Best perks in Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG

 10 best perks you should unlock ASAP

Perks, abilities and skills are common parts of any role-playing game. Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG is no exception. In addition to improving skills, which are divided into two categories (and for which you get 16 skill points each level), the game has perks. Exploring the game world, fighting opponents and completing quests, you will rapidly increase your level. Every two levels you will be given 1 perk-point. Don't confuse perks with skills! There are about 40-50 perks in the game, and they range from absolutely useful (extremely beneficial) to options with penalties.

In addition, some perks will only be obtainable with a certain level of original attributes. This means that in the process of creation, you will have to spend some time studying those very perks, so that it does not turn out that, due to 1 unit of missing power or other attribute, you deprived yourself of the opportunity to get one or another useful perk. In this guide, I'll go over 10 of the most useful perks that each of you should have!

Best perks in Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG


As with many RPGs, Encased gives you complete freedom to develop your character. Every time you level up, the hero gets 16 free skill points that can be distributed among numerous skills. All of them are divided into combat and applied.

In the first case, skills are focused on the use of different weapons and gadgets, and in the second, on different ways of interacting with the world. You will soon realize that, despite the seemingly large amount of skill points, 16 is a rather small value. That is why I strongly recommend taking the Observation perk, which will increase the number of skill points received for each new character level by 3 units.

Talented instructor

Any role-playing game appreciates not only intellectual abilities, charisma, the ability to communicate correctly with characters, but also brute strength. Sooner or later, you will have to think about how to make your character even stronger. And if in some games to level up you have to grind a lot and for a long time in the same locations, then in Encased there are many other ways to earn experience points.

Of course, a lot of experience can be gained through battles, but this is not the most reliable pumping method. Fortunately, there are many quest givers in the game that have side quests. Your companions will also be involved in leveling up. To get the most out of activities and battles, I recommend taking the Talented Instructor perk, which increases the learning ability of the hero and his companions (experience gained) by 25 points.

Talented instructor

Rising star

Another common aspect of huge role-playing worlds is who you think you are. Whether you decide to become a real savior for the people or take flight around the world, it will affect your position in the eyes of the local population. Depending on how people will treat you, it will be more difficult or easier to achieve certain goals, to get to a particular location, so it is also important to pay attention to this.

Encased uses a familiar reputation system in which all your actions will affect how different departments or wings react to the hero. However, at some moments you have to go against some departments, otherwise it is impossible to advance in the plot. This is why I recommend taking the Rising Star perk, which increases reputation by 25 points for each wing and gives you a good headroom in case something goes wrong.

Rising star


Health points are the main parameter of the hero in all role-playing games, and it is unlikely that an RPG will ever be created in which health plays a less important role. In Encased, hit points determine how much damage a hero can take in battle before he finally dies. If one of the heroes or companions falls to the ground, you can use items to revive and stabilize him, although such things are quite rare.

To increase your chances of survival, improve your armor, stock up on healing items or similar skills. And as soon as possible, take the "Strong" perk, thanks to which you will receive 3 health points per level. Moreover, this perk will add a bonus retroactively: that is, if you have already pumped to level 5, you will still get 5 * 3 = 15 additional HP.



As the storyline develops, various activities of daily life are added to the game, which makes the role-playing system more complex and interesting. One such aspect is food preparation. This process allows you to transform ordinary products into something more valuable. The end result can be a higher quality healing item or a dish that temporarily increases resistance to a certain type of damage.

Hunger in Encased is a pretty serious problem considering how much time you spend on the road. Therefore, food is important in terms of survival and receiving temporary bonuses. On top of that, cooking takes a minimum of time and instantly provides experience points. You will be cooking a lot, so be sure to grab the Chef perk to make this process more efficient.


Field Medic

In the post-apocalyptic world of Encased, it's pretty easy to get hit. One wrong move or action is enough to earn another wound. Despite the fact that heroes easily recover from almost any injury, healing items in Encased are not the most common thing, so they should be saved for more difficult battles.

The main character and his companions use the same inventory, and you don't even have to equip consumables to use them in battle. Action points deplete rather quickly, and activating literally one healing item can quickly drain them. That is why you need to get the Field Medic perk as soon as possible, which reduces the number of action points required to use first-aid kits and the First Aid skill.

Field Medic

Deep sleep

Along with hunger, you will have to control the characters' fatigue. Most of the actions that can be performed in Encased increase fatigue from low to high. Although extreme fatigue cannot lead to the death of a hero, it lowers your overall performance and efficiency. Your body will simply start to fail. The two main methods for fighting fatigue are using objects and sleeping.

However, fatigue-reducing products are best reserved for emergencies. Always keep an eye on the availability of available beds, as the time spent in sleep heals the hero and gives a good bonus for rest. To improve the effects you get while sleeping, be sure to unlock the Deep Sleep perk.


Encased has a wide variety of weapons to master, and each has its own unique combat abilities that unlock as the hero improves. these abilities will allow you to turn the tide of any battle. One of the most common abilities, Precise Shot, increases the accuracy of ranged attacks when using mechanical weapons.

An excellent ability to kill opponents from a distance, not allowing them to get close to the hero. But, as with all abilities, Precise Shot has a cooldown - the cooldown between the first and the next use. However, you can remove it by taking the Grasp perk and use Precision Shots as many times in a row as you want.

Iron health

Health is the only stat that increases as the character's level increases. Nevertheless, how strong you will be depends on the initial characteristics, therefore, if you chose a more delicate build, it will be difficult to significantly pump the amount of HP. But the situation can improve significantly due to the Iron Health perk. With it, you can achieve instant results. The total HP of the character will be increased by 50 units.

Marathon runner

Despite the fact that the events of Encased take place in a post-apocalyptic world, society has not returned to the Stone Age. It is still a highly developed civilization, there are many technologies, including functioning vehicles. The problem is that when exploring the wasteland you have to walk. And there is a lot to do. To improve the efficiency of your walking, grab the Marathon Runner perk, which increases your movement speed by 0.25.

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