Best places to loot in Call of Duty: Mobile


Best places to loot in Call of Duty: Mobile

A point of great relevance in Call of Duty: Mobile is to achieve the best location on the map when starting the game , that is why it is essential to know the terrain very well and know the exact moment in which it is more convenient to jump of the airplane. All this with a single purpose, which is obviously to gain an advantage around the collection of weapons and items .

The best locations to make a great Loot in Call of Duty Mobile

First of all, the best recommendation we can give you is that little by little you learn to place yourself on the map, memorize areas, and strategic places can be a great advantage when selecting a good point to stock up on weapons. Without forgetting of course that the area is as safe as possible .

If you want to get the best of weapons like machine guns or precision rifles, the best location on the map is the launch base . This is located throughout the center of the map, there are a large number of buildings to equip quickly, but this area is not recommended for inexperienced users, due to the concentration of enemies in the area.

A much quieter location is the port, there are a lot of loot in this area, weapons, accessories and healing kits, as well as a good number of vehicles , where you can get a helicopter, this location is highly recommended for beginner users.

The nuclear plant is another excellent location to start the game on the right foot, located to the north of the map , we can get weapons of many types, as well as an interesting variety of accessories, it is very common to find rivals in this area, so pay attention to your surroundings, because there may be an opponent.

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