Best hiding places in Call of Duty: Mobile


Best hiding places in Call of Duty: Mobile

Hiding will always be a good strategy, because it gives us an advantage over rivals, being hidden, we do not reveal our position, and we can make more accurate shots at enemies that approach from nearby areas, as long as it does not compromise our location and we have a clean shot. In this guide we will show you which can be the best hiding places so that you have a wide advantage.

The best hiding places in Call of Duty Mobile

Having the best hiding places on the map gives us that additional advantage , which could mean between winning or losing. Being hidden is not necessarily dishonest, on the contrary it is a tactical skill that not everyone can understand and put into practice, all this depends of course on your style of play.

The best recommendation will always be to attack from high positions , since we can see more ground around us. Seek to cover your back with a wall or vehicle , in this way you will not receive enemy fire directly.

There is a hidden location on the map located northeast of crash and it is a cave , through which we can descend and find a large loot. We can hide there if we see that the situation outside is complicated.

Everything will depend on your ability to hide, but on each map there are countless places to choose from . Always remember that the main rule is that you do not be an easy target , provide protection, be a high place, and be difficult for opponents to access. But in case of being discovered to be able to escape from that place without problems.

In the same way it will sound contradictory, but the best hiding place will always be to be in constant motion , because if a grenade falls into your hiding place, you are going to have a really bad time. So you must be attentive to every situation that means danger.

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