The game is an open world with many planets, where you can stumble upon the most epic locations, from which sci-fi lovers will be delighted. If the campaign comes to an end, or the war with mobs gets bored, you can hack to death in competitive mode, showing your skills to other gamers. The developers regularly release new DLCs, seasonal events and fresh PvP modes, so you won't get bored in Destiny 2.

# 2 - Warframe

Download: Steam 


Another online shooter in a sci-fi setting about techno ninjas who keep order in the solar system in the distant future. However, this time from the third person. The main trump card of the title is the fact that in addition to firearms, it has melee weapons and parkour elements, and the players themselves run in cool modified suits - Warframes. From them came the name of the game.

Warframes allow you to rush through huge levels with supernatural speed, which makes the gameplay very vivid and dynamic. The game does not experience a lack of content. You can go through the storyline, complete a variety of quests - from the destruction of enemy bases to the battle with giant bosses, to participate in PvP. There are 34 warframes with unique abilities and 20 planets to choose from, one discovery of which will take about 100 hours. Most of the missions here are completed in 15-30 minutes, so it is convenient to cut into Warframe in small sessions in between more important things.

# 1 - Path of Exile

Download: Steam 

# 1 - Path of Exile

But you won't be able to play a little in Path Of Exile with all your desire - it is too addictive. The game is a dark action / RPG in the spirit of Diablo. It has a huge number of classes and abilities around which you can build your character, and a lot of mechanics that will have to be learned.

The PoE plot is of little interest to the players, although everything is fine with it. The main thing here is grind, tons of loot and endless farming. The scheme is simple - we take the task, send it outside the city, clean up the monsters, collect the loot and return to the seller to shake off the acquired property. Bosses are rare, but they hit hard and force you to spend hours studying the forums in search of effective builds. If that kind of hardcore is your thing, then Path Of Exile is the best there is in the genre.

That's all! Download cool PC games for free and write your recommendations for FTP projects in the comments.

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